9 Different Types of Pull Ups to Build Great Strength

Pull-ups is fundamental to all pulling exercises, incorporating your back and your biceps.

And doing the pull up in different styles, grips, and variations determines which part of your back and biceps you’re gonna work more or less of.


One of the most effective pull-up variation for developing pulling strength and building your back and biceps.

Normally, the pull-up is done with two arms but now you are doing with one arm. That one arm is now taking all the control and firing up deep muscle fibers which will help in strength when it comes to grip.

Additionally, one of the best things about this exercise is that it’s a long-term goal to work towards and you can see yourself progress from the very beginning.


It is a very special exercise probably the second hardest move. It forces you to give a hundred percent of your effort, strength, and energy in every single rep.

And by increasing the intensity, we’re fatiguing our muscles faster, but that’s also going to increase our muscle growth and that’s gonna get us very comfortable and used to increasing the quality of your reps and getting so good at pulling. After mastering this exercise, muscle ups are gonna be a breeze.


What makes this exercise so significant is the position that you’re doing it. Being in this inverted row position, you’re emphasizing more on your rear delts and a lot more on your back and forcing you to pull more from your waistline which is gonna help you build crazy strength that’s required to do harder exercises like the front lever and front lever pull-ups.


L-sit pull ups, one of my favorite pulling exercises that I have been using for years and I’ve never let go.

Holding an L-sit while you do a pull up is forcing your back to engage more and keep a straighter, stricter position as you move up and down through your pull up.

Reducing your swing and help from other muscles as you do your pull ups, and building an insanely strong core and muscle-body connection, changing the game for all pulling exercises, and making your pull ups impeccable.


It’s one of those exercises that are gonna start to get you closer to the one arm pull up, and developing significant one arm strength.

Beginning now, to increase the overload on a single limb. Creating more of demand out of each arm. And it’s a great stepping stone for right after you’ve mastered the standard pull up.

To continue to develop your strength and progress, and start taking your pull up strength to the next level while progressively adjusting to one arm. It’s gonna make the one arm training transition a whole lot smoother, and you’re gonna make a whole lot more progress.


And circling back to one arm pull ups, what I love about this exercise is that you’re simulating the actually movement and hand position of one arm pull up, but you’re doing it with two hands, allowing you to train and simulate the one arm pull up motion.

And when it comes to the one arm pull up, one of the challenges is to remain in that position by squeezing your hand as hard as you can, along with your entire arm, all the way down to your obliques and to your cores to the tip of your toes.

If you don’t have your entire body locked and contracted, you’re gonna be swinging and swaying left and right, while holding on with one arm. And when you train with commando grip, you’re already training this arm to stabilize your body as you go up and down in this position.

You can also put less emphasis on the pulling of your outside arm and really just try to pull, mainly with your pronated hand. Of course you need to train this with both arms, and eventually, taking off fingers from your helping hand, getting you closer to that one arm pull up.

And lastly, this exercise also greatly defines your shoulders and your arms, giving you more full and rounder muscle definition in your arms.


This is definitely a game-changer for your whole entire fitness routine. It’s a different way of increasing the overload, maximizing the basic pulling motion and training our bodies, literally, to get good at the skill of pulling.

There are specific exercises that you can use, strictly for muscle development and there are other exercises like the weighted pull up that not only gives you insane muscle development, but significantly increases your strength, skill, and pulling motion.

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This position is gonna create more time-honored tension on your muscles, and it’s also gonna develop your endurance.

If you find yourself twitching or shaking while you’re doing pull ups, this is definitely an exercise that you need to do to get more solid control and muscle contraction for your pull ups, making it a lot more comfortable to do pull ups.

And without all this trembling, you can really focus on your mind-muscle connection. It’s also one of the best ways to end a set of repetitions, and to start increasing your strength when you’ve found that you’ve plateaued. But when you don’t have enough energy left, instead of just dropping the weight and giving up, you can also hold, and isometric positions will ensure that you’re always increasing your reps, building your strength, and applying more weight every single time, than just plateauing.


I would highly suggest start doing this exercise as soon as you can do about five standard pull ups. This is gonna start you working with one arm and increasing your one arm strength at a low-impact level.

The best thing about this exercise is that you can calibrate how much weight you want to be applied during this exercise, by working with various angles.

The lower the angle, the more weight is being applied. And the higher the angle, the less weight is being applied and the more you can focus on your muscle contractions and form.

And after doing this exercise for a short amount of time, you’re gonna find that you can start working lower and lower, pulling from a deeper angle, and increasing your one arm pull up strength the most efficient way possible.

A lot better than just jumping into one arm pull ups. It’s gonna take you a lot longer to reach the goal. And the person just starting off and taking steps, little steps every day, is gonna reach it a whole lot faster.

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