4 Basic Steps to Cleanse Your Gallbladder Naturally

If you’re a person right now and especially you feel sluggish and you have a problem digesting fats, this is a big warning sign that you’ve got gallbladder or liver issues going on. So, we’ll talk about how to cleanse gallbladder.

Remove these foods from your diet

Processed sugar

Sugar is highly inflammatory to your body. Now, I know typically when we think of gallbladder, we think of fat. But, specifically with the gallbladder, consuming too much excess sugar and white flour products, things along those lines, that’s going to cause inflammation of the liver and gallbladder. So, you want to remove processed sugar.


Now again, just to give you a few examples of this, the worst of the worst are hydrogenated oils. If you’re consuming hydrogenated oils, canola oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, corn oil, any of those oils on a regular basis, you want to get rid of those and especially being careful of eating out fast foods.

You need to be careful of over-consuming fats if you have gallbladder issues for a time. So, typically you want to go a little bit lower fat for a time and then you can add in healthier fats over time, but you got to be careful there, especially if you’re having a gallbladder attack or gallbladder inflammation on a regular basis.

If you are going to consume fats, the best fats are going to be coconut oil, flaxseed oil on a regular basis. But, those oils are going to be easier for your body to deal with typically than other oils.

Processed foods

This even includes things like processed peanut butter. You know, a lot of peanut butter has hydrogenated oil added as well. So again, you’ve got to flip over, read the ingredients and make sure you’re not consuming too many excess fats there especially the hydrogenated processed fats.

Processed foods like french fries, burgers, anytime you’re eating out, it’s typically a processed food and a lot of packaged food. When you’re eating, eat real food, lots of fruits, veggies, organic lean meats. That’s ideal if you’re going to cleanse your gallbladder.

3-day cleanse

If you really want to start doing a three-day gallbladder cleanse. Here’re the biggest things you want to be getting in your diet. You want to get bone broth, vegetables, get some green apples.

Bone Broth

It contains the amino acid glycine, which supports the liver detoxification. The other great thing about this is, this can actually help you burn fat and lose weight when you’re doing this liver gallbladder cleanse as well.

But again, bone broth, the ultimate superfood. You can make your own, you can also buy bone broth powder. Do that as a protein in smoothies as well as very beneficial. So, get bone broth every day.


Vegetables are green leafy and cruciferous vegetable carrots, and beets, those things, but cooked or juiced vegetables throughout the day and raw veggies are great as well.

Green apples

Green apples are sour in nature, they’re high in pectin. They are very cleansing to the liver and the gallbladder as well.

A great part of a gallbladder cleanse. For three days, drink bone broth throughout the day, do a lot of veggies like salads, do some green apples as well, those are the best foods you could be eating.


Milk thistle

Now, milk thistle is in the realm of bitter herbs, it’s very high in a compound called silymarin, and this compound has been shown to be one of the most powerful herbs on the planet at detoxifying the liver and the gallbladder.

So, when you’re doing a gallbladder cleanse, consuming milk thistle, typically 150 milligrams once to twice daily, is going to be greatly beneficial.


Bupleurum is an herb in Chinese medicine that is greatly beneficial at cleansing the liver and gallbladder. In fact, it’s found in almost every Chinese medicine formula. When we’re talking about liver health and gallbladder health, you’re going to find bupleurum in there as well.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil comes from the peel of the lemon, not the flesh. It is very high in a compound called d-limonene, which is bitter in nature, which also helps in cleansing the gallbladder as well as the kidneys, as well as the liver. Lots of benefits there so, with lemon oil you’re going to do just two to three drops in your water three times a day, very cleansing for the liver and gall bladder as well.


One of the things that can cause your body to store that bile and store those stones is if you are constantly frustrated. If you have frustration, any type of anger, impatience, those emotions build up in the gallbladder, so does unforgiveness. So, really working on those things, doing things that allow your body to release tension, walking, getting outside in nature is a big tension reliever, doing a yoga class, going out for a jog outside, real activity and motion.

Actually planning ahead is a big thing that helps relieve frustration. If you’re sort of planning out your future and goal setting, all of those things can help, and releasing frustration. And certain sports such as tennis, hitting a baseball, racket ball actually, anytime you’re hitting or releasing anything, boxing. Even if you’re doing it with the air, do it. Kickboxing class at your local gym, that type of class, those things help you release those emotions of frustration and anger and help you build peace in your life as well.

Quick recap

So, let’s review these big steps in cleansing your gallbladder.

Number one, remove processed sugars, fats and get rid of all processed and refined foods. I’m talking about processed bread, white flour, wheat flour, conventional milk products, fast foods, processed sugar, soda, let’s get all that out of your diet. Replace it with raw local honey, more fruits, and veggies, healthy fats from coconut oil in small amounts. Get rid of processed foods.

Number two here, drink bone broth for a three-day cleanse. Just do bone broth, vegetables, green apples, and some herbal teas.

Number three, take three times a day milk thistle bupleurum, lemon oil, and other herbs like dandelion and turmeric can also be greatly beneficial.

Number four, Release frustration and build peace through activity and meditation and prayer.

These things are all going to help you cleanse your gallbladder and heal your liver.