Top 75 Camping Gear Gadgets You Should Buy

If you are a traveler and finding some traveling gadgets, then you are at right place. These Gadgets can be used with families and friends or you are traveling alone.

Here are some best gadgets that you definitely buy them for improving your travel experience.

Go Chair

The most stable and portable seat designed for any adventure. The sturdy and comfortable go chair sits tall and pack small by folding to the size of a water bottle. Making it perfect for taking and storing anywhere. Forget taking two chairs with two hands on multiple trips. Now you can carry three times as many in one journey.

Pacearth Lightweight

It is a sleeping pad camping mat is easy to pack and portable when packed the mat is ten point twenty three inches by three point nine three inches by three point nine three inches and it’s very lightweight at one and a half pounds. The sleeping pad employs integrated plastic gas nozzle designs. When plated the pillow measures twenty point seven inches by nine point eight four inches. It only takes ten to fifteen blows to filled them out with air.


These days were completely dependent on our mobile devices. When we’re out and about the scariest thing isn’t running out of cash it’s running out of battery but where do you find a reliable solid power supply to use on the go and that works every time. Well meet halo a solid clean power system that you can rely on anytime anywhere. Halo is portable it comes with an astronaut egg high-density lithium polymer battery that makes it safe reliable and interval with the storage capacity of 20,000 milliamp hours, halo gives you more power than almost any portable battery.

Geopress Purifier

We are Grayl we make water purifiers for international travelers and outdoor explorers so their adventures can be safe self-reliant and sustainable. Until now travellers have relied almost exclusively on single-use bottles for hydration which are expensive wasteful and almost never recycle. There is a better way. Meet geo press an astonishingly easy supremely effective water purifier designed for adventure travel anywhere worldwide. Geo press is perfectly sized extremely portable compact and the user experience.


The Ikipele feeling is made of high quality cosine and houses steel container which would pellets and a Firestar. Instead of simply burning the pellets the Ikipele family uses Wood gasification to prefer the pellets into heat which prolongs heat radiation offers higher temperature and creates a smoke-free burning process.


Introducing solar box Lumine the ultimate speaker for your outdoor activities with its solar panel charging system you can charge it at any time. It’s a power bank it’s a handheld flashlight with its high fidelity audio it’s also an ipx7 waterproof speaker no matter if it’s on the water or under the water. The solar box Lumine is protected from the rain heavy splashing even if it dives in the water it’s dust proof and shockproof.

Cooling Style

Introducing cooling style a portable multifunctional air conditioner to lets you stay cool wherever you go. Not only is it easy and comfortable to use for everyone but also light quiet and loaded with cool features. Cooling style works indoor and outdoor and is really the perfect device for any situation use it when camping in tents in caravans cottages in your winter garden at the beach in your car or for your pet.

Power Talkie

Introducing power talkie the smart outdoor communication expert. Communication is crucial for outdoor activities especially when there is no Signal.

Fi Fish P3

In virtue of the infatuation and fascination with the ocean. In order to shuttle through the ocean freely explore the magical ocean unrestrainedly and capture the epic underwater moments. Fi fish has made breakthroughs over technical barriers to  launch a new product Fi fish p3. It has an extraordinary performance on stability and reliability with 3 thrusters power system. 100 meters working depth 6 directions of movements two hours operating time fi fish is specifically designed for complicated tricky underwater environments.

Hitch Hotel

Introducing the hitch hotel when inventor Jeff Patterson originally designed a cargo box for his sons needed to safely secure and store his mountain bike while traveling. He realized he could do a lot more. It was then the world’s first expandable realist trailer was born. He spent over three years designing and testing the hitch hotel to make sure it was light strong and weather resistant easy to set up it becomes a traveling hotel for everyone who loves an adventure and a good night’s sleep. Ready to go whenever and wherever.

Mock ONE

Introducing the Mach 1 compact framed hammock with the benefits of a hammock and with portability of a quad share the Mach one gives you the comfort and relaxation of hammock eat anywhere at anytime.

Nano Cure Tent

That’s right this fabric can be repaired with the simple rub of a finger. Boring tensor well they’re boring we set out to make a tent that was practical easy to set up and fun enough to get you out doors to use it less is more. The NCT tent can be set up by anybody in three minutes or less with these tents we want to ditch the difficulties of your average tent and keep it simple and easy so you have more time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with less stress and set-up time with less parts and nonsense setup is easy and fast.


This is tropic it’s a new category of shoes we call it the all-terrain sneaker. It’s a mesh of a comfy urban shoe with a rugged technical outdoor boot on the one hand. It’s stylish comfortable and light on the other its meticulously crafted as an incredible shoe for the outdoors. It’s super light it grabs your foot firmly with an elastic counter heel it has a slip resistant sole with a strong rubber grip so you can trust it anyway when you’re in the city you’ll appreciate the comfort and brings you the freedom.

Now Light

Now light gives you access to instant light and power whatever the weather wherever you are. We’ve created a really simple easy and efficient way of generating renewable power using you anytime. We all take access to instant lies and power for granted but what you do for a light and a power outage.


We guarantee you that our outdoor gears will be lighter. Introduction helium is the best outdoor lantern ever. It is lighter more compact more energy-efficient and brighter.

Gogo Lantern

The conventional lantern has always been just a simple function with a simple design but we have revolutionized the traditional with new functions and features. Introducing go-go lantern a newly developed lantern that redefines the purpose function and use of an outdoor Lantern. It is portable with integrated solar panel and USB charging port. Ip67 waterproof and built-in super efficient LED giving a super-bright illuminance. Most conventional outdoor lanterns uses disposable dry cell batteries which is expensive and not environmental friendly.

Season Blanket

We our seasons. It’s our goal to develop products that function well and look good but most importantly we want our stuff to go with you everywhere and be used throughout your entire life, and this is the seasons blanket. But this isn’t your grandma’s quilt most blankets are too thin and like any performance qualities but we are using an assortment of template eros and finishes to create this lifetime blanket.

Floater Paddle

We made it regardless of whether you’re an adult or a child the flow to paddle is so easy to use just follow simple steps in the guide.  You and your floater paddle will be enjoying the water.


Do you want to travel more with less and help the environment. Well now you can wherever you go say hello to go out. The world’s best portable multi dispenser traveling with separate containers consumes valuable space and the containers often late no matter how organized you try to be keeping track of too many containers can be difficult.


Mosquito bites suck toxic sprays creams or covering yourself in clothing is really not the best solution this is why we invented the bandito a powerful portable mosquito repellent. It utilizes natural chemical free scents and sonic sound to protect you while you’re doing your favorite outdoor activities.

Aquaforno 2.0


The perfect stove for everyone who enjoys spending time and cooking in the great outdoors. It’s like a kitchen in a backpack so you can cook your meals keep warm and even have your hot drinks on tap. We originally came up with the idea because we wanted to make pizzas for our daughters while camping but couldn’t with a standard barbecue. It has now evolved to be a world-class product after years of R&D and listening to feedback from our customers. It is incredibly versatile the unique patented design gives you so many cooking choices from one simple collapsible unit.

BioLite SunLight

Carry self charging light wherever you go with the bio light sunlight. A compact solar light that provides bright and colorful lighting and freedom from rationing your batteries and energy.

Cloudview Hammock

Cloud view hammock is designed for hanging out socializing catching some rays and enjoying the breeze standard hammocks envelop you with fabric isolating. You from your surroundings cloud view spreader bars and lay flat patterning are carefully designed to provide a reclined Shea’s lounge posture.

Katadyn Befree

One litre collapsible filter is the perfect smash – and go water filter for on-the-go lifestyles. The adventure traveler who packs for weight savings while abroad the be free one litre will become a staple in your luggage and your most innovative companion whether refilling at the airport or at the stream near your final destination.


The crank is a premium external power source engineered into a small portable device. It can be used to charge and power a variety of devices from our phones. That we never put down to our laptops that always seem to be drained to other battery-powered devices like bluetooth headphones and even professional cameras. Crank is even powerful enough to jumpstart your vehicle Frank works with both iPhone and Android, it can power your smartphone up to seven times on a single charge allowing up to 60 hours of use both Mac and PC laptops can be powered by the crank so everyone can stay charged and untethered.

Kelty Tents AirPitch Airshade

Say goodbye to pesky tent poles and grab an inflatable ear sheet perfect for soccer games barbecues or outdoor concerts the air pitch technology makes. It so easy literally the poles have been replaced by air tubes you simply pump off the shelter to provide shade and protection from the elements.


Introducing Lanmodo, the world’s first automatic car tent it will protect your car and transform into a camping tent in a matter of seconds. Convenient and easy with wireless remote control Lanmodo is the best partner for outdoor activities headaches setting up a beach umbrella taking the chill out of your chill time struggles with assembling and fighting with the wind are not the best funtime companions.


Have peace of mind knowing your flashlight GPS and walkie-talkie with you wherever you go. Fogos 1000 lumen flashlight keeps you safe and prepares you for any outdoor tasks like setting up your tent at night. Accidents happen luckily Fogo is waterproof and durable so you don’t have to worry about dropping it or damaging it in the rain or the snow. Sse Foucault’s built-in radio and GPS to keep track of friends and family while they’re off exploring. Then bring everyone safely back to camp with Foucault’s text messaging feature or coordinate using photos walkie talkie.

Optimus Vega Stove

Your search for the perfect four season ultralight stove stops here. The ultralight Optimus Vega is the best four season remote canister stove on the market. Weighing only six ounces or a hundred and seventy eight grams it’s one of the lightest and most compact remote canister stoves available. The vegas unique wide burner head design creates an ultra powerful cooking surface spreading the heat evenly to your pot while preventing the burning of your food. The low profile stance makes it extremely sturdy accommodating a wide variety of cook sets. The Vega includes an adjustable sized windscreen which makes cooking and challenging conditions.

Schrade SCHF51 Frontier Bushcraft Knife

This is the Schrade SCH f51 frontier fix blade, bushcraft survival knife. One of two blades in the SC HF 51 series. Stout rugged and equally capable in the backcountry as it is in the backyard. The SC HF 51 is forged from a tough edge retaining 1095 high carbon steel. The thick full tang blade spine drops to form a sturdy tip, suitable for drilling piercing and a wide range of fine cutting tests. The blade is coated in scratch and corrosion resistant. PTFE that reduces friction during photonic feathery and other bushcraft tasks. The razor-sharp five-inch blade terminates at the generous soil for sharpening of the entire fine edge and careful finger placement for precision cutting tests that require a high degree of control.

Petzl headlamps

Active headlamps non-stop power. Pencils active series headlamps are designed to offer versatile and stable lighting for outdoor sports, for any outdoor adventure compact lightweight gear is important. These headlamps provide ample power and guarantees stable lighting output over a long period of time. All headlamps in the active series feature constant lighting technology an integrated electronic regulating system allows these lamps to provide constant lighting power over the life of the batteries.  Finally, these lamps feature a comfortable headband and an ergonomic push-button for easy use even when wearing gloves.


The touch point of performance and innovation is right here. Introducing the new twist see by Nebo a sleek compact design that fits perfectly in your hand. A flashlight work light and Lantern all in one. At 200 lumens of intense light the flashlight features optimized clarity technology with an adjustable zoom that glides from a wide flood to a tight spot with just the twist. The work light provides 75 lumens of directed light the lantern spreads 200 lumens of bright light in a continuous 360-degree pattern and the twist see is fully dimmable in every mode with an easy touch of a button.

Smart Beam Laser

Introducing a small but powerful tube smart beam.  The world’s smallest beam projector smart beam turning your imagination to a fun reality smart beam.  With smart beam have a brand new experience of enjoying the content of your choice anytime anywhere.

The Lycan Powerbox

Introducing the Lycan power box. The solar electric generator designed for everyday family needs and ready-made for power outages and natural disasters. When the unexpected hits the lichen power box has you covered with 900 watt hours of power but can we look at the brighter side of life instead. The lichen power box is a perfect companion for your next camping trip tailgate party or DIY outdoor project this portable power house is the first of its kind a true innovation that makes clean energy easily accessible to everyone. It’s as intuitive as it is innovative, keep the comfort and security of having power in two convenient ways, directly from the grid or directly from the source that gives life to this planet the Sun. It’s state-of-the up with the Emine phosphate battery is not only a higher grade battery than the ones found in Tesla vehicles, but it also provides clean efficient true wattage power. Whenever and wherever you need it the most.


The most innovative durable feature-packed goddamn terrific and ventricle and won’t burn hole in your pocket. How come because while big grand companies spend their money on ads and stores, we spent our budget on research development and materials to make a better coat. Apricot was made by real adventurers who went through every possible challenge to find what a real adventure coat needs. Every aspect of the coat was rethought from the ground up. It all starts with climate chip an innovative insulation system that keeps you warm and cold conditions and cool in warm ones.

Renogy Phoenix Generator

Introducing the Phoenix generator, our all-in-one portable solar power solution. The Phoenix comes with 20 watts of solar built in which is directly connected to a 16 amp our lithium iron battery. You can add up to an additional hundred watts of solar for a faster charge. It is equipped with plenty of AC and DC inputs and outputs to charge at home or on the road. Once your batteries have charged you can run appliances directly from your Phoenix. It has the capability to run AC and DC appliances up to 150 watts to specify the operating mode of the Phoenix press the power button and then you can select AC DC or both buttons to turn on that function.

The Chameleon Pack

When your gear does more you can carry less that’s one of the main reasons we designed the chameleon backpack. The most versatile backpack in the world. A more evolved more advanced form we all want more time in the great outdoors and every minute you spend packing and prepping for a day trip is less time to enjoy the trail. So we combined the everyday use and function of a day pack with the convenience and comfort of an ultralight chair we thought what if the same backpack that you use to carry your load could help you take a load off far more than a backpack to chair transformation. It’s everything else about the chameleon that makes it so versatile.

Shapeshifter Sunhat

Who doesn’t love the Sun, a giver of warmth light flowers food energy and burns radiation cancer premature aging and wrinkles. We need protection sunscreen is beneficial but running out buying more reapplying. It getting it into our eyes having a greasy face for the rest of the day can be irritating. Sunhat a little brims with little protection larger brim hats can give more protection but wind can easily blow the front brim up and the back can be annoying if you’re playing a sport where you have to look up or hiking with a big backpack plus there are paying to transport without bending or crushing the wrong way.

KaliPAK Solar Energy Generator

We all need power but we always seem to run out of it, either because we choose to enjoy nature away from the grid or in disaster scenarios the grid chooses to get away from us. That’s why we’ve designed this KaliPAK, a portable solar energy kit that meets dozens of off-grid energy needs. Nature trails photography trips all-day picnics disaster scenarios and electricity shutdowns. Daily use in areas with unstable electricity supply. The KaliPAK pack is completely autonomous and can fully charge from either the Sun a car or a wall charger.


Venturing out into the wilderness can have its drawbacks, like finding out where you’re going and sticking together. That’s why we created go telly go telly is a GPS tracker using long-range radio technology. It creates its own network. Go telly allows you and whoever you’re with to locate communicate and stick together. Go telly can run on its own for up to two days on a single Charge.


If you take your sports seriously you want the best gears optimize your performance here that feels natural as an extension of your body. That’s why we created the VERTEPAC the world’s first backpack with its own spine. A lightweight exoskeleton a carrying system that allows your body to move freely. It’s inspired by the human spine and also the totally new combination of comfort freedom and mobility.


From the creators of Wow world of watersports comes the wild sound speaker the ultimate outdoor waterproof portable bluetooth speaker designed with premium sound.  A unique looking design and a strong feature set were key considerations in the development of the wow sound speaker. We needed this be rugged enough to extend any kind of outdoor condition but also have a functional form factor so that we could provide quality sound and features that were unique from any other speaker in the category.

Klymit Inertia XL

The Klymit inertia XL oversized sleeping pad the climate inertia XL is the most compact lightweight oversized ultralight sleeping pad on the market. Weighing in at just 16 point 8 ounces. The inertia XL offers a state-of-the-art solution for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to maximize space efficiency and comfort.

Vecto Container

Recent innovations and backpacking water treatment options have main access to drinking water on the trail easier than ever. However, the products designed to be used with them have proven to be cumbersome and incomplete solutions. Introducing the vecto container, a complete design solution for virtually all likelies water contains and purifying needs.


If you’re tired carrying an extra pair of shoes with you
all the time, try Skinner’s. They are lightweight portable comfort. Simply put it to ensure protection you get it so you can have Skinner’s with me all the time.

The Kachula Blanket V2

Introducing the Kachula blanket v2 Kachula is virtually waterproof yet remain soft and warm. It also features a built-in zipper pouch where you can hide away your valuables or stuff. Kachula all in to create the perfect travel sized pillow or cushion no matter where life takes you be to adapt to your adventure.

Enkeeo’s Mosquito Zapper Lantern

How many times have you experienced frustration having those uninvited mosquitos during your outdoor adventures. In certain areas of the world the views are well known for bringing infectious diseases like malaria or dengue / which can be fatal to people and children. At an eco as adventure and people others, we have decided to stop at once and for all this is why we want to present to you the new mosquitoes a Zapper Lantern. It is a compact and portable lanterns but don’t let its small size trick you, it is very powerful.


Parents tired of looking for a comfortable sleeping solution for your kids next sleepover. Introducing Kid-O-Bunk the portable bunk bed for kids on the go. Invented by a dad engineered by a son the family-owned company disco bed a proud supplier to the US military and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide is now offering families our patented kids version that’s perfect for vacation. Camping family reunions summer camps or just about anywhere life may take you. Modular in design the kid-friendly kiddo bunk requires no tools or mattress and assembles in minutes. The compact zippered carrying bag holds all parts and allow us for easy transportation and quick storage.

Coleman Aravis

The Coleman Erebus one is a lightweight tent perfect for adventurous trips out on the hill. The compact pack size means it can fit neatly inside a backpack while the performance materials with a wind stable wedged tunnel construction provide outstanding weather protection. It’s wedged structure with two ppreciate poles offers optimum internal head height for greater comfort. A spacious porch on one side of the tent provides plenty of room to store gear or muddy boots.


The R2GEAR MK3 is a brand new multi functional outdoor communication tool. In a dynamic outdoor scene it is common for you to fumble to grab your phone and end up dropping, no doubt it will break your heart. The most convenient and safe outdoor communication tool. The mark three a smartphone based walkie talkie is designed to feel like a real walkie-talkie and its buttons in user grips. People can use it with ease by connecting users smartphone than the mark 3 via bluetooth.


Over the past few years the smartphone has become the single most important communication device that we use on a daily basis no matter where we are we need it to stay in contact with those around us. However, smartphones are entirely dependent on a communication infrastructure that they use what happens when this infrastructure becomes unreliable or is non-existent for instance when we are out in the wild traveling abroad when there are too many users congesting the network or when a natural disaster rocks down existing cellular towers. That’s why we created the sonic a wireless communication of ice that enables your smartphone to sanic for instant messages voice recordings image data and GPS location even when there is no internet access or cellular coverage. How does it work simply connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi access point on the phone and it will transmit the data sent from your phone to other SONET users via long-range radio frequencies no cellular data no satellite service and no monthly subscription. the typical range for point-to-point communication with the SONET is approximately five kilometres for three miles.

Trailhead Adventure Pant

All new trailhead adventure pack their lightweight durable and virtually waterproof. Voted the best climbing pants by climbing mag and a must-have for the outdoors by Outside magazine. Innovations in fabric technology allow for improved durability with our four way stretch ripstop nylon, making them water-resistant lightweight and tough. We also reinforce all of the themes and used additional fabric to help improve flexibility. The antimicrobial fabric of trailhead pants stays fresher longer resisting, the stickiest of message making them more odor resistant and require less washing. The fabric remains breathable keeping you cool and dry. We went with an elastic waist and an easy full drawstring to eliminate pinch points and allow for maximum comfort. Ankle drawstrings help transform the trailhead to your desired length with a quick full feature for increased performance.

Klymit Motion 60

Klymit motion 60 is built to carry a large load the pack has a volume of 55 litres plus an extra 5 liter pocket and is made of durable 210 B ripstop nylon. Weighing in at just 2 point 6 pounds the motion 60 features climates exclusive airframe for a dynamic carry. The durable mesh back highlights the airframe and offers breathability and comfort. The pack is equipped with aqua guard zipper and is hydration compatible.

Thermacell Backpacker

That country adventure faster than pesky mosquitoes. That’s where thermo cell comes in with a new product that’s putting an innovative spin on this age-old problem. The thermos L backpacker mosquito repellants to any standard camp stove fuel canister, just insert one thermo cell mosquito repellant mat into the unit, turn it on and in minutes you and those around you can enjoy freedom from mosquitoes in a 15-foot zone of protection. This thermos L product checks all the boxes on any backpackers essential gear list. It’s lightweight compact and fuel-efficient.

Wildish M.C. Hammie

Introducing the M.C. hammy. It’s a shelter hammock and blanket all-in-one. We call it the MC hammy and it’s the first of its. How do we do this we cleverly combined webbing fabric and carabiners to create something innovative and new. The MC hammy is useful no matter what you’re into. We wanted something that we can take everywhere and for it to just work waterproof crazy soft packable and of course easy to clean.

MSR PocketRocket 2 Ultralight Stove

The next generation PocketRocket 2 takes everything good about the celebrated original and makes it smaller and lighter without sacrificing any of its powerful performance. The refined pocket rocket – is just as fast and powerful as the original boiling a liter of water in just three and a half minutes but we’ve shaved the weight down further to just 73 grams or 2.6 ounces. By designing its pot supports to fold down around the stove body we’ve reduced its pack size to create a tiny piece of high-performance equipment. It’s improved pot supports are stamped out of strong stainless steel and they now accommodate a wider range of pot sizes with greater stability. We’ve also carried forward the stoves wind clip windscreen on the burner head with the burner surface separated into three areas wind can blow out one or even two sectors and the stove will remain lit minimising wasted fuel. Precision flame adjustment allows you to go from torch all the way down to simmer. Incredibly easy to use this impressive micro stove is perfect for first-time buyers to fast and light fanatics.

Kelty Classic Mesh Furniture Collection

Looking to stay cool as you relax on summer camp outs are the championship game. The classic mesh furniture collection brings big comfort to any seating arrangement. The whole collection is constructed with mesh on the back and on the seat to keep the air flowing so you won’t overheat out of barely 600 denier polyester and a strong powder-coated steel frame and this furniture is built to last. The arm rests adjusts allowing you to dial in the comfort while the insulated and adjustable cup holders can be sized to fit your cold beverage of choice. The multi-use padded roll tote lets you pack up the chairs without the struggle of a two small storage sack just place the feet in the pocket wrap it up click the buckles and you’re good to go.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

This is the free scape camp saw. The innovative design lets you fold the soft flat while remaining completely assembled using no extra tools. It’s slim size when folded makes it simple to store in a pack or a gear bag without threat of loss parts. Apply the sturdy blade to cut through larger diameter wood its structure lets you work with the full length of the blade for the most efficient use of your energy replace the standard 12-inch blade easily when needed. The saws grippy rubber handle stays firmly in your hand as you go.

Wenzel Solaro Shade & Screen House

Take cover at your next picnic barbecue or campout with the Wenzel solaro shade and screen knows both solaro shelters are super easy to set up with shock corded fiberglass poles and fast feet ridgepoles provide extra Headroom and coverage guy out ropes ensure your shelter stays between the solaro shane has webbing that connects adjacent corners further assisting in set up. The solaro screen house takes protection to the next level by adding mesh walls to keep the bugs out front and rear tee style doors make entry and exit keep it cool at your next out with the solaro screen house for sheet.

Biolite SolarPanel 10+

Use your days to power your nights with bio light solar panel 10 plus. This foldable 10 watt panel features the optimal Sun system designed for easy setup to maximise your charge from the Sun. An integrated sundial aims the panel keeping you aligned for direct rays while the 360 kickstand makes it easy to position from any angles and stabilizes on uneven terrain. Get 10 watts of output and power tablets phones and bio light here.


The world is getting smaller and more of us are traveling to distant and remote places. When we travel one of our biggest challenges is how to guarantee that the water we are drinking is safe. There are currently dozens of personal water filters and filter bottles on the market that claim to solve this issue. The problem is that water filters only trap bacteria and cysts that then remain in the filter and continue to live and multiply. This can add up to a major health concern. In addition, water filters do not eliminate or even trap waterborne viruses that are really the biggest concern of all, to be truly protected from bacteria and viruses water must be purified not just filtered. Meat pure 2 go the most advanced unique and multifunctional true water purifier in the world. It kills bacteria and viruses instantly on contact and on demand, while also completely eliminating waterborne cysts such as crypto and Giardia. There is absolutely no waiting time or preparation required. As
contaminated water passes through period ago it is purified instantly without the holding time or procedures other true water purifiers require

Biolite CampStove 2

Meet the next generation of flyer with the camp stove two portable wood-burning stove that creates smokeless flames while generating usable electricity so you can cook your meals and charge your devices all at the same time.


We wanted to design a new tent one without poles and small confusing pieces. Our vision to create a tent which is absolutely stable, one which can even erect itself. Since then we’ve been working on our mission to make camping easier. Our air temps are available in three different sizes.

The LightSaver Max Portable Solar Charger

In this fast-paced mobile world access to power is no longer simply an option but a necessity. Power film has been in business for nearly three decades perfecting solar solutions and exceeding the needs of businesses custom orders and military markets. Power film is meeting is changing power demands with the launch of the lightsaber max. The lightsaber max features a state-of-the-art rollout thin film solar panel an incredibly compact design. Other chargers on the market are heavy bulky fragile and lacks energy storage. Loaded with fifteen thousand six hundred milliamp hours of power the lightsaber max is ideal for charging a variety of devices including higher draw electronics like laptops camping light and drones. Its weight and compact design make it easy to bring with you anywhere.

INOVA T10R Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The Innova t10 are rechargeable tactical flashlights and power bank is simply put the most versatile high-performance light on the market. Writer than your average car headlights combined at thirty five hundred lumens the t10 are has the ability to project a beam over a quarter mile and features unheard-of runtimes. It is truly a precision high-performance pioneer in the flashlight industry. Ideal for tactical situations search and rescue crews outdoor enthusiasts and other high-intensity work environments.The heavy-duty precision machine aerospace grade aluminum body is shockproof crushproof and water resistant to handle anything you throw at it. The tactical mid body switch activates five different modes high-low SOS strobe in a variable dim allowing you to choose the perfect light intensity. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack powers a light at 3500 lumens for six hours or 200 lumens for 95 hours and recharges in six and a half hours by simply unscrewing the head to reveal this port and plugging in the AC adapter. This LED readout panel lets you keep an eye on how much power you have left what really makes us light unique is the power bank feature using the USB adapter the impressive 14,000 milliamp power output allows you to recharge your USB devices from the t-ten are many times over.

Gerber Freescape Mini Lantern

This is the free scape camp kitchen kit. It contains the free skate camp kitchen knife and the free skate paring knife. Access the knives inside by unlocking the kits three stop locking system. The knives are kept in place in the drawer using magnets, it contains a built in ceramic sharpener and the handle makes it easy to carry. The container doubles as a cutting board and it’s drip channel makes it easy to work with and clean. There’s additional storage in the drawer that can be used for antibacterial wipes or a towel. It’s bright green free scape color makes the kit easy to spot in a gear bag elevate your campsite.

CRKT Trencher Tactical Shovel

Today at CRKT we’re showing you the trench or tactical Spade. This is a monster tool with a lot of options for getting heavy-duty work done. The three position shovel head features an aggressive sharp saw on one side and a beveled edge for cutting and chopping on the other. The steel tip on the shovel plate is reinforced and designed to pry with it adds a layer of strength to the tip while digging so if you hit some gravel and rocks and stuff this tip can take it all. The trenchers gergan amic handle is made of tough polypropylene and steel and the deep bridges offer a solid grip for every scenario you may encounter and all weather conditions. The tool has a threaded locking collar to secure the shovel into position.

Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

This is the free scape small lantern. It features free touch technology a capacitive touch ring that fires up the lantern with the gentle tap tap and hold to them and brighten the output to your desired level. It sheds light from the bottom of the lantern as well as through the frosted side lens for use both above the camp table and on it. The sturdy base is solid on uneven surfaces and the spring-loaded handle makes it simple to suspend overhead. The power kill functionality prevents batteries from draining law stores its ipx4 rating for water resistance means, it will shine on through all kinds of weather.

Green River Air Pad

The Green River air pad the Green River air pad is a full-sized inflatable sweet pad with an integrated raised pillow and self-grip fabric for a uniquely comfortable sleep experience in an outdoors. It has an integrated hand pump with a reversible valve for easy inflation and deflation. Green River special design creates of steady flat sleeping surface, it’s also part of the camp comfort suite system. It can be used with tent floors and sleeping bags also featuring stealth grip fabric for a no-slip sleep experience.

Tech Smart Lantern

This is the world’s first outdoor smart lantern for both – tech first I hope you agree that it looks great. It can also be controlled by a Bluetooth app on your phone, at the end of a long day outdoors you don’t have to keep getting up and down to adjust the lanterns brightness, you can do so from wherever you’re seated. You can adjust it to a range of 16 million colors to suit your mood or later you can even turn it off remotely without getting out of your tent or sleeping bag. That’s great when the weather is freezing or you have something else to do.

LX Camp Stoves

The spire camp stoves offer dual burners with advanced plane control and can be linked together so you can cook for your whole group at once. The spire scope will fit an eight-inch and 10-inch pot and pan the LX model will fit a 10 inch and 12 inch pot and pan. The 10,000 BTU burners will meet all of your camp cooking needs both models have a jet lag connection to add a luna satellite burner for rapid boil and water without an additional fuel source. The LX model features patented Jetboil valve technology for maximum flame control. The stoves run off standard propane bottles or tanks. The Eureka spired camp stoves allow you to create the ultimate campsite kitchen for your friends and family.

Coleman HWOD H2O asis

Cell mosquito repellant provides effective virtually odorless invisible protection. Tt’s proven tested and trusted by millions of consumers around the world. It creates a 15 by 16 foot mosquito protection zone where mosquitoes won’t buck you or bite you and yet it doesn’t use feet and there are no oily messy lotions no odors and no open flame.

Sparkr Light

Introducing the sparkr a plasma lighter and flashlight and one. The flashlight is a 1 watt dimmable LED second run for four hours on full bright the removable lid doubles as a diffuser transforming the light into a lantern. The plasma lighter uses electricity to create a windproof solution that requires no flame butane or fuel.

The Flying Tent

The flying tent is a multifunctional outdoor gear that combines a hammock a mosquito protected hammock a waterproof clothing tent that can also be set up on the ground with a BB tent and a fancy rain poncho all-in-one smart and reliable product. The flying tent can be setup without any additional tools in just about seven seconds and it can be converted to its different functions quickly and easily. This makes it one of the smartest most versatile outdoor gears that you can possibly get.

BioLite Base Lantern

Introducing the bio light based Lantern the world’s first flat-pack lantern that creates your own personal smart grid completely off-grid. Utilizing advanced edge light technology, the base Lantern maximizes brightness while minimizing space, fitting 500 lumens of light into a compact packable form and unlike old single function lanterns as a hub. This can extend even more light with the integration of bio light site lights creating, easy overhead lighting to light large spaces or create multiple websites. With the use of phones and other digital tools playing more and more of a role in off-grid life we need energy to keep them going the base lanterns internal rechargeable battery is paired with two USB ports so you can power your weekend with up to 50 hours of light or 4 phone charges.