Home Office Ideas: Design & Productivity Tips

Working from home gives you the work-life balance that most can only dream of, but that doesn’t mean that it is without its own challenges and complications! There’s extra pressure to keep up with the productivity and output rates that you’re used to producing at a traditional office, with all the distractions and freedoms that come with just being in your comforting, welcoming home. Looking for a way to curb the temptations and really drive your work from home operation? A well thought out home office is the place to start. Here are a few home office ideas to keep you up to speed, and to make your space feel facilitating too…

Lay the foundations

Your productivity is most likely going to soar if you designate a room to your home office. Now, this isn’t exactly an option for everyone out there, if this is the case, try to find a little room for a compact desk in the corner of your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Your desk is the centre of your work operation, so it’s an important decision! Look for desks made out of materials that wear well. Reclaimed timber is a really fabulous option, it actually looks better over time – nicks add character! Wood is also great because it is a perfect foundation for styling, you can kind of work it into any aesthetic you like which makes it a great, timeless piece to invest in. Shop for office desks in Sydney to start creating the perfect home office.

Get the right chair

Anyone who’s sat in an uncomfortable chair all day will tell you, discomfort is very bad for productivity. If you’re constantly adjusting and fidgeting, your mind is not going to be focused on the task at hand, plus your back will suffer long term which is a problem that no one wants. By investing in an ergonomic chair with features such as armrests, adjustable height and additional lumbar support, you’ll be ensuring that both your health and your output are in tip-top condition. A comfortable chair might also deter you from relocating to the couch in the late afternoon.

Be creative with filing

Filing is nobody’s favourite task, but there is a way to go about it that makes your office more stylish and productive. By introducing a creative and design-focused filing system, you’re more likely to stick to your organisation method and every document will be so much easier to find. Ditch the usual filing cabinet in favour of a stylish chest or blanket box, colour code your folders and use different shaped dividers to add some life to your admin tasks. For an option with a little more storage, opt for a bookcase or a display cabinet with drawer space.

Accessories matter!

Don’t discredit the potential that your add-ons and accessories have! Creating a comforting environment is important, it boosts your morale when you’re chained to your desk all day and, in some cases, can help with your productivity. Make sure you’ve got stationary and a notepad that you love to use, a pen holder, a designated office mug, coasters and even some succulents to brighten the room up a little. A clock that is separate from the time on your computer or phone is also very important, this encourages you to keep a conscious eye on the time and finish when the working day is done – doing overtime for yourself is incredibly tempting!

By tweaking and properly furnishing your home workspace, you’re investing in a happier workday and a thriving home business!