12 Tips for a Amazing Trip to Oahu

This post is about travel guide of Oahu. We will be telling you the 12 tips that you should not miss, if you are going to Oahu.

1. Beaches

Waimanalo Beach

Far from the madding crowd of Waikiki this Beach offers miles of white sand turquoise waters and calm enough waves year-round to relax and enjoy the refreshing North Pacific. The best part about this Beach no crowds compared to Waikiki it’s practically empty.

Lanikai Beach

The most beautiful beach on the island powdery sand leads to aquamarine water won’t just offshore a few small islands rise above the horizon. iIt is truly picturesque they only drawback is that it gets kind of crowded and parking can be tricky.

Kahana Bay Beach

This Crescent Beach just south of Honolulu is where dreams are born. The beach is still just as alluring and poetic. Camping is also available and you can hike to the top of lion head for some spectacular views.

Waimea Bay

This is the spot where big wave surfing was invented and it’s still the site of the annual surfing competition every winter but during the summer months the waves disappear almost completely making this one of the best swimming beaches on the island. Tt’s a perfect place to relax.

Sunset Beach

Another surfer Haven try your hand at one of the great pipelines in the world or during the summer months just stare out at the beautiful beach and chill.

2. Where Do you Eat

Leonard’s Bakery

I travel the world eating incredible things and this is the perfect example of making food a priority malasadas are basically.

Helena’s Hawaiian Food

If there is one more do not miss this restaurant on my list this is it. This little James Beard Award winning restaurant is probably the best example of traditional Hawaiian food you can find I recommend getting menu D for a little taste of everything the salmon is fresh and delicious.


A simple roadside seafood dive this food truck. They only have four things on the menu but I come for the shrimp scampi a dozen unpeeled prawns sauteed with mounds of freshly chopped garlic and lemon butter then piled high on white rice with even more garlic.

The Pig In the lady

It is Located in the super charming Chinatown. This is some of the best Vietnamese food I’ve had anywhere including Vietnam. The thigh is incredible but I come for the bond me French Dip twelve-hour melts in your mouth roasted brisket on an equally crispy and soft roll with a basil chimichurri sauce and a little bowl of foie Anshu for dipping.

3. Flea Market

Aloha Stadium

This is one of the coolest things you can do on Oahu every Wednesday Saturday and Sunday outside the Aloha Stadium the largest open-air market in Hawaii springs up with over 400 stalls this is the perfect place to do all your souvenir shopping, get beautifully handcrafted art clothes crafts and even book tours at a significantly lower cost.

4. Hanauma Bay

This one comes with a caveat large crowds have changed this place into a major tourist attraction. However it’s still one of the best places on the island to see the local marine life.  A good tip the park is closed on Tuesdays so if you want the clearest water show up first thing in the morning on Wednesday also parking can be almost impossible so either get there before the park opens at 6:00 a.m. or wait until the afternoon when it clears up a bit the busiest time is around 8 a.m.

5. Scuba Diving

Reef pirate divers

They limit their dives to six divers they go out early in the morning before the other dive shop see of the sights to yourself and the staff is knowledgeable and awesome.

6. Take a Hike

Diamond Head Peak

The iconic Diamond Head Peak is one of the easiest and certainly the most popular the views from the top are amazing but it can get congested with tourists.

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

This hike offers breathtaking views of the famous lanikai beach the first part is a bit of a scramble but then it levels off to a moderately easy Ridgeline to the top. This hike is best done at dawn or dusk.

Koko Head Crater Railway Trail

You climb up a set of derelict railroad tracks that used to carry supplies to the top of the mountain. This hike is by far the most strenuous.

7. Pali Lookout

If you want these epic views without the effort of the hike this is the spot for you. Just off the Pali highway between Honolulu and Kailua the overlook grants spectacular views of the windward side of the water it said the King Kamehameha through his enemies off the top of this lookout to die over a thousand feet below. While I would advise against following in his footsteps mostly for moral and legal reasons the trade winds that the lookout can get so strong on some days you can actually lean into the wind and let it hold almost all of your weight it’s a pretty awesome experience.

8. Pearl Harbor

Visit historic Pearl Harbor the infamous site of the attack of Pearl Harbor in 1941 that led to the entry of the United States and a world war two. This is a must-see when visiting a walk a fascinating piece of history. It is a sobering and powerful experience they have a monument built over the water directly above the USS Arizona which still lies on the ocean floor like a ghost ship.

9. Halona Blowhole

Located on the southeastern shore of Oahu the blowhole is a natural lava tube carved in the lava rocks of the shore when the waves hit the shore water is forced up through the lava tube to an opening rocks on the surface and the viewers are greeted with a spray of water that can reach heights of over thirty feet in the air think of it as a tiny Old Faithful.

10. Waimea Valley

The beautiful Waimea Valley and Falls anyone who’s seen the TV show Lost will recognize this waterfall tucked away in a beautiful park just inland from the famous Waimea Bay. This park is quite touristy and sixteen dollars to boot but an undeniably beautiful spot to see some of Hawaii’s colorful foliage plus you can actually swim in the Falls albeit with the requirement of wearing a life jacket so touristy yes but still a blast definitely.

11. Island Road Trippin


A charming town with shops and restaurants don’t miss the farmers market every Thursday evening it’s super local neighborhoodie family-friendly and just an all-around great way to spend an evening..

Kane Ohe

Framed by lush jagged mountains a must-see is the gorgeous peaceful and totally free botanical gardens and the incredible valley of the temples.

Kualoa Ranch

Famous as the backdrop for many shows and movies including Jurassic Park and you can kayak out to Macaulay Island locally known as Chinaman’s hat.

12. Waikiki

Packed with tourists and luxury brand stores this is admittedly not my favorite part of the island that being said Waikiki he is certainly not without its charms there’s the wonderful local art display along the fence outside the zoo on Saturdays and Sundays the daily Street Market on Dukes Lane the lagoon in front of the Hilton the Ala Wai canal is one of the more beautiful fixtures of any city in the country and Waikiki Beach itself while incredibly busy is undeniably picturesque it’s also a fun place to experience some vibrant nightlife.