5 Best Tips and Home Remedies to Improve Digestive Health

This article reviews the 5 best tips and some home remedies which will improve your digestion.

1. Improving your gut bacteria

Your intestine has both bad and good bacteria. When bad bacteria is more than good bacteria. If you take antibiotics, for example, that will cause inflammation in your body. Your bacterial development is troubled due to inflammation. This process will cause bad bacteria to grow in your body and you will face issues like gas, bloating, and improper digestion.

There are 2 ways to introduce good bacteria in your body:

  • You should start consuming pre-biotics such as yogurt. Or you can take pre-biotics supplements.
  • I would highly recommend, you should visit a doctor if you are having too much problem of gas or bloating.

2. Food allergens

You must understand that anything you eat in your body should not cause inflammation. If you face issues like gas, bloating, and indigestion, your diet may be the reason. You must check on this and remove all the foods that cause inflammation from the diet.

Foods allergens like:

  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Milk
  • Peanuts

Remove these 4 foods from your diet and in some weeks your digestion will improve. Then add these products to your diet one by one.

If you don’t want to do this, I’m going to advise you to take a “food allergy test.” This will tell you precisely which components cause you allergy. This technique will guide you easily on what foods you should take out of your diet.

3. Natural and whole foods

If you have too much bloating and gas problems. Packet foods containing preservatives, artificial colors or sugar must be avoided.

Only natural and whole foods that come straight from the ground need to be eaten. Even if you are lifting heavy weights and consuming whey protein. I recommend you should substitute whey with vegan proteins. The medical study has shown that whey protein includes “sucralose” that kills good bacteria and starts to grow bad bacteria.

4. Fiber content

Most people think you should consume more fiber if you have a gas or bloating problem. But I would like to say that if you face such a problem, you should lower the fiber content.

Remember if you face gas or bloating issues. It’s just due to slow digestion. And fiber slows down your digestion. Reduce your dietary fiber content. You can eat one serving of completely good skinless fruit. And in a few weeks, you will begin to see outcomes.

5. Eliminate sugar completely

Your poor bacteria are fed with sugar. And as I said, your good bacteria will decrease if they feed. And the health of your gut is not going to be fine. Fully remove processed sugar or anything containing sugar for the next 3-6 months.

Eliminate fruit juices as they are also going to behave as sugar due to no fiber in it. If you still want to eat fruits, you should eat one serving of skinless fruits a day that’s going to be perfect. This will assist you to decrease your body’s quantity of sugar you eat.

Home remedies

Cumin seeds drink

Seeds of cumin are very good for your health. I’m talking about “White seeds of cumin”. Now, you have to take one glass of water and put 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds. Then boil them and drink. There’s no particular time to drink. You need to drink this twice a day, which will increase your digestion system.

Hing water

Take a spoonful of hing and place it in a glass of water. Then let it go overnight. And the next day, consume after your breakfast. This will also boost metabolism.

Isphagol and milk

We’ve been listening since childhood that Isphagol is very good. But there are various methods of using it. Those with constipation issue. And they have no problem with the milk. Now, take one teaspoon of Isphagol and put into milk and drink it in a few minutes. Consume it after dinner.

Constipation is the main reason for slower metabolism and it will create more toxins in your body as well. If your weight is stuck, maybe constipation would be the reason. Solve your problem of constipation and then focus on your weight loss.

Ajwain and fennel seeds

It’s one of the remedies I love. It’s working very well for me. I take it mostly in the morning. It is also helpful in weight loss.

Take a pinch of ajwain and fennel seed teaspoon. And get them soaked overnight. Filter it and drink it the next morning. And I promise you it will enhance your digestion system.

Castor oil

Drinking a spoon of coconut or olive oil is one of the best solutions to solve constipation. If you are able to do this, do it.

But castor is much better. It is very thick and useful for constipation. So put 1 tablespoon of castor oil in hot milk. If you do this, your constipation will be okay within 3 days. Remember to do it at night.

Drink water properly

Use the water in the proper way. Every hour you need to drink 1 glass of water. And those facing the issue of slow metabolism should drink 12 glasses of water a day.

Eat smartly (5 meals/day)

Those with slow metabolism should eat 5 small meals a day. This will keep your digestive system active. You should eating foods like fruits, carrots, veggies, chicken, fish, or any healthy foods. Just remember to eat in small portions.