9 Secret Tips and Tricks to Look Younger Than Your Age

In this post, we are going to give some tips and tricks that will help you to look younger or age you slower.

Ketogenic diet

Follow a ketogenic diet or move in and out of ketosis. The ketogenic diet or ketosis is where your body starts burning fat as fuel, or fat for energy.

Your body’s first source of fuel is typically carbohydrates or sugar. Your body will burn that up and use it for energy. If you remove sugar from your diet and consume a diet that’s higher in fat and a moderate amount of protein, your body will start burning fat for energy.

Ketones have actually been shown to be one of your brain’s favorite sources of fuel. It can actually help balance insulin levels. Insulin is that hormone that, when it gets off, can cause issues with diabetes or other hormone problems or lack of energy or those sort of energy ups and downs during the day.

A ketogenic diet really kind of helps your body keep a steady state of insulin throughout the day, and by doing that can help you actually age slower and look younger.

What I recommend is following a diet where on some days you’re ketosis, some days you’re not, over time. But starting off with a ketogenic diet is also by far the number one diet to help you lose weight and lose it fast and keep the weight off.


Eat more superfoods on a daily basis. Do a superfood powder every morning in your smoothie with organic super greens, something that has spirulina or chlorella, those really dark-colored algae, berries such as the Siberian goji berry, which are very high in antioxidants. Also certain herbs like turmeric and ginger and cayenne pepper and rosemary and cinnamon.

Consume more superfoods, especially super herbs, super vegetables, and super berries on a daily basis. All of those will help you look younger, longer.

A few other foods as well. Wild-caught salmon, high in omega-3 fats, is great for reducing inflammation in the body and helping you age slower, as is bone broth. Bone broth or consuming a protein powder from bone broth is great, very high in collagen. As you age your body starts producing less collagen, so if you can get more collagen in your diet, it can highlight, tone and firm up your skin and help naturally thicken your hair, help thicken your nails, and help improve, giving you glowing skin.

Get more of these nutrient-dense superfoods in your diet on a daily basis to help you age slower, and practice those principles of anti-aging.

Drink tea

One of my favorite teas is green tea, especially matcha. Green tea contains a compound called EGCG, which stands for epigallocatechin. This herb or this tea has been shown to fight cancer, fight heart disease, and promote youthful-looking skin.

So if you really want to age slower and naturally support healthy energy levels, drink green tea every single day. Especially sencha and matcha are the two most powerful types of green tea to get in your diet. And also things like white tea and rooibos and oolong can be great teas as well.

Age-fighting oils

Pomegranate oil, carrot seed oil, apricot oil. Those are great types of carrier oils, and using those in conjunction with essential oils such as geranium, lavender, myrrh, and other floral oils like rose can really help hydrate the skin.

In fact, there is a reference in biblical medicine, where Esther in the Bible uses five floral oils, including myrrh, for six months getting ready for her wedding. And it actually says in there that these were very effective beauty treatments, and she was again a very beautiful woman.

So they were used historically, these are used today, but again, I would use carrier oils such as pomegranate or carrot seed oil, and then blend in essential oils like geranium, myrrh, and lavender. Use those on your skin as an anti-aging serum daily, great for reducing aging of your skin.

Blue zone diet

Everybody’s different, everybody does well with different types of diets. Some people do better with the ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet or traditional Chinese medicine diet. It’s good to know about yourself.

So as part of a Blue Zone diet, you’ll notice in Blue Zones there are a lot of plants, there are a lot of vegetables, herbs, fruit. Along with that, oftentimes wild-caught meats, like wild salmon, grass-fed beef, organic chicken and turkey.

All of the civilizations where people lived in a Blue Zone, which meant they had a lot of people living to be 100 years old or older, their diet was very high in nutrients and anti-oxidants, and they didn’t eat much-processed food at all. So following a Blue Zone-like diet can absolutely help you live longer.


Bone broth protein powder

Remember, you got to get more collagen in your diet on a daily basis.


Ashwagandha is an herb that supports your thyroid and adrenals. It can also help slow the aging process.

Greens Powder

I would recommend taking an organic super greens powder or a green superfood. It’s where you’re getting greens and superfoods in powder form, adding that into a smoothie or a beverage a day.


Omega-3, such as fish oil, can help reduce inflammation in the body, helping you live longer.


And then a high-quality multi-vitamin can also be great, a great natural anti-aging supplement.


If you study the Blue Zones, people that lived longer didn’t necessarily do a lot of weight training or they didn’t necessarily go into a lot of running. They were active. That was really it, they were very active. So that’s the key here. It’s not doing this really regimented exercise program.

Every day being active. Going on long walks, jogging in the park, doing some weights, sometimes doing yoga, sometimes doing barre, sometimes doing Pilates, or picking one thing and consistently just moving on a daily basis can help you age slower and live longer.

Medicinal mushrooms

In fact, reishi mushroom in China was known as the mushroom of immortality. In Russia, chaga is known as the mushroom or the fungus of anti-aging.

And a very similar thing, if you look at Ayurvedic medicine and how they might use cordyceps and other types of very unique mushrooms.

So mushrooms actually really support the immune system, can slow the aging process, and they’re really high in a type of polysaccharides that supports cellular communication and your body’s repair system, helping your skin heal.

Intermittent Fasting

Most the time, we eat right when we wake up and we stop eating sometime around bedtime. So we might eat even in a 16-hour window.

Foods don’t heal you, your body heals itself. Your body has a better chance to heal itself when your organs aren’t working. When you’re consuming fat, your liver is working. When you’re consuming carbs, your stomach’s working. We want to rest your body, give it time to rest and heal.

So you skip breakfast, you don’t eat late at night, and you may be only eating to a 6- to 8-hour window, rather than a 16-hour window. What this does is it allows your body to rest, repair, heal, and cleanse.

People have been fasting for health almost since the beginning of time. It’s a principle that’s practiced in all different types of medicine, from Greek medicine to Chinese medicine to Biblical medicine, and it has great benefits.

But intermittent fasting, basically skipping breakfast and then consuming a diet that’s high in vegetables, that’s high in herbs, that’s high in wild meats and fruits, things like that is a great way to age slower. The reason is as well, it helps balance out insulin levels and it helps increase human growth hormone, which is known as your anti-aging hormone, keeping you younger, longer, both for men and for women.

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