25 Craft Ideas For Decorating Your Place For This Christmas Season

The Christmas season is about to come & people are looking for unique ideas to decorate their place for this Christmas. Many of them would be looking for some ideas that are pretty simple yet exclusives for showing off their celebration party in a different ways, while there are people that doesn’t have much time & they want to get the ready made items to use for their decoration. Few of you would be looking forward for some ideas that can be used to show your skills & creativity in a unique way.

In this post I have focused on those people who are creative & are looking forward to some unique ways to create the decoration by their own. They want to create something different & just need an idea to focus on & create the same by their own craft skill. You will find 25 unique ways to decorate your place by using your craft skill.

25 Craft Ideas For Decorating Your Place For This Christmas Season

Photo Christmas Wreath

A wreath carrying your family photos will be a great way to show your craft skill & also present the wonder full memories of your family you would like to share with your guest & discuss those amazing moments with them. What you need is a Styrofoam wreath, straight pins, decorative brads, ribbon, circle stencil, adhesive & a wreath stand. You need to use your stencil circle to cut your photographs in a circular shape. Stick these photos on the wreath as shown in the below image using the decorative brads of the same colour as the papers are. Use a wreath stand to hook this wreath on your corner tables & tie a ribbon in the shape of bow as shown in the below image. It wont take much time & it will be a part of your room for ever. Its one of the best way to show your skills & share the best movements of your life by the medium of photographs.


Cloth Pin wreath

If you are looking for some amazing ideas for which you can utilize those unused products that you were about to throw them out of your home than here is one solution for you.  What you need is an old wire cloth hanger, Few cloth pins, some plastic pearls & a ribbon. Start with making a ring from that old hanger as shown in the bottom left corner image. Now if you have cloth pins of different color than color the same all in a single color as shown in the below image, we have used green colored cloth pin. Now what you need to do is stick those pins on the wire ring and make sure you put one plastic pearl between every pin so that it gives an appropriate equal distance between all pins. When done with the circle of the ring than use a ribbon knot in such way that hides the joint of the wired ring & use the same to hang the wreath on the wall. You will get the clarity once you will go through the below image. You can also use the wreath to tie some photographs to the pin.


Old Tyre Snowman

Who doesn’t  like to have a snowman standing in the front yard, and if the same is showing your creativity that its always a point of attraction for which you are definitely going to get appreciated. Its all about recycling the old tyres & utilising them in a better way. You can check the below image as the same itself will describe the concept of the idea. What you need is some old tyres, which you have to colour them in to white. You need to have a card board to cover the centre of the top tyre on which you can create the face of the snowman. Use black colour to paint the eyes & the face as shown in the below image & a piece of carrot to make the nose if the same. Three or four tyres as per the availability need to be stacked on each other & one tyre to be placed standing on the stacked tyres. On the stacked tyres make three spots on the body like a button. You can use a Hat or a Ribbon knot on the top for adding starts to the same.


Christmas tree from twigs

wandering what it should be all about? Its all about showing your creativity & creating a  Christmas tree from dry twigs as shown in the below image. You can refer the image below and get a brief about the idea of how you can show your creativity using your crafts skill to your guest on this christmas season. What you need is burlap thread, A wooden star , other christmas decoration ornaments.After getting all the above necessary materials handy what you need to do is tie 2 burlap chords on the bottom 2 corners of the start. After this what you have to do is to tie the smallest twig first on both the ends & gradually tie all the twigs down to smaller one in ascending sizes as shown in the below image. Your Christmas tree is ready now & what you need is to decorate the same using different christmas tree ornaments like decoration balls & jingles bells etc. The size of the tree depends on the wall you need to hang. Once you are done with the decoration hang the same on a plain wall & your place is ready for the christmas season that too with your creativity & crafts skill.



Decoration Balls Chandeliers

When it comes to decorating your place for christmas than majorly what people focus on is to decorate their windows from the outside, But they forgot to decorate the same from inside. So here we have specially focused on all the loopholes where you should focus on. To decorate your window from craft skill you can make a chandelier of decoration balls & hang the same on the curtain pipe. It will look pretty cool & will fill the emptiness of the window space in decoration also. You will need a garland of the window, some decoration balls, White thick nylon thread which should be visible, A Bow tie. Hang the decoration balls on the garland using the nylon chord & keep it in mind that the same should be placed on equal distance with different sized of chords & the numbers should not be too much as it should not look mess. Keeping the same in distance will not allow them to get inter sticked & once you are done with this tie that Bow tie in the centre of the curtain pipe as shown in the below image. Select the colour of the balls that gives contrast to your curtain to make them more visible & eye catching.


Penguin Snow slider stairs

I am sure you will be surprised to see this & this is a unique idea you might have ever seen.Just go to the image below & you will find a big smile on your face.This is simple to execute but looks beautiful & unique. What you need is some unbleached cotton sheets , Small sized penguins, nylon thread & christmas lights. After getting all this, start tying those cotton pars on the stair rail using the nylon wires as shown in the image below.Place the christmas lights below the cotton pads so as to get the dim lighting effect coming out from the cotton.Now place the Penguins keeping some distance in the position as if they are sliding on the snow rail of stairs. Your stairs are now ready for the christmas season with a unique decoration theme.


CardBoard Reindeer Head

Yes, You can make a reindeer head by yourself. We all have seen them hanging on the walls that are made of woods & plastics which we use to buy from the market, but you never thought of making the same with your own. I am sure now you will make the same as it’s not that much Hard & you need to spend much of your weekend time on the same. What you need is a corrugated cardboard, Reindeer stencil, Crafts knife, 2 Buttons, red craft paper & glue. Print the reindeer head stencil on 2 cardboards, Now cut the same using the craft knife. Keep in mind that we need to have 2 sides of everything so you need to cut the same stencil from 2 boards to make it more real. Now joint the face from the nose using the glue.Once the same is dry than spread it from the back in a V shape. Place a rectangular brace in the back to keep it wide & make a base to hang the same on the wall. Make an Antler groove on the head & place deer antlers in the grooves. Glue red craft paper on both sides of the nose. Use a black sharpie to draw the eye circle & glue black buttons on it to make the eyes more visible. Once done with it than Hang the same on the wall Using 2 nails & place a wreath on the neck to hide the joints . Here is a beautiful reindeer head made by yourself for this Christmas season decoration.


Corner Pallet Christmas Tree

If you have a partition corner in the lobby as shown in the below image, then you can use the same to decorate your place for this Christmas season. What you need is some bars of pallets, Christmas lights & a Star. I suggest to check the image below & then follow the steps as mentioned below. First cut the pallets in pair with a cross cut from the end as shown in the image. Gradually reduce the length of the pallets considering the corner to corner matching of cross cutting. Only done with the same use a drill machine to make holes for sticking light inside the pallets. Now fix the pairs of the pallets on both the end of the corners ” long should be the lowest one & smallest should be on the top. As shown in the image you will get a Christmas tree ready once the you follow the said formation & this will look amazing when the lights are on. You can color the pallet same like the wall or you can select a bright contrast color also.


FIsh Bowl SnowMAn

A unique way to decorate your corner table or the side table & show you creativity is having a snowman made of fish bowls. It will be an eye catching stuff & a point of attraction for everyone. What you need is 3 fishbowls of different sizes,  that can be stacked on each other as shown in the below image.Lower one is bigger than a small one & again a smaller one on the top. Fill the Bowl with white stones that we use in aquariums to make a snowy base.Now place different ornaments & props that we use to decorate the Miss marry house during christmas. A Santa Claus, Miss marry, angel, carts, lamps, christmas tree, etc as shown in the below image & finally place a Hat on the same to give the final touch of the snowman look. You can also make a coned nose from the craft paper & stick on the top bowl for creating a facial image of the snowman & paint the eyes & mouth with a black marker .


Wine Cork Wreath

You might would be saving wine corks from a long period of time & would be having same in a good quantity. Now what to do with all of those wine corks? Here is the idea where you can use them & show your craft skills to others. What you need is Some wine corks, a metal wire , some plastic pearls, Bunch of greens & decoration balls. As we all know its easy to insert the wire in the corks , make a garland of cork inserting wire from one side to the other end of the corks.After every cork, insert a bunch of plastic pearls & then insert another cork. When you are done with making a long garland of corks as told now wrap the same on round ring use to make a wreath & make it in a way that your inter cross the garland from each layer so as to make it more bulky. After wrapping the same on the circular wreath ring place a Bunch of greens & decoration ball on one side of the wreath. Now your wine cork wreath is ready to get hanged on the wall or your front door. It’s one of the best way to use those wine corks & show your creativity to your guest.


BEer Bottle Reindeer

A unique way to use those empty beer bottles to decorate your place for this christmas is making a reindeer from those bottles. You can place the same on the dining table , or bar area or the coffee table as well. What you need is Some empty beer bottles with cap, Cotton sleeved wire, goggly eyes & craft paper. Now make an Antler from the cotton sleeved wire as shown in the image & Tie the same on the cap of the same as shown.Now stick those goggly eyes on the bottles & stick a craft round piece of paper as shown below. You reindeer beer bottles are ready to get placed on the table now.


Prism Candle JAr

You can make a Prism candle jar from a normal mason jar & use the same for decorating your place for this Christmas season. What you need is a mason jar, round glass decorative elements, e3600 glue, ribbon & Tea light. First clear the mason jar thoroughly using a glass cleaner & let it dry. Now spread the glue on the jar & stick glass decorative elements on the jar & let it dry. Once its dry then place a ribbon on the top of the jar & place a tea light in the same. Now your Mason jar has become a Prism jar & you can use the same to decorate your dining or coffee table. You can also place the same on stairs for getting an amazing ambience.


Snowy Mason Jar

To make a snowy mason jar what you need is a mason jar, Epsom salt, glue sealer, Christmas Picks. Start with cleaning the mason jar with glass cleaner & clean it thoroughly. Now spread glue on the jar & stick that Epsom salt on the bottle to get the snowy  finish. Let it dry properly & once the same is dry, wrap a jute thread on the top & tie Christmas pick on the same. Your jar is now ready to get used to serve your guest on this Christmas season.


Santa Mason JAr Christmas gift

What are you planning to gift your dear ones? What i can suggest is to help you in for making a good package for presenting your guests, as the presents generally are the same that are being given to each others but what can you do differently is the packing of that stuff. In the below image we have shown how you can use a mason jar to present your guest with some sugar candies or anything colour full. What you need is a clear mason jar, a satin ribbon, Fashion Buckle, Believe Tag & some Red candies. Feed the black ribbon through the Buckle & wrap the same on the back of mason jar with a Hot glue. Print out the tag & tie the same on the top of jar with twine. Fill the same with Red candies & your Santa Mason Jar is ready to be Gifted to your guest.


SNowman MAson Jar

A cute snowman can be prepared from a  mason jar & can be placed on your dinning for this christmas decoration. What you need is a mason jar, christmas socks, white paint, marker, ribbon, goggly eyes, & buttons.  Start painting your mason jar with the white paint & let it dry.Once it’s dry , Stretch a christmas sock over the top of mason jar for snowman’s hat. Add buttons, a face & a scarf as shown in the below image. Once you are done with this you can place a small string of christmas light or a white led tea light in the mason jar & you are having a cute snowman placed on your table for this christmas season.


Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

I know when it comes to christmas decoration , the most important and confirm thing you gonna have is a Christmas tree in your decoration. Have you ever thought of making a christmas tree by your own? I know it’s easily available in the market but when it comes to your creativity  its gives a sense of satisfaction to you & you will get appreciated by everyone if you can do so.What you need is a Tomato cage, Wired garland strip, A bow, Christmas light strands &  Zip ties. Make all the 4 rods of the tomato cage joint together on the top like making a pyramid & than wrap the cage with garland, start from the bottom Coming towards the top. Use zip ties to make it stronger on the cage. Once you have reached the top than  wrap those Christmas light strands of the same & Tie that bow on the top of the tree to make it more admirable & eye catching.. You can also decorate the same with other Christmas tree ornaments if you want & can add a tag also signing it on the back for making your guest ask about if you have made it.


Hurricane shade snowman

If you are running out of time & can’t give enough time for making something unique from your creativity than here is a quickie for you. You can make a Snowman from a hurricane shade & it won’t take much time also. What you need is a clear hurricane shade, white enamel paint, sea sponge , Orange paint , paint brush,Christmas fabric & permanent marker. Take the white enamel paint in a paper plate & dip the sea sponge & dab it on the glass & make sure the sponge is not dripping & should be damp only after wringing.  Let the paint dry. Once paint is dry  make eyes of the snowman from Black paint & make a triangle carrot nose from a orange paint using the brush. Now use that black marker & make a big smile on the face of snowman. Finally tie a christmas fabric in the bottom & your Hurricane shade snowman is ready to spread a whimsical glow on your dinning table.


Wine Cork Ornament

You can make christmas decoration ornaments by yourself from those wine bottle corks that you have been storing from a long time. Its all about creativity & how differently you can think from others. Rather buying decoration ornaments from outside, why not to show your craft skills & make something different for this christmas season. You will need a wine corks, Grey felt,Red embroidery floss , Polyester fiber fill, Floral wire , pepper corns, Twigs,  yellow craft paper & hot glue. First make small cone from the grey felt & fill the same with fiber fill. Now stretch the same on a wine cork like an hat , Use pepper corn & stick them on cork for making eyes of it & cut that yellow craft paper & stick same in a triangle form like a carrot nose of the cork. Use floral wire in the bottom to hang the twig below and use that Red embroidery wire to make a loop on the hat to hang this ornament on the christmas tree. It will be something different for your guest to see some amazing hand made ornaments from your side.


Santa Logs

For decorating your front Yard or your front porch for this christmas season from your crafts i have a great idea for the same. You can make Santa logs & place the same in your yard. What you need is wood logs, Wood saw , Red & white paint, A marker, Christmas fabric & red pom pom. First cut you log in 45 degree as shown in the below image, Now paint the top 1/4th part with a Red paints & bottom 1/2 part with a white paint & let it dry. Now make eyes using the permanent marker & Nose by sticking the red pom pom on the remaining unpainted area of top. Once you are done with 3 or 4 different sized logs than tie the same using the christmas fabric & place the same in your yard. This Santa family will look cute & you get appreciated by your guests.

Tin Can Snowman

You can make a snowman out of an empty tin also. What you all need is 3 empty tin cans in different sizes, White paint, Pink Paint, Buttons, black felt for making hat, christmas fabric , hot glue *& paint brush. Start painting all the tree tins with white paint & let it dry .Now use that Black felt & make a snowman hat from it. Now use those buttons to create eyes, nose & moth & both of the snow man as showed in the below image.Now stick those twigs on the left & right side of the tin to make snowman hands & wrap christmas fabric like a scarf on the neck . Stick those tins according to the size from the bigger on the bottom & smaller one on the top & joint them accordingly with a Hot glue. Your Snowman is ready to get placed for decorating your place for this christmas season.



3d Paper Ball ornament

You can make a 3d paper ball using your creativity as shown below. Take around 10 colorpaper circles & cut them from the radius. Now flip the paper into cones & you will get 2 cones from each paper. Stick the cone using a double tape on both ends. Once done with all the 10 papers. String the double cones together with a needle and thread. Make sure they’re gathered snugly in a ball and tie a knot. Use the trailing ends of the thread to make a loop for hanging. Your hand made 3d paper ball ornaments are ready to decorate your place for this Christmas season.


Tin Can Christmas Ornaments

Shallow tin cans can be converted into vintage looking christmas ornaments. What you need is a shallow tin can, sating spray colours, Ornament hanger, satin ribbon , Tiny gems, glitter & Hot glue. Safely cut the tin using the can cutter, no sharp edges should be there. Spray paint the can from inside with your favourite sating colour & let it dry. Use some natural items like sea shells or small pine cones & stick them in can using the hot glue.On the outside area use the gum to stick the glitter all around & let it dry. Wrap a satin ribbon on the outside circle & use ornament hanger to use the same for decorating your place. You can go throw the below image to get the raw idea of how it will look a like.


Abstract Wired Christmas Tree

Turn wires into a chimerical Christmas tree & make your guest get amazed about having a different kind of Christmas tree they have never seen before. What you need is Heavy gage Copper or steel wire & a foam cone. Make sure you have cleared that insulation rubber & have cleaned the wire with a cleaner. Now wrap the wire around the foam cone as shown in the image and take it out slowly from the same. You can make it large if you will be wrapping the same closely & pull the same from the top after taking it out from the cone like a spring. Try to get a big cone so that you can get a good broad base to balance the same on the table. Creativity is all about thinking differently & executing properly & when you can do this you will make a difference in your work.