25 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Season

Christmas season is on its way & i know all of you would be looking to find unique way to decorate your place for same.Christmas decorations starts with the outdoors & if you are looking for some good ideas to decorate your Outdoors for this christmas in a unique way, we have jot down 25 unique ways to decorate your outdoors for this Christmas. The ideas mentioned below are not theme based or doesn’t categories to limitation so anyone can opt for any of these decoration concepts. The idea behind sharing these concepts are to help you out &  be a part of your christmas decoration themes.In this post i have covered some pin points which are majorly forgotten by people. Considering such pin points will enable you to decorate your place completely & the flow goes on with the decoration theme.The images shown itself were self capable to give you the idea, but we have shared the concept of sharing the image with it.

 25 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas

Plant Pot With Pine cones

You can start decorating your place with the front porch & so to decorate your plant pot will be a great idea to celebrate this christmas. You can use some Pine cones to get a christmas decoration theme & use some decoration balls as well. You can check the below shown reference & get some clarity about the concept we are sharing about. Place the same in the front get & Greet your guest with the christmas decoration & spread the joy in the air.


 Lamp Decoration with ribbons

To decorate your exteriors for Christmas, Exterior lamps can be a point of attraction for everyone & so you can use the same. You need not to do much effort, just a piece of garlands with greens & ribbons will be enough to make them look more attractive. It will be more appreciable at night when the lighting effect will be visible. You can refer the below image where a bunch of greens with garland & decoration balls are hanging to the lamp by the means of a Decoration Ribbon.


Christmas light decoration

If you are located at country side & having a huge villa than here is the best way to show your royal living. Just a view of your place will be enough to feel the royal life of yours & to spread the joy of Christmas. Your place will be enlightened with christmas lights every where & will be decorated like a bride. People around will get fascinated towards your place and you will be appraised by everyone. As shown in the below image Wreaths have been used on every window along with the Christmas lights & a Proper use of garlands to cover the boundaries around the doors have been done. Christmas trees are placed at different places & proper christmas lights are used to cover them with a golden theme. This is one of my favourite theme among of all & if i would have been in your place than definitely i would have decorated my countryside Villa in the below showed manner.


Christmas tree with wreaths

Entrance of your bungalow is the foremost important part to consider while decorating your place for christmas & so your front door is the face of your home. To decorate the same you can use few christmas wreaths tied with a ribbon to each other & hang the same on your front door as shown in the below image. A christmas tree is also placed in the front & is properly decorated with necessary ornaments & christmas lightings to spread the zeal of Joy for christmas.If you have enough space than a Bucket of Gifts can also be placed to welcome your guest & specially Kids, as they expect a small return gift from their near & dear ones.


Stars from the christmas lights

Having a huge front yard? It’s the pathway that’s used to reach your home & so that can also be decorated to extend your happiness to the street as well. You can decorate the same by making a Shooting star figure by the use of Christmas lights as shown in the below image.   An illusion of Shooting star can be felt when you will decorate the same as shown below. The Light goes front the base of one tree to the center of another tree & gives a shooting star illusion. You will rarely find something like this & I can assure you this as, not many people knows about this unique way to decorate Your yard.


Snow skis with sledge

It will be snow outside & so we can use that snow skis & snow sledge that have not been used since many times. If you are also having such snow skis & sledges taking unnecessary space than use the same to decorate your front as shown in the below image. Proper utilisation of the same can be seen , a snow sledge is kept with the support of the Plant Pot & snow skis have been dig in the snow in a way that looks appropriate. Christmas lights are used to give a touch of the Christmas & thats it. You can simplicity at its best that gives a great ambience along with the proper utilisation of unused goods.


Noel Signage board

Christmas is not only a one day festival, but a season &  that’s what a “NOEL” sign signifies. Noel is usually used in French to signify the festive season & so I suggest you to try something new this Christmas. Usually the term is used in Christmas Cards & so we had planned something new for you this season. Place a ‘Noel” signboard near your front door to extend your greetings to all the guests. As shown in the image a Noel Signed board is placed near the front door & vintage lamps are also placed in the path towards the door. A wreath is hanging on the front door to go with the Christmas theme.


Snowman Wreath

Christmas wreaths are available in different sizes & you can show your craftsmanship by using them. A snowman figure can be made on doors with the use of wreaths as shown in the below image. Trust me it would be a wow factor for everyone who will get a view of the same & you will also get appraised by them. Three different shapes of wreaths are hanged in a sequence & wooden sticks are used to make the snow mans hand by using gloves. Muffler & hats are placed so beautifully as if the snowman is actually wearing the same.


Oil Lanterns on stairs

If you are looking for a decent way to decorate your front porch for this Christmas than we have a great idea to do it. A simple & decent theme can be used to decorate your front porch that goes with your personality. As shown in the below image you can place some oil lanterns on the stairs & the front bay of your door. A dry tree is also used along with the Christmas lights to get a Christmas theme.  If your a sophisticated personality & like a simple & decent ambience then this is the best way to reflect your idea of living in your decoration.


Garland Christmas tree

You can use your wall to create a huge Christmas tree on the same if you are living in a hut like home. As shown in the below image it will be a piece of art & will be appreciated by everyone. A Christmas tree image is formed on the wall by making a proper use of garlands in a zigzag way. A Star is also made from a Christmas lightings & thus if you watch it from some distance you get a huge wall size Christmas tree on your wall. Use sparkling Christmas lights along with the garlands to make it shiny & visible at night as well.


Pot with artificial sticks

For your Back door you need not to do much hatch patch & it wont take much efforts. You just need to put a Vas filled with some greens & decoration balls & some artificial decoration sticks as shown in the below image.Also wrap a Ribbon on the vas so as to get a christmas theme & try to select the contrast colour for you vas & ribbon also so to go with you Homes theme.


Christmas light balls

If you have a dry leaf tree in your front yard than you can utilize the same to decorate your yard for this Christmas. It looks amazing & you can Do it Yourself as you need nothing much but only Christmas lights. As shown in the below image you can make a ball of Christmas lights like a bunch & hang it on the tree as if they are fruits.  This idea of decoration looks beautiful at night as the light will give an amazing lighting effect to your dry tree leaves & it will look beautiful instead of being dry.



Christmas wreath Decoration with wooden star

For your side walls decoration you can opt for some different aspects also. As shown in the below image a combination of christmas wreath with a wooden star along with jingle bells. A set of most common ornaments that are used to decorate your place have been made considering the wooden home aspect of your place. It will go with the ambience & aesthetically it will look great. I know many people don’t decorate all the sides of their home but prefer to decorate their front & back only.But here is something that wont make much hatch patch & will look decent also & makes you feel that all the sides of your home signifies your happiness for the christmas season.


Old school Bench

Do you have an old school bench in your porch? Guess what, You can use the same to decorate your place as shown in the below image. Just check the same & you will fall in love with this concept. The old school bench has become a part of the decoration them so wise that the same goes with a flow. Pine cones are placed on the bench along with some greens & decoration balls. A Christmas wreath is hung on the bench along with a golden ribbon knot & Christmas lights. A Christmas tree is also placed near the bench so as to utilize the space appropriately & keep a flow of the decoration theme.



A Christmas is the season of joy, when everyone is celebrating the season festival keeping all worries behind. So lets decorate your front porch with the “JOY” signage theme. You can get the necessary ornaments & alphabets from the nearby stores or the online market. You can check the below image & you will find that how beautiful the back wall is used to place the signage. Stars are used to give the theme a flow with the Signage. Christmas lights are used in the ceiling cove area & the pillars are decorated using the decoration ribbons & ornaments. The entrance door is also decorated using


Pole Lamp Decoration

Almost everyone who has their yards or garden in their places have pole lamps that are used at nights. Majorly people forgot to utilize these pole lamps for decoration and try to decorate their yards by Christmas lights & other ornaments. At the last these poles remains untouched & doesn’t go with the decoration theme so, we have correct that mistakes & have given preference to those areas where others don’t focus & so we get an edge from others. You can decorate your pole lamps with ribbon knots & greens & make them a part of your decoration theme. As shown in the below image , try to select the ribbon colours that give a perfect contrast to your pole lamps.


BELIeVE Signage

A christmas is the season of Celebration & prayers. The signage for prayer is to Believe & so we have brought a believe signage theme to decorate your place. You can check the image below where the BELIVE signage is hanged on the entrance itself & whoever that’s going to enter your place will get the first look of this signage only. A positive atmosphere is spread by this signage & so i suggest you to opt for the same to decorate your front or back porch. Pillars are decorated with the garlands & a wreath is hanged on the door to give a constancy to the theme.


Palm Tree From Christmas Lights

Palm tree itself is used to decorate your yards & garden but when it comes to Christmaswe should make them a part of the Christmas decoration theme & so what I suggest is to decorate these beautiful palm trees with Christmas lightings & make them beautifully visible & attractive at night also. As shown in the below image, Christmas lights are wrapped on the trunk of the tree & a single series is spread to different branches & thus the same will be visible from a far distance also.  I suggest you to opt for a silver, Royal Blue or a golden color light that gives relaxation to the eyes.


Christmas wreath with Christmas tree

If you want to decorate your place in the simplest way than you can opt for the below showed theme.  A Christmas wreath hangs on the door & 2 Christmas trees are placed in front of the door along with the Christmas lights. A welcome signage can also be used to welcome people.


Door  ARch

You can decorate your front door by creating a  frame arch on the door frames with christmas ornaments. A frame of steel chord is made on which the greens & ornaments are tied & a frame arch is made which will give a great look to your door & the christmas theme to your place. Choose the colours of the ornaments wisely so as to contrast the colours of your home.



For the peoples who are creative & want to show their craftsmanship to others we have a brilliant idea. I know you like to decorate your place with your skills & so we have brought this concept for you. A christmas tree is made out of wooden boards  & is placed in the front yard to decorate the same. You can check the image below in which you will find the idea of how you can make a christmas tree out of a wooden sheet. A star is made from the dry sticks & placed on the top of the Christmas tree.  Decoration balls are also used to decorate the hand made christmas tree with ornaments.


Jingle Bell With greens

You can also use those rustic, huge jingle bells that are rarely found in onions home. You can find the same online or the nearby antique shops.  Jingle bells with some greens are hanging on the door to give it a unique look and anyone will appreciate the same for sure. It will signify the Christmas joy & will make your door a part of your Christmas decoration theme.


Stairs in greens

The best part of decoration for your place is the stairs as this gives an amazing effect to your place. You can check the image below & feel the zeal that comes out from the theme. Stair fence is decorated with greens & ribbons along with the Christmas lightings. You will get a royal ambience if decorated in the below showed theme. Flower plants are placed on the stairs to make the stars look more ambient & it will give a lovely fragrance.


Ribbon your fencing

To complete the theme of your Christmas decoration you should always involve your  homes boundary fencing in your Christmas decoration theme. You can decorate the same in different ways. We have shown a theme in which we Ribbons are used to decorate the fencing. You can also use Christmas lights & other ornaments, but I suggest you to keep your fencing, decoration simple and not much shiny, so as to begin with a light note & slowly taking it up with interior decoration.


Candle on stairs

We have brought a unique way to decorate your stairs with Christmas lights. You can check the image below for your reference, Empty beer bottles are used to place candles on the same like a candle holder. Such bottles are placed on the stair sides. The idea might sound awkward, but trust me, guest will appreciate this & you will also like it when you will light the candles on the same. The theme is like oil lanterns are used in the Diwali decoration in the same way candles are used in Christmas decoration.