10 Unexpected Frightening Things Caught on Dash Cam

Dash cameras are intended for security for many drivers, a way to protect themselves if they get in an accident or worse. But as we’ve seen, these cameras will sometimes capture very unexpected things. And sometimes those things are extremely unsettling. Here are the 10 Creepiest Things Caught on Dash Cam.

1. A Truly Wild Fire

Just after 1 p.m. on November 25th, 2015, a dashcam in a firetruck responding to the Pinery bushfire in Southwest Australia captured footage of what it’s like to accidentally find yourself in the heart of a wildfire.

The firefighters who were speeding along in an attempt to stop the blaze were unaware that the wind had changed directions and that the inferno was suddenly barreling down in their direction.

In the video, seconds after they realize the blaze is coming, it sweeps across the road, causing utter chaos as firetrucks collide into one-another trying to escape the flames.

The fire engulfs the road and spreads to both sides in an instant. The blaze would continue to rip through the countryside for another six days and burn more than 210,000 acres of scrub as well as farmland.

2. Bigfoot?

On May 15th, 2009, two Georgia State police officers were driving down a dark, rural road around 8:30 p.m. when their dash cam captured a dark figure striding across the road in front of them.

In the grainy clip, the officers react to the unidentified figure with disbelief and turn the cruiser around to get a second look. Upon returning to the scene, an officer can be seen exiting the car with her flashlight to investigate something moving in the bush. You can hear the officer calling out as he searches, but no one answers.

After a moment, the officer returns to the car to search the surrounding area for houses. The officers can be heard discussing what the figure could have been as they drive. Was it a bear mysteriously walking on two legs? Or a harmless prank by some locals? Or Bigfoot himself?

3. 18-Wheeler Group Robbery

Just after 10 p.m. on September 6th, 2016, a trucker driving an 18-wheeler down a dark, one-way road, found his path blocked by several large branches on the road. As he approached the roadblock, his dash camera caught a large group of people swarming over the barriers on the sides of the street and advancing towards his truck from the front and the rear.

In the clip, the driver reverses away from the obstruction as people outside began hurling rocks at him in an attempt to break the windows and rob him. He then realizes that there are people behind his truck, too, preventing him from backing away to safety. So he decides to risk possible damage to his tires and accelerates forward over the branches. The driver escaped the attack, but we are left to wonder what was he carrying that so many would want to steal?

4. The Girl on the Highway

In Singapore on a seemingly ordinary drive down a well-lit Upper Bukit Timah Road one evening, a dashcam suddenly captured a ghostly woman seemingly floating in the middle of the street. As the car enters a curve in the road, what appears to be a woman dressed in all black except for a white apron can be seen hovering above the center median of the road.

When the clip is slowed down for better examination, it appears as though the apparition has no legs and simply watches as cars drive past her. While all this could be an illusion created while a girl tried to cross the road, why would she just stand on top of the barrier? And if it is simply an illusion, where’s the woman going in those desolate surroundings so late at night and all alone?

5. Locust Swarm

On a bright, sunny day in Dagestan, Russia, a dash camera in a man’s truck captured what initially appears to be a sandstorm on the road ahead. As he advances, he suddenly realizes that it’s not dust darkening the horizon, but a massive cloud of locusts. As he continues to drive slowly through the swarm, there are moments where the sheer number of creepy insects almost completely blocks out the view of the road ahead.

This particular locust plague covers an area of almost 700,000 square kilometers. These ravenous insects can eat their own weight in food each day, making the fact that there are so many of them truly unsettling. The swarm seen in this video could eat the same amount as thousands of people, leaving trails of barren land that could mean famine for the locals.

6. Ghost Car Through a Fence

A dash camera in a police cruiser involved in a late-night, high-speed chase in Texas documented a bizarre ending in which a suspect’s car appears to vanish through a chain-link fence to evade its pursuers. Throughout the clip, the driver of the suspect’s car swerves across the road in an attempt to outmaneuver the police. When this fails, he pulls a sharp turn and speeds off with unbelievable speed in the opposite direction. Then, the car suddenly turns down a side street and races towards a dead-end before quickly turning again right through a chain-link fence.

The officers are left staring at the fence as the taillights appear down the road on the other side of the fence. How did the car suddenly appear on the other side of this barrier? Many have had theories, but no official answer has ever been given.

7. The Fireball

Just after 6:30 p.m. on November 14th, 2014, a dashcam in a vehicle driving down a dark road in the Sverdlovsk region in Russia captured a stunning eruption of fire that lit up the night sky as if it were daytime. While the illumination only lasted around 10 seconds, it painted the entire sky in a wash of yellows and oranges and lit up the scene enough that the forest and other cars could clearly be seen as though sunrise had occurred in a moment and then vanished.

While the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations officially claimed that it was the result of an explosion, no sound was heard accompanying the light. Other theories, none of which have been proven, including a high-altitude nuclear explosion, a meteor strike, or even alien visitors in a UFO.

8. Ghost Crossing

In a dark evening in Russia, a car bumps along an icy, snowy, seemingly empty road. Suddenly, the dashcam captures what appears to be a woman in a long, white dress standing on the side of the road. As the driver slows down, the woman walks right in front of the car and crosses the road without acknowledging the car at all.

When the footage is paused, it appears the woman is carrying something in her hands. Why is she out wandering in the dark all alone, dressed in a long gown? And what is she holding? Locals who have heard of this footage believe she’s the ghost of a young bride who was killed in a car accident and is searching for her groom unaware of the fate that she met. We may never know the truth about this ghostly wanderer.

9. Men in Suits

As the driver speeds along a narrow road through a grassy area late at night, they round a curve and suddenly see a man dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase scurry out of their path towards the side of the road. He’s joined by another identically dressed man, and the pair run off the road where they join a group of at least 10 men all dressed exactly the same way. The group seems alarmed as they appear to bob up and down in the headlights. The camera then pans to show another figure further away and seems to be holding a lit flare above their head.

As if this wasn’t bizarre enough, at the very end of the clip, a figure can be seen walking into view holding a stick from the left side of the car. Did this driver stumble upon some creepy cult? Or was it all an elaborate prank? Unfortunately, we may never know.

10. Taxi Stop

On a seemingly normal night in a large Japanese city, a taxi driver spots a woman standing on the left shoulder of a busy road. He assumes the woman is waiting for a ride and drives his cab towards her to pick her up. His dashcam captures his approach to the woman, who can be clearly seen and is dressed in all white, staring straight forward and seemingly motionless.

The rear-facing camera in his taxi captures the approach to where the woman was standing a moment before, but there was no one in sight. Was this woman a ghost of a poor soul who was killed on the roadway? If not, then where did she go so suddenly?