9 types of exercises

If you have found your perfect diet plan, then finding a workout, no matter how simple, is possible and will surely aid in your weight-loss agenda.

Below are simple exercises which you can choose from, depending on what suits your mornings:

Body Rolling

Roll your way to fitness if you find intense workouts too intense and you are too busy for anything more complicated than rolling. The goal of this exercise is to keep your balance, better joint alignment, and blood flow. What you need is a space, first physically (you need to find a nook in your home where you can do the exercise. Then think of body rolling as also creating space for all those tight and contracted muscles which are the main reasons for not having the stamina to do exercises, body inflammation and food cravings. You will need a Yamuna ball which can be purchased online to do body rolling. Try it and check yourself if, by doing this religiously, you find yourself wanting to do more exercises, do so.


these are great for apple-shaped body types as it strengthens the lower body where body fat tends to accumulate. It also targets flexibility and helps in the toning of the whole body. Lunges can be done anywhere, anytime. You can lunge in the kitchen while having your morning coffee, in the office while checking your emails, etc.


this exercise is ideal for those prone to accumulating body fat in their bellies. Not only is belly fat an unflattering sight, it is also kind of a stubborn kind of fat. Planks have a lot of advantages for your body. It strengthens your core muscles and this may mean healthier gut and easy digestion which you need for weight-loss. Planks are also great for strengthening your abs and back muscles. A stronger you may mean that in time, you might be ready for more intense and fat-burning workouts. Another thing that makes planks great is that all you need to do it is a small flat surface.

Chair Dips

They say that too much seating can lower your lifespan, now don’t go blaming your chair, instead, turn your “chair experience” into something positive: do some chair dips! Chair dips are low-cost, effective, strengthening exercise that is very reliable when it comes to weight-loss. The fact that you can do it anywhere and anytime makes no excuse even for the laziest health-buff wannabe. Just make sure that what you will be using is a sturdy and standard-sized chair to avoid injuries and your efforts worth all the dips.


This “tool” dates back to tale as old as time. Its simplicity – easy to carry and low-maintenance, makes it an ideal gadget for those busy people trying to lose weight. Jumping ropes are great substitutes for complicated cardio workouts and are a great calorie-burning simple exercise. The faster you jump, the greater the calorie burned. What’s more, jumping ropes is also great for your bone density and improving brain activity. A few tips when doing it though: for ladies, make sure that you are wearing the right kind of brassiere (as with any sport-related activity) to avoid any form of injury, for men, make sure that you have the right kind of supporter briefs to protect you. And for anyone who is interested to do this type of exercise, comfortable shoes are a plus.


Squats have been around a long time for a reason: when it comes to weight-loss or anything that involves fitness, it is an A-Lister. Mainly for reasons such as it is effective and easy to find space for. It also targets the whole body and is considered to be one of the most effective complete body exercises. It aims to target body fats and build muscle. Pairing squats with a proper diet will surely make weight-loss an easy journey instead of a frustrating and difficult one. The most important thing to remember when doing squats is the proper form. Without it, efforts are just going to be wasted.

Calf raises

Calf raises is best for strengthening and toning your legs. In weight-loss, it aids in helping you build muscles instead of body fats. What’s more is that you can do it at home and in your office, while caring for your child of watching your favorite T.V. show. It can also be an alternative if you are still having a difficult time doing squats. It also preps the body for vigorous exercises. Calf raises can serve as a warm-up for bigger things as it makes your body used to moving and sweating. Just be wary of proper form as with a lot of other exercises, the proper form has a lot to do with results.

Arm circles

This is most useful, especially to women who have the tendency to accumulate fats on their arms. It is a natural mechanism of the body to store fats in the arms as it tries to protect it from injuries. But, flabby arms can also be an unsightly thing to have. As such, arm circles are an easy and easy way of making sure that toned arms are achievable. It can be done in varying intensity, duration and repetitions. Just make sure that when doing arm circles, you do proper stretches first and wait until you feel the “burn,” – a signal that body fats are starting to get confused.

Jumping Jacks

A mere 1,800 jumping jacks done in half an hour is enough to burn 200 calories. Isn’t that amazing? In just 30 minutes, the burger and fries you have just eaten for lunch will start to get burned and won’t go straight to your belly or thighs! Jumping jacks impacts flexibility and cardio. It stretches muscles and makes your heart beat faster and will also make you sweat like a real pro. Aside from that, it is easy to follow (you’ve been doing this unconsciously since you were a child) and no tool, gadget or maintenance is required.