Cancer Metabolism: How Cancer Live and Eat?

We’re going to discuss how cancer is able to live inside a human body.

Cancer Metabolism

Cancer cells love sugar. It’s one of the nutrients or the nutrients that cancers need in order for them to survive and thrive. So anything that has high amounts of glucose sucrose or fructose. These are the things that cancer cells would love to eat.

Secondly, cancer cells don’t really need oxygen to survive. And that is the very reason why we always advocate people with cancer who live or try to stay in areas where there are high amounts of fresh air, not polluted. The air and cancer cells rarely need other nutrients other than sugar.

So again to reiterate the point cancer cells need sugar. Primary food is sugar or glucose. The makeup sugar fast third of normal cells and they don’t need oxygen for them to survive.

Cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria or a power plant of the cell. If cancer cells mitochondria would be activated more often than not they would die or what we call pop doses because of the dysfunction of mitochondria cancer cells are really inefficient with regards to metabolism or how it processes its food into energy. And that is why they are very very dependent on the amount of concentration of glucose in the blood, In order for it to survive

Fast-growing tumors seem to have more requirements or a higher requirement of glucose and they have found out that those cancers are Tumor’s that have a decreased rate of growth are more likely than not to respond to treatment.

Cancer cells need inflammatory factors or inflammation in order for it to have more blood vessels or to root itself deeper into a person’s body. Cancer cells can also evade and counterattack your immune system by producing its very own signals. Tricking the immune system that if it’s not lethal or is this not dangerous. And lastly, it or thrives in a low pH or in an aesthetic environment

So the most important key in any nutritional program for cancer patients is to avoid simple sugars. And by avoiding the simple sugars, we also avoid being a sudden peak or a spike in your insulin levels, with increasing insulin levels, Cancer cells seem to be able to grow faster.

Foods that can help cancer cells grow or metastasize

So take note of the foods that are high in the glycaemic index specifically, watermelons, grapes, cakes, muffin, white pasta. These are very high in glycemic index. Some other foods that can help cancer cells grow or metastasize are:

  • Meat: It contains the Neu5Gc. It is very inflammatory to the point in the body which produces antibodies. The more we consume, the more the body becomes flame.
  • Milk and cheese: Those containing a trans fat as well as foods high amounts of chemicals preservatives and additives.

The basic theory of food against cancer

So the basic theory in the fight against cancer is:

  • Lower the level of sugar in the blood.
  • Reduce the delivery of nutrients and make the environment hostile for cancer.


Avoid the whites: White rice, bread, flour, pasta, milk, cheese, eggs. Forget the red meat. The more a certain food is processed, the worst it is for you.