Top 7 Cheapest Countries In The World Which Are Insanely Affordable

There is always a way to even travel the most expensive destination on a budget. There are some places where you can get insane value for a fraction of the price. So this post will be telling you about the top 7 cheapest countries in the world for traveling.


Specifically speaking the capital city of Athens and while this is probably the most expensive one on the list. I found it to be still very affordable for European capital city. For example, just to rent the apartment is super affordable we’re speaking like 20 25 euro for a city center and going out eating as you see right now is probably a little bit more affordable than in the rest of Europe but just the cost of living overall and what you can see this is one of the oldest cities in the world. The food is great there is a beach nearby as well big recommendation.


The country experienced a lot of economic growth in the last few years, the infrastructure got a lot better, it’s very clean organized but yet super affordable.

I was surprised how some places for example in the city center Emil runs for like $5 for dumplings for a great soup we’re speaking like a dollar or $2 for a glass of beer and accommodation which is usually the main cost factor while traveling is also moderately low or speaking like 25 euro for a nice apartment close to the city center studio apartment and here and now you’re seeing the food right in the city center.


This is extremely popular travel destination for many reasons. Bali, on the one side it’s a popular spot for digital nomads so there’s a lot of people from the West actually living there permanently having their businesses and for surfing it’s great you don’t have the white sand beaches but outside of Bali you can get that as well overall the cultural experience is also really cool and as the island is completely dependent on tourism.

It’s very developed and can get more expensive than other places in Southeast Asia but yet you really can get super affordable accommodation like a simple room starting at like 10 to 15 dollars private villa starting at like $50.


The country of smiles beautiful beaches temples all of that can be done for like twenty to thirty dollars a day. Specially in the low seasons the prices really drop. I recommend the area of grubbing which is here and there now is Koh Samui street food like for example a pad thai or curry rice will run for around two to three dollars and you can get it absolutely everywhere the nature is breathtaking. It’s very developed so it’s easy to get from one point to another.


Malaysia and to be specific Kuala Lumpur the capital city. It really surprised me you have beautiful skylines very impressive modern buildings but also really interesting cultural sites temples. Everything has been super affordable.

I probably had some of the cheapest sushi in my life Street food like the nasi lemak you can get a pretty much everywhere for a few dollars, you have the very modern areas but also you have like traditional markets and accommodation here again you can either go super affordably ten fifteen twenty dollars or you can maybe ten five or ten more for like thirty dollars you can get a skyline pool, you can get really really so much more for your money and this is what it’s all about to take your money further a really cool bars, great nightlife.


They are not that many tourists there the locals speak English and they love to have people in their country. They’re super friendly and hospitable so for a few pesos which is the local currency you can pretty much get around rent a scooter enjoy some of the bluest of waters amazing beaches pure white sands and all of that even a little bit cheaper than Thailand. As of right now for me personally this is probably my number one recommendation in Southeast Asia.


The hidden gem of affordable travel destinations. Pretty much the service that you can get there surprisingly high while the cost is extremely low so the economics and the political situation in Ukraine unfortunately haven’t been that good, so that’s very bad for the local people but good for you you’re coming from outside and you have to tour is dollar the tour’s euro or whatever currency you’re running with you can get really far.

They’re really cool places when it comes to going out eating out nightlife and all of that pretty much I would say for a third of the price that you would pay in Europe and while maybe accommodation it’s not necessarily cheaper than in Southeast Asia maybe in some place even a little bit more expensive.