50 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Shouldn’t Ignore This Year

If you want to show up to the party on October 31st with a truly impressive costume, try your hand at a beautiful, eerie or flat-out scary Halloween look.

But we’re just going to come right out and say it: Halloween is kinda stressful. Fun? Incredibly. Creative and drunken and wild and free? (Hopefully) hell yes. But stressful? Yup. Totally. There’s the pressure to have an amazing, thought-out costume with pristine makeup, and excellent, professional-looking hair. At least, that’s how we feel. And that’s all on top of trying to figure out a cool costume in the first place.

That’s why We’ve got 50 Halloween makeup ideas to take your spooky look to the next level. So, grab your favorite Halloween snack and a drink, and take a gander at our favorite makeup looks that will go with just about any Halloween costume you could think of.

Halloween Makeup Ideas


For those who just never compromise with lesser scary looks.

scary halloween makeup


Because your love for cats is not only limited to pets.

Cat halloween makeup


When you want to look really creepy. But quickly.

Quick halloween makeup


Because skeletons are most friendly on Halloween.

Skeleton halloween makeup


Choose this makeup if you want to look less messy but uniquely creepy.

Eyes halloween makeup


When you want to celebrate Halloween with more colors creatively.

Creative halloween makeup


If you think you are uncatchable as unicorn than this makeup is perfect choice for you.

unicorn halloween makeup


For those who have beautiful eyes and want them to look more creepy.

Eyebrows halloween makeup


For kiss of love and poison.

Lips halloween makeup


Best makeup ideas when you want to look cute and sporty on Halloween parties.

Deer halloween makeup


We all love superheros and that’s why Superheros makeup will boost your spirit and make you look amazingly attractive at any Halloween party.

Superhero halloween makeup


For all the comic book lovers Halloween is the best time to show off their love for comics.

Comic halloween makeup


For all the Pirates of Caribbean diehard fans, Pirate makeup is the look that nothing can match. But still if you are not pirate fan you can still try for the fun.

Pirate halloween makeup

Pop Art

Looks like a comic book look but actually it is totally different style of makeup than comic. This makeup is becoming more and more favorite from last few years.

Pop Art halloween makeup


Because not every one is so lucky to born Gypsy that’s why Halloween is the best time to live and look like Gypsy.

Gypsy halloween makeup


Because being funny on the Day of Dead is itself a unique idea.

Funny halloween makeup

Evil Queens

Evil Queen or the Wicked Queen, is a fictional character and the main antagonist in “Snow White”. So this makeup idea is good for those who are fans and also for those who love to try most horrifying looks every year.

 Evil Queens halloween makeup

Last Minute

For those who cannot have enough time but loves to participate in Halloween parties. So this last minute makeup idea can save you by giving you a creepy look instantly.

Last Minute halloween makeup


Well its Halloween and Halloween is all about shedded blood. So its never a bad idea to make it more scary as much as possible in that situation Gore makeup can help.

Gore halloween makeup


For the who have dark personality inside. Halloween is the best time to show off your dark side.

Dark halloween makeup


Actually, this look does not have to do anything with Halloween, Because Indian is a very great community with their vast history and culture. So it is obvious that non Indians get amused by Indian culture and that is the reason we can see many persons with Indian makeup at Halloween parties.

Indian halloween makeup


The only reason for this makeup is just to look more and more crazy.

Crazy halloween makeup


Because Glitter attracts. It can be any makeup in this list, all you need is just to add some glitters and you are done for shiny Halloween parties.

 Glitter halloween makeup

Sugar Skull

Sugar skulls are often used to decorate the gravestones of the deceased. But in the last few decades, it’s gaining vast popularity in western and developing countries as a part of culture or as a styling factor on Halloween parties. Especially after when showcased in famous movies like spectra.

 Sugar Skull halloween makeup

Avant Garde

Actually a French word uses for the persons people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox, with respect to art, culture, and society. Not so popular, but really very unique and stylish and very admirable, it has everything you need to look at Halloween parties.

Avant Garde halloween makeup

 Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland novel had very vast fan following since its first edition in 1865. With time Alice looks got get modified and being more popular, hence the die hard fans of Alice In Wonderland can never compromise with any other look on Halloween. But still if you are not a fan and didn’t tried this look ever before, I deeply suggest you to try it once you get to admire most. Guaranteed.

 Alice In Wonderland halloween makeup


Well the only reason to have this makeup is just to look like princess but in Halloween way.

 Princess halloween makeup


As we all know that a fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. So it’s never been a bad idea to try Fairy Halloween makeup.

Fairy halloween makeup


Unique makeup is the result of our tendency, Yes our never ending search for new lead us to rare and then it ends to unique. So we created a whole new category of Unique Halloween makeup. Stay tuned for more unique ideas.

Unique halloween makeup

Harley Quinn

So you are a girl who loves superheroes who look and behave like a villain, Harley Quinn is the answer for you on this Halloween if you are looking for something crazy not scary.

Harley Quinn halloween makeup


Because Mermaid is always being our most fantasized creatures all over life, And so Halloween is the best time to show your love for Mermaid stories

Mermaid halloween makeup


This is interesting when you think you are a person who love to bluff or like to pretend someone you are not. Halloween parties can be that place where you play your mysterious role. Try Masquerades Makeup this Halloween.

Masquerades halloween makeup


If you are a fan of the Batman series. There is no other way to tribute the great character of the Joker by Heath Ledger.

Joker halloween makeup

Black and White

Don’t like blood?. Go Black and White

Black and White halloween makeup


We all had often watched Clown in ghost movies and they all are really scary. So Clown makeup should be on your to do list for Halloween.

Clown halloween makeup


Same as Clowns, Dolls are also featured in many scary movies. The best part with such makeup looks is they will help you to look creepily cute.

Doll halloween makeup


According to Christianity devil is the primary opponent of God. As Halloween is also a time between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, we celebrate Halloween as a festival of fear and superstition. And for that reason many of us choose to look more and more scary and creepy and what’s better than to become a Devil itself.

Devil halloween makeup

Special Effects

Special effect makeup ideas are not so past dated. They highly inspired, but some recent movies like final destination in which the characters get killed by scariest different accidents. If you are a person who love to try new happily, Halloween is waiting for you in this makeup.

Special Effects halloween makeup

Half Face

Inspired and originated by the famous character Harvey Dent (Two Face) from Batman comic, Is always been one of the favorite choices for maximum peoples. Time by Time the idea and styling got changed and improved a lot, Hence you can see many different kinds of Half Face makeup at Halloween parties. If you are confused with many makeup ideas choose this one.

Half Face halloween makeup


Same like unique, we now days also demand for the things which looks and feel cool to us or our personality. Don’t misunderstand it with a two face makeup just because the image below is looks alike the above one. Cool can be anything as we all know, but still we separate things with cooler than ordinary.

Cool halloween makeup

For Work

A perfect makeup, which you can carry to your workplace without any hesitation, As well as looks creepy too which compliment your spirit of Halloween celebrations.

 halloween makeup for work


Because Halloween is just not limited to scary it can also be funny and beautiful. Disney characters have always been most favorably at Halloween parties. Every character of Disney is perfect for Halloween, you can choose any one of your favorite Disney Show copy their look and perfect you are ready for celebrations.

 Disney halloween makeup


Mostly witch was represented as an ugly lady with magical powers performing cruel activities. Thanks to makeup artist like Rick Baker and Toni G from Maleficent who created a new fresh image of a witch which is no more ugly anymore instead they created it very beautiful. Witch makeup is best if you want to look very evil and magical at Halloween parties.

 Witch halloween makeup

 For Couples

Some are singles, some are colleagues, some are batch mates, some are singles and then some are couples, And when you are a couple everything got change forever, even your Halloween celebrations too. So it is very important for someone who is in a relationship that their appearance at Halloween party must compliment their partner.

halloween makeup For Couples


Well, for all fans of Vampire dairies and vampire movies the first thought comes to their mind to look scary is obviously a Vampire look with big Canine tooth. The best part with a vampire is that they never look ugly instead Vampire makeup represents your passionate personality

Vampire halloween makeup


Simple makeup has to do nothing about Last minute, Easy or Quick makeup ideas. Simple is all about being simple, That’s it.

simple halloween makeup


There are many different cute looks you can achieve through the magic of good makeup. Knowing what colors, styles, and techniques will bring out the best features on your face will help you find the right look for you! Generally, subtle makeup that highlights your eyes and cheeks is considered attractive.

cute halloween makeup

For Guys

Even Guys also have a lot of options to try on Halloween Day. We will cover all those makeup ideas in our future posts. Stay Tuned.

halloween makeup for guys


Kids never look good in Horrifying scary makeup. Kids should look cute, funny and humorous. The best way to find a perfect makeup for kids is that you must find out what your kids like and love most, what attracts them most and show their point of interest. Once you find that just gave them a look which clearly belongs to their interest.  This will help your kids a lot to celebrate Halloween in their own unique style.

 kids halloween makeup


Now this is what Halloween stands for these days. Creepy, Scary and after that more CREEPY and more SCARY. Well, thankfully there are lots of perfect ideas which actually mean Creepy. All you need is just to choose the right one for you.

creepy halloween makeup


Might be very few thinks to look beautiful at Halloween, but if you think to have a look that is just a perfect surreal mix of fact and fantasy. Then you are set to rule the party.

 beautiful halloween makeup


Needless to say the only thing which attracts whole mankind the most is Aliens. Thanks to great Alien movies like star wars, Aliens and many more. Alien is the look that should never be ignored specially on Halloween parties.

alien halloween makeup



pretty halloween makeup


This is a perfect look for you if you always choose to look elegant, Catrina itself some time refers as a Elegant Skull.
Catrina Halloween Makeup


Skull Halloween Makeup



Demon Halloween Makeup


Gothic Halloween Makeup


 Bunny Halloween Makeup


scarecrow halloween makeup


Spider halloween makeup



Pumpkin halloween makeup


Maleficent halloween makeup


 Lion halloween makeup


Zombie Halloween Makeup


Wolf halloween makeup