The ultimate guide for the Vietnam tour

Vietnam is known for its culture, tasty cuisine, and also stunning beaches. This is a very good place to spend a holiday with friends and relatives. Vietnam is a great place that caters to every generation. If you want to get away from your hectic lives, then Vietnam seems to be the perfect travel destination for you.

In Vietnam, you may engage in several entertaining activities with your group and also admire the beauty of nature here. This is the best guide for your Vietnam tour.

Itinerary summary for the Vietnam tour

Day 1: When you get to Hanoi, please check in at your hotels.

Day 2: research the city’s culture.

Day 3: Go to Dong Hoi and see the beauty of the city.

Day 4: Dong Hoi tourism and hotel overnight stay.

Day 5: Water sports and visiting the dark cave are both exciting activities.

Day 6: visit Ho Chi Minh City.

Day 7: Departure from Vietnam

Best time for Vietnam tour

July is the very best month to plan a trip to Vietnam. The heat, however, is not too bad when compared to the scorching summers of India. Weather will not affect your programs if you travel in July. You’ll not feel the heat since most of your travel will be in the AC vans.

Highlights of the tour

You will spend the best time of your life visiting the best places in Vietnam with your whole family. Below are some of the famous places that you need to visit while in Vietnam.

1. Halong bay on seasun cruise

Halong bay on seasun cruise

Begin your trip with a cruise tour where you will have a beautiful view of the landscapes, seascapes, and limestone karsts rising from the sea. Treat yourself

enjoy the local flavorful food on the cruise with their taste buds. After that, you’ll see the sun sot caves full of stalactite.

On another day, explore the kayaking bay and the Pearl Culture Center for an enriching experience that is very informative. Take a flight back to Dong Hoi.

2. Pong na ke national park

Pong na ke national park

This national park is only one hour away from Dong Hoi through the Vietnamese lowlands. In there, you will see the dark caves with the headlights. You can also go for a mud bath and have a good time with your children at the theme park.

Finally, see the Paradise Caves which is a real marvel of nature. A short walk and a quick scramble up the slopes will take you much closer to the entrance of the cave. This cave is home to an immense array of stalactites and stalagmites in various sizes and hues. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the many wonders of the world.

3. Phong Na caves

Phong Na caves

In an hour’s boat trip through the calm water of the Song Con River, you will arrive at the entrance of the cave. The last boat ride through the underground river is a great experience. There you will also have a chance to see a large number of stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Take a boat back to the bus, eat lunch, and then return to the airport.

The Phong Na Caves are among the best caves in Vietnam. It is a very special phenomenon for those who are accustomed to theme parks, beaches, and also waterfalls.

4. Ho chi minh city – saigon

Venture through the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh and learn about the culture of this beautiful city. It is there where you will see the impact of the Napalam and also Agent Orange on the generations to come. Additionally, visit the disabled war veteran’s handicraft factory.

5. Cu Chi tunnels

A tour of the Cu Chi Tunnel could be the most memorable part of your trip with your family. One of the most enjoyable activities to do is searching the forest floor for the entrance of the tunnel, a nearly impossible task to accomplish. Children will also enjoy climbing the old tank and going down into the tunnel. In the past, the tunnels were used as hiding places by the Viet Cong soldiers during the fighting, they were also used as communication and transportation routes for the weapons, food, and all the other necessary supplies for the North Vietnamese fighters.

How to reach Vietnam

There is a budget flight from your hometown to Hanoi and back from Ho Chi Minh to your hometown. However, this will be a very economical travel, and at the same time, you will be very free from the check-in baggage restrictions imposed at the airport. After reaching the airport you can easily hire a cab or taxi to reach your hotel. 

Packing list for the tour.

However, if you are traveling in the summer season, there is no need for any special clothes to be packed. Make your luggage as light as possible, only take what is necessary. Most of the destinations provide food and water so you won’t need to carry anything of this kind unless you are allergic to something or have some other peculiarities.

Most frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I plan a family trip to Vietnam? 

Yes, you can plan a trip to Vietnam with your family. This place has something for everyone.

Q2. what is the best time to plan a trip to Vietnam?

If you are planning a holiday in Vietnam, then you must plan it in December. During this time you can witness the Hanoi flower festival and Christmas celebration.   

Q3. Is Vietnam an atheist state? Yes, Vietnam is an atheist state, but Buddhism and Taoism are followed by some people there.