Childbirth: A Complete Checklist for Preparing a Bag

All right in this post, we’re going to make a packing list and things that you need to bring to the hospital with you.


If this is something that creates a scent then you should bring it with you. Make sure that you have a Bluetooth speaker or something that can help you listen to music and a player if you have the playlist on your phone. But make sure you bring a charger for these things and that they don’t run out of batteries during the crucial moment.

Food and water

The time that you spend in the hospital can be longer than anticipated and you don’t want to be eating chocolate bars from the vending machine for a long time. So make sure that you pack with you stick with snacks maybe some fruits, some granola bars, and anything that will get you through a couple of hours of being hungry.


What clothes should you pack? A dress or a skirt and a shirt that you want to give birth. And remember don’t spend too much money on this because you might not be wanting to wear it again.

Now clothes for after the birth you might be in the hospital for one two or three days. It’s important to bring adequate and comfortable clothes for this time. You can wear the hospital robes that’s “OK” but you can bring clothes that make you feel a little bit better.

Make sure that there are clothes that can fit a few sizes because you don’t know exactly what size you’ll be after birth.

Dresses are the best for this. And make sure you bring enough underwear afterward because this gets changed very often. Bleeding often continues for up to a few weeks after giving birth.

Baby clothes

Now most hospitals have something for the baby to wear in the first couple of days. But you might want to bring a few outfits with you to dress your baby in the first few days of his life.

Now, remember this can be the pants or something warmer because you don’t want him to be to wear short sleeves. All of these things should be included in the baby’s first few outfits that you bring to the hospital with you.

Bottle of almond oil

Make sure to put in your birth bag. A closed bottle of almond oil.. This is something that could help the midwife deliver the baby and prevent tears in the Perry name. So put a closed bottle of almond oil in your bag and give it to the midwife as you enter the delivery room. They’ll already know what to do with it.

A baby car seat

A baby’s car seat may not be critical to come to the hospital with it but you’ll definitely need it to leave the hospital. So either has somebody that can bring it for you while you’re there or you can put it in the car ahead of time and that way when you leave the hospital it will be ready to go.

Medical information

Make sure that you have all of the medical information that you need. This depending on what hospital and depending on what system you are comes in different forms whether it be a card or your papers your checkups. But make sure that all the information is with you when you go to the hospital to give birth.

A great place to leave it is in the bag that’s ready to go. And then you don’t even have to remember to put it there. Keep it there. And when you get to the hospital and they ask for the information you can get it all ready to go.

Hand towels

Bring yourself a few hand towels because when you’re in the delivery room one of the best things to do is keep a warm hand towel either on your stomach or on your back.

If there’s no warm water available then wet the towel and put it in the microwave for a few seconds to heat it up. This is one of the most soothing things and one of the things that can help you during the delivery.


All right there you have it. This is the ultimate packing list that you should prepare in a bag before you’re ready to give birth. Do it somewhere around week 36-37 and have the bag ready to go. So you’re not searching around the house for the essential items when you’re about to rush to the hospital to give birth.