Prenatal Yoga: 10 Effective Yoga Poses During Pregnancy

In this post, we are going to tell 10 pregnancy poses that you should for a healthy baby.

Introduction to yoga

Yoga will really help you flow with the changes in your body. Increase self-awareness and your connection with the body as well as increased awareness of the baby inside of you. It can really help strengthen the connection between the woman and the pregnancy as well as the connection between the woman and the growing baby inside

Pregnancy sometimes causes changes in the body that develop muscles that are tense and unbalanced and this causes an imbalance between the muscles in the bone structure of the body and it can cause a real feeling of disconnection to the ground below.

Yoga can really help restore that balance helping you feel more stable and stronger and providing your baby with a more comfortable pregnancy as well as providing yourself with a more comfortable pregnancy.

Before doing these exercises you shouldn’t eat a big meal. Find the time that you can concentrate on the exercise without distraction. The awareness and concentration are a big part of creating and strengthening the connections between you and yourself you in the pregnancy end between you and the baby.

Find a place that has a carpet and a free wall a few pillows can help and a stool as well. A physiotherapy ball, if you have one, can help with some of these exercises but you don’t need it so you don’t have one that’s “OK”

Yoga 1 – Cat cow

Yoga 2 – Figure 8 on hands and knees

We’re going to practice one of the great positions that you can do while you’re having contractions at home or at the hospital. And this position is great during contractions because it will help you deal with the tension of the uterus. It also helps release some of the tension that you control helping the cervix to continue dilating and helping the baby navigate its way down the birth canal. Moving things along for you and the baby.

Now it’s going to be done in her hand and hands and knees similar to the cat-cow position. Make sure that your shoulders are directly above your wrists and your pelvis directly above your knees causing 90-degree angles between each of the joints of your body. When you feel stable in this position go ahead and take some deep breaths really paying attention to the different parts of your body as you do this. Listen to what your body is telling you.

After some deep breaths go ahead and do five circles to each side. Want these circles to be big and slow. Breathing with each movement feeling the release and the relaxation as you do it. Making sure that you’re breathing deeply and as you finish the Five times in one direction switch directions another five big circles in the other direction.

When you did this, go ahead and do figure eights again with slow movements. Really feel the pelvis the hips and the back stretching in each direction as you move slowly in gentle movements.

And once again when you finish the figure eights you can go back to rocking back and forth. If want you can lift up one of your knees as you’re rocking back and forth placing your foot on the floor so that you’re half standing half kneeling. This can help the back and forth motions.

Again this is a great exercise to do during contractions and positions that you do during contractions need to be practiced beforehand so that you feel comfortable with the motions and the positions and they come naturally to you. The breathing also needs to be practiced to make sure that you can continue breathing normally and slowly throughout the positions.

Yoga 3 – Cooldown