8 Surprising Benefits of Not Eating Meat Anymore

I know its challenging to stay away from meat. But when you read this article, you will get shocked and you may prepare your mind to become a vegan.

Immediate weight loss

When most people give up dairy or meat the first thing that they usually notice is that they drop a few pounds. I’m not just talking about any kind of weight loss, I’m talking about a good healthy weight loss. Because hopefully when you give up meat. You’re starting to eat more fruits and veggies and you’re filling up your body with a lot more vitamins and minerals via these healthier foods. By doing that you are literally eating less animal protein, fewer animal fats, and you’re consuming healthier foods.

When I say a healthy weight loss, I mean that this is done via eating more nutritious foods not via starving yourself or restricting calories.

Most people when they first start this lifestyle of notice immediate weight loss. I’m telling you things start to fall off all over your body and your body begins to cleanse, rebuild, and restore it.

Increase in your energy

If you’re eating a lot of fruits and veggies, you will feel an immediate increase in the amount of energy that you have. A lot more energy. The amount of energy that I have now that I eat fully raw and that I’ve given up meat is insane.

Imagine all of the different things that you could do with more energy. Also, you will get better sleep.

Improved digestion

If you’re not going pee at least once a day or poo three times a day, you are considered to be chronically constipated. By giving up meat which is not fiber heavy foods. You are actually going to be increasing the number of times per day that you can potentially go to the restroom.

Now, consider this is only going to happen if you increase the number of fruits and vegetables that you’re consuming. But by giving up meat, you are actually going to have improved digestion. You’ll notice that you will go to the restroom or you’ll have a lot less belly bloating. Actually, I don’t need to say much more than this but all I’ll say is that you’ll have better digestion and less constipation.

Reduced congestion, Fewer allergies, & Less mucus

What does this mean for you? This means that you can breathe easier year-round. This also means that you’re going to have fewer allergic reactions to pollens in the air, etc. It means that you’re going to have less mucus buildup in your body because meat produces a lot of mucus in your bodies.

So by removing the consumption of meat, you are actually reducing the amount of mucus production that is in your body. So get rid of the meat and get ready to breathe easier.

Get glowing skin

When you stop eating meat, your skin clears. You can get rid of acne, rashes or other types of skin issues that you may be having.

Start working on your smooth, radiant, healthy, vibrant glowing skin. Get rid of the meat and start eating more fruits and veggies.

Reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, & cancer

By eliminating eggs or meat from your diet. You increase your chances of living a healthier, happier, longer life. In addition to this, say goodbye to belly bloating, inflammation, acid reflux, and potentially even popping pills that you don’t really need to be popping.

I believe that food is medicine and by getting rid of certain foods in your diet and replacing those with the right kinds of foods, you can feel an incredible difference.

You might be happier

When you remove meat from your diet and add fruits and veggies, though; fruits and veggies are a natural mood-booster. Economists and public health researchers from the University of Warwick and Dartmouth College studied the eating habits of 80,000 people in Great Britain and found that mental well-being appeared to increase with the number of daily portions of fruit and vegetables, and hit an overall peak at seven servings. The average American gets less than three servings daily.

Save the animals & the planet

You are creating a huge impact on the health of our planet and all of the beings and inhabitants and animals that live on this planet with us. Most people don’t realize the amount of energy and resources and chemicals that go into raising animals or animal agriculture for us.

The amount of water that we use, the amount of animal abuse that happens, these things are atrocious and destructive to our planet and all of the beings that live here with us.