Study Shows How Florida Became King of the Seniors

What has Florida got that some states don’t get anywhere near?

No, this isn’t about some of the world-renowned attractions that are based there. Instead, brace yourself – Florida has got one of the oldest populations around.

According to Towncare Dental, this is a state where almost 20% of all residents are over 65 years old.

Of course, when you delve into the finer details, the results aren’t quite as damning. For example, if we were to look at the median age of Florida, this currently stands at 41.8. Then again, this still puts it as the fifth highest in the country, with Maine at the highest at 44.3 years.

It’s when you throw yourself into all of the areas that make up Florida where things get really interesting, and it becomes clear why there are so many elderly people living there. For example, take the following cities and their median ages:

Granted, these cities don’t have the highest populations, but they are still contributing to that overall, old, headline figure we keep talking about.

So, how do other areas of the country shape up? Well, let’s look at some of the so-called younger populations. When we define “younger”, we are actually talking about those states who have a low percentage of people who are over 65.

Arkansas takes the mantle in this regard, with just over 10% of its population falling into this category. Next on the list is Utah with 10.26%, while Texas has just 11.86%.

Finally – let’s end with another headline in itself. Florida might have a huge seniors population now, but by 2030 some sources believe it will double again. We will brace ourselves for this same study in a decade’s time.