How To Improve The Comfort Of The Habitat?

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Living in a beautiful house is not enough. It must be as comfortable as possible to ensure the well-being of its occupants. A house is more than just a roof. Most people spend most of their time there. But how to improve the comfort of the habitat? What are the parameters to take into account? Let’s first find out why should we do it.

The benefits of improving home comfort

For a home where it is good to live

Although there are people who are not at all homebodies, most enjoy being at home. There’s nothing better than staying home when it’s cold or when it’s too hot or even when it’s raining. Improving the comfort of our habitat makes us enjoy staying there even more. We do it in order to be able to live there happily. The interior design has a lot to do with it. Having a tidy house without unnecessary clutter is also good for morale.

To improve thermal comfort

Thermal insulation plays a very important role in the comfort of a home. If it’s too cold or too hot at home, we won’t be able to stay there. Thermal comfort brings well-being to the occupants, but it also saves energy in addition to better preserving the environment.

Note that you can always use a heating system to improve the thermal comfort in your home. Don’t hesitate to call professionals like the heating engineer Depanneo to ask for advice and do the necessary installations.

To improve the calm in the house

Peace in a house has become a luxury that not everyone can have, especially in big cities. And yet, it is one of the most important criteria for the comfort of a home. Noise pollution is no longer surprising in the urban environment. In order not to suffer it, it is advisable to carry out sound and acoustic insulation of the house.  

To improve the brightness of the house

Human beings cannot live without light. The interior design industry markets many types of lighting to provide better brightness, yet there is nothing better than natural light . Improving the comfort of the home also means ensuring that the interior of the house can benefit from the light that comes directly from the sun for your well-being, but also that of your indoor plants.

How to improve the comfort of your home?

There are some settings to check and improve if you want to make your home more comfortable.


There are different types of insulation to upgrade if you want a more comfortable home.

thermal insulation

This will condition the comfort you will have in relation to the temperature inside your home. It will allow you to have a habitat that is always temperate, whether in winter or summer.

To prevent heat loss in your home, be sure to insulate the following:

• The attic and the roof: These two places are the main sources of heat loss in the home. Under-creeping insulation or blow-in insulation will be carried out to prevent heat loss in these parts of the house.

• Walls: You can proceed by choosing between 3 methods: interior insulation, exterior insulation or distributed insulation. You also have the choice between different insulating materials, including minerals, synthetic materials and even bio-based materials.

• Windows: Heat can also be lost through windows. These represent about 25% of heat loss in a house. To overcome this, replace them with double or even triple-glazed windows or use bay windows.

• The floor: To maintain a good temperature in your home, integrate insulation on your floor. Insulation must be reinforced in unheated areas such as cellars, laundry rooms etc.

sound insulation

Sound insulation is an essential process if you do not want to be disturbed by the various noises that occur from outside. That of the ground, for example, aims to reduce the propagation of noise from other apartments if you live in a building. The insulation for this can be made of rock wool , wood fiber or even polyester foam.

The walls must also be insulated if you want outside noises not to disturb you. Plaster partitions are one of the solutions offered for this. They make it possible to partition two rooms to isolate the noises coming from each other.



Good ventilation guarantees cleaner and healthier air in the home. This is necessary to stay healthy. There’s nothing worse than a poorly ventilated, mold-prone home. Ventilation is necessary not only for the well-being of the inhabitants , but also for the sustainability of the dwelling . There are several types of ventilation, the most widely used of which is the natural system, which consists of placing grilles on the windows, for example. You can also simply buy ventilation devices to ventilate the interior as well as possible. Some models are multifunctional and also act as a humidifier and air purifier.


Lighting is also very important to improve the comfort of your home. As we said above, natural light is better than any other type of lighting. As much as possible, make sure that all rooms in your house can be penetrated by it. When choosing general or accent lighting, make sure that the intensity of the latter corresponds to the room to be lit. The living room and the kitchen, for example, should have fairly intense lighting, while the bedrooms should not be too bright.

Furniture layout

The location of each of your pieces of furniture greatly contributes to the comfort you can have in your home. Choose the size of your furniture and even your wood stoves according to its dimensions. Be careful not to clutter the rooms too much, make sure you have spaces where you can move around.

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