8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

If you are a lazy person or you just hate the gym. Then you should follow these 8 ways to lose weight without exercise.

Surround yourself with positive people

Drop those toxic people in your life and fill it with friends who support you. Not only is it an excellent move for your happiness and wellbeing but it could also be good for your midriff, especially if those negative Nellies were the type to criticize you and your appearance.

Research published in the social psychology journal of Personal Relationships discovered that women who received words of encouragement and acceptance towards their body were more likely to shed the pounds and stabilize their weight.

While those who heard negative messages about their weight were more likely to gain the pounds. In addition to the research, your friends may also have some small influence on your controlled eating habits as well.

If you’re trying to keep your weight at bay, instead of going to grab a late night bite with friends, suggest activities that don’t include eating. Opt for a walk, painting or a class instead.

Get a full night’s rest

Researchers from the three German universities and a University in Sweden learned sleep deprivation is connected with feelings of hunger and having higher blood levels of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin.

In their study, they discovered that the less sleep a person got, the more hungry they were and minimized the amount of energy they had for the day. Also, those who regularly stay up late at night were more likely to eat junk food, eat more during the late afternoon and weight more.

Research published in the Obesity journal stated those who slept late and woke up late ate an additional 248 calories compared to those people who go to bed early and wake up earlier.

When you’re on the run with an empty stomach, you feel much hungrier than you would with a good night’s rest. So when in doubt, just turn off the lights, grab a pillow and get comfy underneath the blankets.

Chew your food thoroughly


I know this may sound obvious but chewing your food is critical in maintaining a healthy weight. Chewing your food thoroughly allows you to consume more nutrients and allows for easier digestion.

Several research studies show that even though longer chewing leads to more time in finishing a meal; eating slowly can ultimately help you lose weight by eating less.

For example, eating your dinner twice as long as you regularly would immediately help you regulate your portion control which naturally subsides calorie consumption. It takes an average of twenty minutes for your brain to alert your stomach that you’re full.

So this may demonstrate why the National Center for Biotechnology Information stated that people stated they felt fuller when they ate their food slowly.

In addition, they also ended up eating about ten percent fewer calories. When they consumed their food at a slower rate.

Keep good food close

Being lazy plays a prominent role in decision-making when it comes to your food, both good and bad.

An experiment published in Appetite discovered students at Saint Bonaventure University in New York separated people into three groups. One group sat with buttered popcorn about six feet away and placed apple slices within reach.

Another group sat with buttered popcorn within reach and apple slices six feet away while the last group sat with foods in reach. They found that participants ate whatever food was nearest to them, even though they preferred to eat the popcorn over the apples.

But this is a good way to organize your food and eliminate the junk and processed snacks by keeping it hidden and putting the healthy snacks within reach.

Switch out your chair

A fun and easy way to lose weight and tone up are to switch out your old fashioned office chair for a stability ball! Not only will this help you strengthen your back, core, and legs but you’ll burn more calories too.

Sports certified dietitian Jill Koegel says that by replacing your old chair with a sports ball can help you burn an extra one hundred calories a day, meaning you could shed away almost nine pounds if you work 300 days in a year. It also helps to sit up straight.

Even if you don’t want to spend a full shift sitting on an exercise ball, you can always do it at home too. While your mind can affect your body, your body can also change your mind. Even though sitting up straight in your chair might feel strange, this power pose can actually boost your mood which lowers stress and levels of cortisol, a fat storing hormone. Sitting up straight instead of slouching at your desk also tightens your abs since you’re engaging more muscles.

Drink a lot of water

A study in Obesity journal found that people who consumed two glasses of water before eating consumed up to ninety percent fewer calories over the course of a meal. Water is filling so researchers have stated the added water consumption may also displace calories generally spent on high energy drinks.

Water is essential in the metabolic process and keeps your body hydrated guarantees that your body is working properly and keeps your energy pumping. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism also discovered that gulping just over two cups of water also increased the metabolic rate by thirty percent in just half an hour.

This is because water decreases the amount of fat stored in your body and since water has zero calories, you are mostly losing the pounds effortlessly! So don’t hesitate to drink up and stay hydrated!

Eat in front of a mirror

Scientists have the University of Central Florida discovered that eating your food in front of a mirror and watching yourself eat down unhealthy food like french fries and cake can actually make food seem less appetizing.

Those who participated in the experiment had to eat a slice of cake in front of a mirror while others had to eat a fruit salad in another room with no mirror. Those with fruit salad ate it all, but those who ate the cake felt uncomfortable and found the cake unappealing.

Another study showed that eating in front of a mirror reduced the amount they ate by almost a third. The notion of having to look yourself in the eyes has a reflection of your personal goals and standards.

So this practice can help people lose weight and eat less. So hang up that mirror in your dining area and the next time you feel tempted to scarf down some pizza or pie, just try eating it in front of a mirror and see if you’ll be

Listen to some music

Several studies have demonstrated that listening to calm and relaxing music can minimize the production of cortisol, which is responsible for fat storage, stress and carbohydrate cravings. Whether you’re at work, school or studying, play some ambient slow jazz and just immerse yourself in the music.

Research findings published in Psychological Reports show that soft music also leads to less food consumption and allows you to enjoy your food more. This is why many upscale restaurants will play slow and soft music in their establishments.

Other studies have also discovered that loud music or the television can block your sense of hearing which hinders body cues telling your brain that you’re already full. So this is one big reason why you might always feel hungry when watching your favorite Netflix series or movie.