5 Gadgets That Will Give You Real Life Superpowers

This post is about the gadgets that will give you superpowers in real life.

Cyborg Vision

After pioneering smart glasses with Google glass and glucose monitoring contact lenses. Google has now come up with a new patent technology of injecting a computerized lens directly to the eyeballs and will give you a cyborg vision. It is a Smart vision device basically used for people who are suffering from short sightedness. This Terminator technology prepares to turn a human into cyborgs, it can easily get connected to wireless devices capture photos and automatically gives the proper adjustment to the eyes. To inject this device into your eyes a simple surgery should be undertaken.

Pyro Fire Shooter

Spider-man has his webs Iron Man has energy rays and now you can shoot fireballs out of your hand, well from your wrist really the pyro fire shooter 147 dollars, strapped to your wrist and can carry four fireballs worth of charge and size while a remote you hold in your other hand activates the device. We can’t recommend it for real crime-fighting but you should probably keep a bucket of water handy anyway

Myo Armband

Myo armband is a gesture recognition device worn on the forearm and manufactured by thalmic labs, with the Myo armband $199 you can control your computer in the electronic devices around you just by gesturing. It uses a set of electromyographic sensors that sends electrical activity in the forearm muscles combined with a gyroscope accelerometer and magnetometer to recognize gestures. The mile can be used to control video games presentations music and visual entertainment.

Wall-climbing backpack

A group of engineering students from Utah State University design this personal vacuum assisted climber that can practically turn you into a wall walker just like Spider Man because it works on the principle of suction it can stick on to any building surface whether it be glass stucco or brick. The section of the vacuum pack delivers it’s also powerful enough to hold up anything that weighs between 500 to 700 pounds depending on the altitude. The only problem is that the vacuum pack is not quiet at all in fact it’s about as loud as your household vacuum cleaner.

Invisible Cloth

British Columbia based hyper stealth biotechnology it claims to be working on an extraordinary invisibility cloak that would render its wear virtually invisible exciting security concerns the camouflage design company has yet to provide anything beyond mock-ups of the quantum stealth cloak but explain that the fabric works by bending light around a person enabling them to disappear into the environment while the technology may seem fantastical. Its inventors have compared the fabrics to Harry Potter’s magical cover-up hyper stealth biotechnology insists that they have the backing of the US Pentagon and the Canadian military.