Sofia Richie: 10 Amazing Facts That You Didn’t Know About Her

Sofia Richie:

From her life as the youngest of the Richie family to her various hidden talents, this is Sofia Richie: What You Didn’t Know.

10. Tomboy Beginnings

While her sister Nicole spent the mid-2000s as a quintessential valley girl depicted on the reality series “The Simple Life”, Sofia developed her own unique style. Almost the polar opposite of her sister’s girlish fashion sense with an emphasis on boho-chic. Sofia tends to be more of a tomboy opting for clothing with a more athletic flair.

Her spitfire look didn’t appear out of thin air though as the model claims to have always been more interested in stereotypically boyish activities.

Growing up, she mainly had male friends in school, and her love for Nintendo ran so deep that at one point she would tape her console under her desk, just so that she could pull it out and play games when no one was looking.

She’s taken that boyish charm and flipped it on her head now as an adult, using a combination of sweats and sports clothes to craft a leisurely look that’s a breath of fresh air among the skin-tight styles of the modern fashion.

9. Reality Star Relationship

A fifteen year age difference separates Sofia from her boyfriend Scott Disick. Featured on the program “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” for more than a decade, Disick is most notably recognized as being the former boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian. He already has 3 children with his ex-girlfriend and appears to have a sometimes irresponsible penchant for partying. So naturally, their relationship hasn’t received as many blessings as they might hope.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan, especially Kendall and Kourtney, don’t approve of the relationship to say the least. With such a wide age gap, there appears to be some heated animosity toward Sofia being around Kourtney’s children, according to tabloid reports.

She isn’t necessarily receiving much support from her family either as Sofia’s own father has reportedly expressed his belief that her relationship with Disick is just a phase. But with a rumored proposal making the headlines, perhaps Lionel Richie is off the mark.

8. Famous Ex-Boyfriends

Scott Disick may be her current boyfriend, but he’s only the latest, and possibly least famous, in a shortlist of celebrity suitors Sofia Richie has dated. Before she encountered the mid-30s father of three, Sofia is rumored to have once dated Formula One champion and Loreal hair model Lewis Hamilton.

She was also spotted getting close with photographer Brooklyn Beckham, who is the son of celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham.

And then of course, one of her most high profile romances came from her time dating pop music megastar Justin Bieber. One notable date between the two occurred when Bieber flew Richie to Mexico to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. The two were a media sensation for some time, appearing on each others respective Instagram pages, along with speaking openly with publications regarding their romance. But with Bieber’s star-studded romantic past, the openness of their apparent courtship drew ire from fans and at one point Bieber had to delete his Instagram account due to the resulting drama. The romance eventually cooled off with the two going their separate ways, with Bieber having tied the knot with his girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

7. Prankster Personality

Described by her father as an “old soul” and often seen in magazines with a stern, serious look, Richie hides the fact well that she is actually a massive prankster.

She is apparently notorious in her family for the crazy tricks and stunts she pulls on friends and relatives. Acts like covering toilet seats in Saran Wrap have even provoked the idea of a reality show from her father, but for now her wild shenanigans seem to be private proof of her youth.

She’s not the only trickster of the family, though, as her sister Nicole’s own mischievous deeds undoubtedly served as an early inspiration for Sofia.

As she admitted in a live interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Nicole once had a live bee hive set up at her father’s house as a surprise Christmas present. She then proceeded to blindfold him and put him in a beekeeper’s outfit, only unveiling the mystery gift once he was covered in the insects! Perhaps these sisters will follow their father’s jesting suggestion and put their pranking exploits on television. Then again, who knows how long Lionel Richie could survive it.

6. Industry Infiltrator

Beginning at the age of fourteen, Sofia Richie has worked as a professional in the modeling industry. Since her 2014 debut with the agency Select Model Management, Richie has appeared in editorials for magazines like Elle, Teen Vogue, and Nylon along with regional publications like Vogue China and Vanity Fair Italia.

She has walked the runway for designers like Chanel, Yeezy and Jeremy Scott, who is the mastermind behind many of Katy Perry’s popular dresses.

Her body of work even includes features in ad campaigns for top tier clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors and being hand-picked to be the fifth-anniversary face of Madonna’s Material Girl line. But the young model doesn’t seem likely to remain content in this role alone with Richie’s love for fashion running deep.

From a young age, Sofia borrowed clothes from her older sister Nicole, feeding her passion for playing dress up that has since spawned high fashion aspirations.

Admiring similar entrepreneurs in the industry, Richie has been quoted as drawing on the success of people like her sister and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for inspiration.

At such a young age, it will be interesting to see how and when Richie’s dreams of being a fashion designer will take shape.

5. Parental Surveillance

Every father just wants the best for their daughters, yet sometimes that goodwill can take a turn for the worst.

Sofia Richie learned this the hard way as she had to endure her famous father’s supervision. But not in high school or younger age, instead of noticing the tracking of her smartphone within the last couple of years.

In 2017, Sofia told US Magazine that she receives a notification daily telling her that her father is keeping tabs on her location. It’s not clear if she had been monitored prior to this, but there is a chance that the surveillance turned up when Sofia began dating Scott Disick. But then again, with a childhood that included early curfews and home school, smartphone tracking may just be the next tier in the escalation of being a protective parent.

Regardless, her demeanor when describing the practice with magazines just goes to show her willingness to respect her father’s wishes; as long as it keeps Lionel Richie off her back.

4. Musical Pursuits

With a lineage including a music icon like her dad Lionel Richie, it should come as no surprise that an affinity for rhythm and song is in Sofia’s blood.

As a child, Sofia was rip-roaring and ready to go into the music industry, learning to sing at age five and playing piano as young as age seven.

But her parents were quick to steer her clear of the child-star life. With all his experience in show business, Lionel knew better than most just how difficult the transition from adolescent celebrity to adult stardom can be.

Thus, she mostly remained out of the spotlight until her teenage years. She kept up with music during that time, taking lessons as a teenager from famed vocal coach Tim Carter and turning to her brother-in-law Joel Madden of Good Charlotte for assistance in the studio.

Now that she is grown, though, and working consistently in the fashion industry, this may be the opportune time for Sofia to pursue a singing career.

The future remains bright for Sofia Richie as she reportedly is working to figure out her unique brand of sound before debuting as an artist.

3. Beauty Tips By Dad

Most girls might turn to a cousin, sister, or mother for beauty secrets. But with the endless hours he’s spent on stage as a performer, there might be no better person for Sofia Richie to turn to than her father.

She attributes the secret to her father’s extensive hygiene habits, as he would apparently coat his arms and face in coconut oil for photo shoots and performances. This skincare hack stuck with her as an effective way to maintain well-hydrated skin. As far as beauty tips go, any type of skin moisturizer is a fairly safe bet, with millions of people suffering from dry, itchy skin on a daily basis. Yet, the Richies go the extra mile with an all-natural alternative to lotion in coconut oil.

Nowadays, it’s all too easy, especially for the rich and privileged, to purchase an overly expensive cream loaded down with more buzzwords on the label than actual benefits in its usage.

This beauty secret isn’t very well guarded as Sofia was eager to share the tip with lifestyle magazine Coveteur.

Thus, the young model paid the advice forward, happily sharing the cost-efficient beauty tip with the masses.

2. Celebrity Clique

Like most of the Hollywood elite nowadays, Sofia would be remiss if she didn’t have a close-knit crew of young celebrities in her circle of friends.

Some of the names on her star-studded friend’s list include Bella Hadid, Paris Hilton, and Talita Furstenberg, the granddaughter of the fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, along with the likes of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. But with her, nearly two-year-long romance with Scott Disick, Sofia’s friendship with the latter two might be on the rocks.

The Jenner sisters don’t appear to approve of Richie’s relationship with their ex-brother-in-law, for obvious reasons.

Fortunately, the rest of her friends don’t have such strong ties to the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Her modeling industry peers can be seen alongside Sofia on a her Instagram as well as in fashion magazines and at red carpet events.

Her relationship with Hilton, though, seems to run much deeper as Sofia has claimed to have received the best advice from her sister’s old cohort. So while Hilton and Nicole Richie may have had a falling out, Sofia continues to look up to Paris as a mentor of sorts.

1. Thrilling Godfather

With a father as well-respected in the music industry as Lionel Richie, you might expect Sofia to have grown up around other famed musicians. What might come as a shock, however, is just how close the Richies were to the King of Pop.

Lionel had build a strong friendship with the legendary Michael Jackson throughout the 90s. So when Sofia was born, the question of who would serve as her godfather was a no-brainer. Describing Jackson’s Neverland Ranch as the “Disneyland of Beverly Hills,” Richie has said that she enjoyed the time she got to spend with her godfather and his family. To this day, she remains close friends with Jackson’s 20-year-old daughter Paris Jackson.

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