5 Reasons Why You Should Start Weight Loss Training Right Now?

In this post, we will tell you about Why you Should Start Weight Loss Training Right Now

Health reasons

Obesity is also the root of a number of deadly diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and kidney problems. To lose weight because you want to be healthy is for the right reason. Being overweight alone is the fifth cause of death worldwide, according to WHO (World Health Organization).

To feel good about yourself

When you feel confident about your body, your perspective and daily mood also follow. You then will start greeting your mornings with delight and good mood.

When you feel light and at ease with the way you are able to move, your day also brightens. And you are able to look in the mirror and appreciate your physical gifts instead of just wishing you look like this and that. Be reminded also, that the link between obesity and depression is medically recognized.

Being overweight means that you are prone to sluggishness and fatigue which are two known factors that contribute to depression. To lose weight because you want to be more thankful for your body and be able to maximize its capacities is one right reason.

To look good

This third reason needs to be understood well. When we say “look good,” it does not mean to learn to hide flaws and appear well on the outside. The definition of “looking good” in this perspective means that you are confident with the differences that you have with regards to your body and that of others. It may also mean that you are accepting of your flaws and that you do not dwell on them but instead, you focus on what is beautiful in you.

Another thing, to look good doesn’t mean covering yourself with layers of makeup, pads that promise butt enhancements or corsets that make your waist look slim just for the sake of other people’s appreciation. To lose weight to be able to fit in clothes that you like and help you move with ease is another right reason to lose weight.

Fit and improve athletic performance

To become fit may mean that you will be able to participate in more activities that may make you happier. When sweat is released from the body, so does happy hormones. Being able to participate in activities as simple as jogging, for example, is not only good for weight loss but to one’s overall well-being.

The same is true when you are able to trek mountains, bike with friends, swim with your family. Your social life becomes more connected. You are able to enjoy these activities even if you are not the athletic type of person, just some bonding with people in your life who matters. We can really see that indeed, there is a connection between losing weight for the right reasons and being happy.

To improve your quality of life

It is a fact that obesity lessens your quality of life. As mentioned above, your activities and social life can be limited due to the limitations of your body. There are a lot of repercussions that come with these in areas like your social life, self-esteem and may even love life.

Let it be clear though, that being fit doesn’t necessarily mean you automatically will have an exciting love life. The point of the matter is that being fit means that you care for your body and that you feel confident about yourself, this kind of attitude will almost always attract the kind of love that you deserve and not just settle to who’s available.

Why lose weight in the first place?

Before following any weight loss scheme or before amending your diet, give this time. Reflect first on your reason to make sure that there will be no fallback. That your efforts won’t go down the drain. One more important thing to consider is that the more you know about your body, your limitations, and your strengths. The more you are able to choose a weight loss plan that is effective and just right for you. Start with the right reasons and let it be for the right reasons. Let it be for yourself and not for anyone else.

Remember that when you choose to do things, be it losing weight or learning something new. When you do it for yourself, the rewards can be more lasting. This is because you jumped off with the right reasons.

Do not let yourself be pressured with social media and how they picture perfect bodies. You have a unique physique and you have unique gifts. Learn to work with what you have. Accept what is and what is not. Results may take longer than any fad diet but it surely will not just allow you to lose weight but lose baggage about your body that no longer serves you.