25 Christmas Party Decoration Ideas To Keep In Mind

The Christmas season is about to come & everybody is eagerly waiting for the holidays. This season is celebrated by everyone & who doesn’t want to have a Christmas party at their place. It’s the only Celebration where people use to visit each others place & so you need to decorate your place in such a manner that everyone appreciates you. I have shared a few ideas for you to keep in mind while decorating your place for this Christmas party.

Generally, what people focus on is to decorate their place for the Christmas party & to differentiate our theme we have given more focus towards the area where others are not focusing on. Here we have shared ideas which are focused on decorating your servings that you’re going to serve on this Christmas party, Like Cookies, Cup Cakes, Fruit Salads, Cup Cakes, Desserts. We have also focused on Water bottles & Photo Booth Props so as to add some stars or you can say cherry on the top of cake for making your decoration theme exclusive & eye catching.

 25 Christmas Party Decoration Ideas To Keep In Mind

Pine Cone Table Decoration

Decorate your dining table with pine cones to get a royal ambience for the Christmas celebration party. It’s important to get a flow of the decoration at the peek spots and nothing can be better than the Dinning place as each of them will spend a good time at the table while dinner. You can refer the below image in which pine cones are placed in the center along with greens. Candles are also placed to give a royal dinning feel.

Pine Cone Table Decoration

Red & White Theme

Who doesn’t love this theme when it comes to party time. The most royal & popular theme that is widely appreciated by every one is this RED & WHITE theme. Christmas is all about joy & love & so you can opt for this theme if you have a Red & White colored walls at your place. You can check the below image for your reference & get the royal feel out of the same.


Winter Party Decoration

Christmas season comes with the snow & so its chilling atmosphere. To give your guest a cozy feeling you can try this theme. Cinnamon sticks are tied to the bowls & kept on the table, that will open the breath of your guests. Refer the below mentioned image at the same is also applicable to family members during winters.


Coffee Table Decoration

o decorate your coffee table for the Christmas theme party, you need not to make much effort. A bunch of greens with Green Apples & Pine cones will be enough. You can also place a small Reindeer structure to make it more attractive. You can refer the below image for your kind reference.


Cupcakes & cookies with signage

To extend your greetings to your guest on christmas party, you can serve those cup cakes with a Merry Christmas signage. On cookies & pastries you can write Merry Christmas with the creams as you did on birthday cakes. You can refer the below showed image for getting the exact idea for the concept.


Candle Light Decoration

What best can be done , other than having a candle light dinner with your guests? You can check the below image, what a beautiful ambience have been created by using yellow ceiling lights & candles on the Dinning table. A christmas tree is also placed on the corner decorated with golden christmas lights & other necessary ornaments.


Dining Chair Decoration

To make your place feel more royal, you can decorate the dining chairs with Decoration ribbons. In the below image we a Red ribbon is rapped on the back of the chair along with small pine cones & Greens. This is subject to the type of the chair & room ambience as well. You need to select the color of the ribbon subject to the type of the chair. In fact, youcan use white cloth as well to get the same background.


Shabby Chic PArty Decoration

Looking for a shabby Chic concept for this Christmas party? We have a great solution for your search than. A brilliant combination of red is shown in the below image to create an accurate contrast with the shabby chic theme. You can check the image below, The place is decorated with White Christmas tree & white stars on the fire place. The table is covered with a red table cloth & Red glasses. A Christmas tree is kept on the table with red cherries hanging on the same. You can also decorate your white chairs by hanging red Christmas wreath on the back as shown below.



Garland Table Decoration

To decorate your dinning table for this christmas party, you can go with the natural beauty also by using garlands & greens on the table. You can check the below image for your reference where greens are spread on the centre of the table along with some pine cones & other christmas ornaments in a minimum quantity. It will give a great ambience to your place for the christmas celebration.




Cup cake Signages

A great way to serve your food at the party is to do it in a more eye catching way. Let your serves be a part of your Christmas party decoration. You can refer the below image where a North Pole signage is tagged in the sugar candy which are inserted in the Cupcakes, muffins & Mouse cakes. A glimpse of the signage itself makes it more of an eye catching stuff & brings excitement in your guests to have it.  You can any signages like Noel, Merry Christmas or any other greeting you want to extend towards your guests.


Stockings Utensil Holder

One more way to get your dining table ready for the Christmas party is to use Christmas stockings as a utensil holder for every chair. You can check the below mentioned image for your reference. The red, white stockings that a Santa use to wear is used as a utensil holder for decorating the dining table for the Christmas celebration party.



SNOWMAn Seekh Kabab

A  Great way to make your servings a part of your christmas party is shown in the below image. you can check the same for your reference in which kebabs are served in the way as if snowman are served in your plates. You will find others decorating their homes only for the christmas party which is very common, but when you will make your servings a part of christmas decoration party then it will be a point of attraction & will get noticed & appreciated by all your guests.


Kids Theme Party

If you are looking for a theme that should be focused towards kids then here is the solution of your search. The theme showed in the below image will definitely gonna excite all your kids guest list. In fact, Your child will also be overwhelmed to have such a beautiful theme. Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments and are placed on corners of the room. A penguin , a cake, & servings are placed on the side rack. Christmas caps are also used to decorate the dinning table. A ribbon is hanging on the back of all the chairs. You can feel the ambience from the image itself.


Melted Snowman

What  you think a melted snowman should be look like? Yes, A water & so we have used a signage wrapper of a melted snowman on the water bottles that will be served to guests. Don’t you think it’s an amazing way to make all your servings a party of your Christmas decoration party? You can take prints on the paper of melted snowman & can stick the same to the transparent bottles to serve drinking water.


Christmas Party Cups

To extend your decoration theme with your servings, you can use your plastic cups also. You can go through the below image in which a Santa belt is wrapped on the cup & the red plastic cups are ready for the Christmas party. It’s all about your ideas that matters the most while describing your skills & art. The more you can utilize your resources the more happening your decoration theme will be.



PIcture Booth Props

Todays most running trend is to have a Photo booth for the party. For everyone who wants to organize a memorable party at their place should add these props for the picture booths in their checklist.  Your guest will appreciate this and will appraise you for sure. You can get the same from online or the nearby stores as well. If you have some craft skill than get the stencils only and make the same with your own & have a mind boggling party this year.


Glittering garlands

Why do something that everyone does. Let’s try something new for this Christmas party. Have you ever seen glitter garlands anywhere? You can check the below image. It’s available online & I suggest you to use the same to decorate your place in this Christmas party. You can do the same by yourself as well. The glittering look of the same add stars to your party & gives a different look unlike others. You can select the glittering paper colorson the basis of your room ambience & utilized the same as per your themes.


Ornamented Schindler

If you have a Schindler placed on the top of your dining table than you can use the same to decorate your place for this Christmas party. As shown in the below image, Decoration Props like Balls of different shapes & colors & bird shapes are hanged from the Schindler by using nylon cords in different lengths. You can also place some candles on the dinning to make it more ambient for your guests.


Let It Snow Signage

As said earlier signages plays an important role to bring zeal in your guests & when it comes to christmas, Let It Snow is the most appreciated theme that every one likes. I suggest you to use the same for this christmas party. You can check the below image where the back wall behind the serving table is covered with a white designer cloth & let it snow signage garland is hanged above the same considering the contrast colours. A small cotton white Christmas tree is placed in the centre on the table along with the HO HO HO christmas signage in the front. Cup cakes are places on the serving glass stand along with the christmas greeting signages & Decoration balls are placed in a glass jar to add stars to the decoration theme.


Santa Chair Covers

Make your chairs a part of your Christmas party by covering them with the Santa Claus covers available in the market. You can get the same online as well. You will find different designs of the same along with the leg stockings also. Trust me, it’s the most beautiful way to get your chairs a part of your Christmas party decoration. Check the below image, you will find the same as said by me. The chairs have got the life & brings happiness on your face.


Snowman Dessert

What about ending up your dinner, ending up with a snowman dessert. Just check the below image, this will give a smile on your face. What you all need is A big scoop of  Vanilla Ice Cream for Body, Chocolate Chips for buttons, Marshmallow for the Head, Chocolate icing for the eyes & mouth, Cherry for the hat & orange m mini for the nose. Kid’s are going to love this & all your guests will appreciate you for this unique idea of serving dessert with a snowman figure.


Reindeer Cookies

You can use cookies as a decoration prop for serving to guests. A reindeer can be pictured on the same by making the use of Icing chocolate & a red cream. You can check the below image for your reference. It’s easy to make & ready to serve kind of stuff. It will be a great fun when all your savings in the Christmas party will be a part of your decoration for the Christmas party.


Oreo Santa Hat cookies

One more amazing way to show your creativity to your guest is to serve Oreo Santa Hat Cookies made by you. Its purely vegetarian & easy to prepare as well. You just need some Oreo cookies, Strawberries, & Brick cream cheese. As Shown in the below image, Oreo Cookie is used as the base on which a layer of Brick cream cheese is spread and strawberry is placed above it & last but not least a tip of cream cheese is made of strawberry to give the final touch


Veggie Flower Tray

You can serve your salad in an amazing way of portraying them as a flower. It will give a great theme to your serving by organizing same in a  flower shape. You can refer the below image. Not many tools are required only the fruits & vegetables shown below are required & needed to be cut by a knife in a normal way only. It’s all about organizing the same in the platter in such a way as if they make a flower image.


Christmas veggie Tray platter

One more way to serve your Veggie salad in a manner that goes with the decoration theme for the party is organising the same in the plate in the shape of a Christmas Tree. You can check the below image & you will get the idea of how to organise the veggies & you will get the feel as well of having a veggie christmas tree on plate made by yourself.


Christmas Fruit Kebobs

Have ever thought of having a fruit kebob in your hand that too in the shape of Santa Hat. Just go through the below image & you will get to know how easily you can make a fruit kebob & get appreciated by everyone. What you need is strawberry, bananas , Marshmallow & some grapes sticked in a tooth pick. It will be a good way to make your servings a part of your party decoration.