5 Reasons You Should Start Buying Jewellery Online

We’re living in a world of e-commerce where people shop online just as much, if not more than they do in normal brick-and-mortar stores. Jewellery stores, however, have managed to stay relatively popular. Perhaps it’s because people prefer to look at the gold and gems sparkle in person, or because they’re unsure of their ring size – but online shopping for jewellery is something that more people should be trying. With wider ranges, better discounts and delivery being some of the perks to shopping online, here are 5 reasons why you should start buying your jewellery online.

Unlimited Options and Less Pressure

One of the best things about shopping online is that you don’t have salesperson hovering around you, hoping you’ll make a sale. This isn’t to say that they’re useless – they’re experts in what they know and have a job to do. But it can be nice to be able to leisurely scroll through the website at your pace and slowly mull over what you want to buy.

Alongside this, there are often more options available online than in person. This is probably due to the actual size limitations of physical stores, but some jewellery brands are only online – especially ones which stock more unique pieces. Websites are also easier to navigate with search bars making it a whole lot easier to look for exactly what you want. Get access to the new in jewellery before the store even opens, and shop after the store has closed.

You Can Always Return It

Online stores know that buying online can be risky, so just about every online store will offer you the option to return your jewellery if you change your mind. There may be companies which only allow exchanges or store credits, but if you’re buying from an expensive jewellery store, then it is almost guaranteed that you will be a returns policy. Most stores that have both online and brick-and-mortar stores will also let you return and exchange online purchases in-store if you want to save on shipping costs.

Quicker Customisation

More often than not customization happen quicker when you order online than in-store. Certain things like embossing will take no time if there’s a machine in-store, but engraving will take longer as they need to send it back to the maker and back to the store once it’s done. If the customized jewellery needs to be sent back to the store, you might as well get it delivered to your house.

Ring sizing is also much easier online as you can choose which size you want right off the bat and don’t have to wait any extra days to get it resized. For the most part ring sizes are the same – so if you’re one size in one style, you’ll most likely to the same size in another style.

Offers and Discounts

It’s much easier to find discounts online than it is in-store, especially if you do your research and find discount codes online. There will be discount codes that only apply to online purchases, and when new in jewellery arrives, be able to shop the discounted styles at 12am before the physical stores even open.


The biggest pro to online shopping is the delivery where you can literally shop and get your jewellery pieces sent to you – all without leaving your house. Work during the week and shop for your next anniversary present on the train ride home and have it arrive at your house a couple of days later. Some might call it lazy, we call it shopping smart.