Do’s and Don’ts in Cancer Nutrition

in this post, we will discuss what should you do and what not should you do in cancer nutrition.

Write down a plan

Eating the right kinds of foods is sometimes difficult. Transition slowly if you are not up to eating “what you are not used to.” It’s “OK ” if you are having a hard day. Try to eat the food that you are not used to eating.

However, if you keep on eating the same kinds of foods that you eat before that contributed to where you are now, you are therefore cheating yourself. Cheating yourself. It’s similar to just throwing everything that works fuller down the garbage bin. So if you do plan to eat something that you’re not supposed to eat. Think of all the sacrifices you have made.

Do yourself a Favour:

However, if you need large amounts of a certain food or that food needs to be in some liquid form then make sure to juice it with a slow juicer or if a certain food is difficult to find fresh or raw. Then you may use the pill or powder form. Remember you eat to live.

You can’t do this alone

Food preparation itself is already exhausting. Researching is a time-consuming effort and not everything you read especially on the Internet is valid and true. Most of the time Web sites offer their opinions, not facts. So always make sure to validate everything that you have learned.

Things that you have to be aware of:

Make sure to wash your food properly especially those for juicy. You can use apple cider vinegar with water and soap it for 30 minutes or better yet buy at a nicer and also make the food. This not only cleans the vegetables or fruits it also prolongs or Levins storage life.

If you are on any of the blood thinners. Be aware that a lot of the vegetables can cause further burning of the blood.

Lastly, make sure to be aware that you are supposed to be just fasting and not by harming your body. Therefore please do consult a trained professional. If you do plan any form of fasting.

Don’t do it or stop if:

If you feel sicker than better remember to avoid foods that are empty in nutrients, like sweet cakes. If your doctor tells to not do it, please reconsider before doing it anyway.