Top 9 Coolest Study Gadgets Every Student Should Have

Here are some study gadgets that definitely every student have.

Rocketbook Wave Notebook

What if it was simple to use a regular pen and paper notebook while saving everything in the cloud perfectly organized the way you want and what if after you saved your notes in the cloud and filled your paper notebook you could just erase it with the push of a button and use it again. That’s not magic that’s the rocket book ways notebook. The wave notebook and the rocket book app you instantly blast your notes into the cloud using your mobile device. In a fraction of a second rocket book machine vision scans enhances and send each page to the specific destination they belong on the cloud services you already use.

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

Our world has changed drastically over the past decade with the advent of new technologies we have seen a revolution in mobility. We can now run our lives from virtually anywhere. The problem we all want to boost productivity but how can we do it. Introducing scan wireless the world’s first wireless scanner model our product is small and portable and gives users more freedom than ever before. It’s the ultimate solution for working anywhere with just a click. Everything you scan will display instantly on your computer screen.

3D Simo mini

It all started in 2013 with our first product the original 3d Simo. It’s the very first multi-material 3d pen in the world you can set the speed temperature and also choose from the default material profiles. You can draw with a variety of materials including flags fluorescents lay wood transparent thermochromic decomposable materials or so on but that wasn’t enough for us we’ve created a tool that would allow you to create anything you wish. The 3d Simo mini is a smaller and smarter version of the original 3d Simo. It can also solder burn and cut things and you can operate it manually or through your smartphone.


Paper is the ultimate tool for thinking. It lets your mind roam freely without restrictions lets you focus without distractions but if you love paper you probably struggle to keep track of your notebooks print a lot of documents and have a desk. Then your a paper person just like us are remarkable and we’re about to launch a breakthrough solution that fixes your paper problems meet remarkable, the paper tablet. It lets you read write and sketch with a paper like feel. Remarkable replaces your notebooks sketchbooks and printed documents. It’s powered by breakthrough technology. The canvas display. The world’s fastest digital paper. the canvas display looks and feels like paper. It delivers fast and precise strokes and has crisp black ink.

Pup Pocket Scanner

In some situations paper will always be best for unleashing our creativity and sometimes we just need technology. Choosing between paper and computer is a matter of context. Today we can have the best of both worlds. The puck is the first ever connected pocket scanner. It is mobile tiny lightweights wireless with a long lasting battery.

Lock Book

Introducing lock book the world’s first riding notebook with a biometric fingerprint sensor. It comes with a 0.40 inch by 0.55 inch fingerprint sensor with 5:08 dpi resolution. The biometric fingerprint sensor allows lock lips to recognize your fingerprint and unlock within one second. When it is locked no one can even try to take a peek. You can bring it wherever you want to your office conference room clients office or anywhere else.

Line Dock

Technology makes us increasingly mobile. Yet they’re still fueling holding us back power being external hard-drives countless adapters and of course the chunky charges. That’s what living in a modern life was until now. This is line duck the world’s first device offering a powerful battery full connectivity fast SSD storage and active cooling. All this in a nine millimeter cable free shell. The massive internal battery offers up to 1.5 full charge of any USB.

Bots Alive

It’s a remote-controlled toy but when you add the bottle I’ve smartphone kit it comes to life with artificial intelligence. These robots explore forge and avoid unpleasant obstacles. They can’t hesitate and make the mistakes and you can teach them improving their skills. One kit can bring two robots to life so they have a friend to play with.


Unique stylish and new flick-flick fits any hardback notebook. Easily storing a variety of pens or pencils and it comes in a range of vibrant colors. The easy to use clip mechanism means it can switch between working on a desk so working on the gum. A modern tool from modern time.