11 DIY High School Hacks That Will Leave You Speechless

I think we can all agree that school can be pretty difficult sometimes. But don’t worry because I prepared a bunch of hacks and tricks to get you through the school days.

1. CD container lunch box

Instead of storing your yummy bagel in a usual lunch box, use an old CD container. I know this sounds pretty crazy but look how perfectly the bagel fits in. Now you can throw your school lunch in the backpack and the bagel will remain completely intact.

Make sure to prepare a light and healthy lunch for yourself every day. If you’re going for a bagel don’t forget to add lots of fresh veggies like tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado. Such nutritious lunch will fill you up plus give you energy for all the fun school adventures and activities.

2. Lemon highlighter remover

Highlighting the important facts helps a lot with studying. But sometimes we make a mistake and highlight the stuff we didn’t mean to. Well no problem, here’s a totally magical hack to save you.

Grab a lemon and cut it in half. Next, take a q-tip and soak it in some lemon juice. Now we can simply run that q-tip over the highlighter that we want to erase and the highlighter is disappearing like magic.

How insanely awesome is this life hack, right? I honestly can’t believe my eyes because this trick is just too cool. Like you can literally erase the highlighter with a bit of lemon juice. And what I love is that the lemon will not ruin the pen writing nor the notebook paper, it only wipes away the highlighter color like magic.

3. Avoid body pain with cloth hanger

It is always so tempting to work on the bed or couch whether you’re studying, writing assignments or homework. However after a while, the back starts hurting, the neck starts aching, basically, the entire body is in pain. I’ve been there so many times. If you are using your PC but also need to look at your notebook or worksheet at the same time, a great life hack is to use a clothes hanger.

Take the type of hanger that has two clips. Clip one side of the hanger to your PC’s screen. On the other side you can clip a paper sheet, a notebook or a textbook. Now you won’t need to constantly bend down, which causes the annoying neck and backaches. You can keep a good posture while you read from the textbook and type on your PC. This hack is super helpful even if you are sitting behind your desk to work. Although I must admit that I am mostly working from my bed or couch.

4. Eating in the classroom

You can enjoy your yummy lollipop during class. Cook up your lollipop mixture by combining three and a half parts of sugar, one and a half part of corn syrup and one part of water. Optionally add a drop or two of food coloring and wait for the mixture to reach 150 degrees Celsius or 300 Fahrenheit.

Pour it into the lid of an eos and wait until it cools down completely. Pop the bottom eos part on and you are ready to enjoy your lollipop. Store it in your pencil case to have it always on hand when you need a little sugary pick me up during the class. Everyone will think it’s just a usual lip balm, while you’ll be snacking on a delicious lollipop. What a fun way to prank your teacher and schoolmates and nonetheless an epic life hack, which will keep you awake and energized during lessons.

5. Colorful stapler pins

Why settle for the boring metal stapler pins when we can make them fun and colorful. All we need are some stapler pins and a nail polish of your choice. Apply a layer or two of nail polish over the entire top surface of the pin refill. For this one, I chose glittery pink polish because I want some glam pins. When the nail polish dries you can pop it in the stapler as you usually would. Instead of the usual metal pins, we have beautiful glittery pink ones.

I think this lifehack is so cool and you can have a ton of fun trying all the different nail polish colors. Also how unique and creative this lifehack is. I am sure all your school mates will want to know where you got such epic colorful stapler pins because I’ve never seen something like it in a store! But even if you could buy them they would never be as cool as the ones you make yourself.

6. Cat-eye in no time 

Every second is precious when getting ready in the morning. And let’s not even discuss the fact that the more you are in a hurry, the more difficult it is to draw a nice cat-eye.

Well, I have an amazing hack that will help you make the perfect cat line in no time. Take a pencil. Pull the eraser off the pencil and grab an Exacto knife. Cut off a small piece. Rotate the eraser and snip away another piece so that you’re left with a little triangle shape on top. Place it on the pencil again and we have the perfect tool for our cat eyeliner.

Dip the triangle-shaped eraser in a gel eyeliner pot to pick up some product. Time to repeat the steps on the other eye as well. Pick up some product and just like using a stamp make a print on the eyelid. You can also use your liquid eyeliner to color the eraser. This hack works so well and makes it so easy to get nice symmetrical cat lines on both eyes.

7. Rainbow highlighter

Take three marker colors – I chose yellow, orange and red. Start by pressing together the tips of orange and yellow markers. Now switch the orange marker with the red one and repeat the step. You can add even more colors but for me, three are enough.

This is so amazing. We get a gorgeous colorful gradient that is simply magical. I love how it works with any kind of marker or highlighter. Here I went for orange, yellow and pink highlighters. This hack is also temporary which I honestly like a lot. After you write a colorful title the pink and orange ink will get washed away and you’ll be left with your original yellow highlighter. So don’t worry – this trick will not damage or ruin your markers at all.

8. Listen to music in the classroom

Studies have shown that listening to music while studying can be beneficial as it improves attention and memory as well as helps lessen depression and anxiety. However, if you try to listen to music during the class, things usually don’t end up well once you get caught.

Plug the headphones in your phone. Instead of placing the earphone directly in your ears as you usually would, let’s make a little twist. Lead the earphones together with the cable under your shirt and along one of the sleeves. Pull one of the earphones out from the sleeve and you’re ready to listen to music without anyone noticing. You do need to wear long sleeves for this hack to work and you can only listen to music on one ear.

9. Colorful stamps in different shapes

Take a piece of a foamy paper and cut out a shape of your choice. Here I went for a triangle. Just take the lid and apply some hot glue on top. Place on the foam triangle or any other shape and the DIY stamp is ready to use! To add color you can use markers, highlighters or even acrylic paint. Press the stamp on the paper and you get a perfect triangle print.

You can use stamps to highlight sections that are more important or mark parts that you still need to learn. Visualizing notes with pictures and colors will help you with learning and memorizing, plus you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.

10. Time for yourself

We probably all have that annoying friend or sibling that just won’t shut up even though we’re trying to study, read or just don’t feel like talking. If you want some peace and quiet or time for yourself a great hack is to simply wear headphones. You don’t even have to listen to music or anything. Simply put the cable end into the pocket like me. This hack works wonders at home, in school and even on the buses or airplanes. People are way less likely to bother you and try to talk to you if you’re wearing headphones.

So next time you need some peace, but people keep talking to you then tell them directly to stop talking or remember this awesome life hack.

11. Stop ink bleeding through the notebook pages

Sharpies and other marker pens come in so many beautiful colors so I like to use them for titles to make the notes colorful and pretty. However, the thing I really hate is how the ink bleeds through notebook pages.

But don’t throw your sharpies away just yet, because I’ve got a solution. Take any color of nail polish. This time I chose yellow. Apply some of that nail polish on your notebook page and leave it to dry. Now you can choose any sharpie or permanent marker of your choice and write your titles or whatever you like on top. The nail polish is working as a barrier between the ink and the notebook paper. As a result, we have no bleeding through the page whatsoever.

With this hack, you can use all your sharpies and markers, make beautiful headings and drawings with no mess at all. You can even go all out like me here and add glitter. I started with a layer of pink nail polish and topped it with some chunky silver glitter polish. The point is to make your notes as interesting and visually appealing as possible. It will help you tons with learning and remembering lessons. On top of that, it will make the process of making notes super fun.