5 Reasons Why Plastic ID Badge Holders are Essential

High-quality ID cards are vital to any well-functioning, safe workplace. An ID system can mean the difference between a serious safety breach and a happy, secure environment for your team, so needless to say it should absolutely be put in place at any company, big or small. So, you invest in glossy identity cards to make each and every member of staff recognizable both to you and your security system, now what? What if you could elevate your company’s safety by taking your identity cards one step further? Well, good news! You can! An ID badge holder is the perfect way to take your system from good to great, here are five reasons why they are completely essential to your business’ security…

Easy Access

A plastic ID badge holder makes locating identity cards so much easier for your staff. Getting through the door in the morning should be a smooth process, so minimize the time your personnel might spend fumbling around for their ID by investing in plastic holders. First thing in the morning is never the easiest hour of the day, no matter where you work, so making it a little simpler will be appreciated by your staff, security system and you, too!

Card Protection and Longevity

Cards are easily lost or damaged, and this can become quite a hefty expense on the company if it’s happening often or if you have a larger workforce. A plastic ID card holder adds an important layer of protection for an ID card, keeping it intact during everyday accidents such as coffee spillages or the dreaded discovery of a card in the washing machine! A plastic holder will also ensure that your ID cards last longer, meaning you’ll be spending less money on replacements.

Compatibility with Other Products

An ID card holder is amazingly compatible with most other ID card accessories! Whether you prefer to use lanyards, lapels or reels, your ID card holders will work perfectly. Usually, an identity card has to be scanned or presented in order to get access to a building or a particular room, so you should absolutely consider making your work even easier by adding a plastic ID card holder into the mix. This will be especially useful in chaotic environments such as hospitals, where an ID card is essential and needs to be used as fast as possible during high-pressure situations.

Security System Assurance

Your security system needs to be a well-oiled machine in order to work properly, and plastic holders can add to the functionality of the process, whatever it might be. This swift and simple access that plastic holders provide really ensure that everyone is using the security system properly. Whether you use a scan, insert or simply a physical check method, plastic ID card holders will help.

Company Exposure

When your plastic holders are used alongside lanyards, you’ll find that you will enjoy a little bit of free branding for your business! You’ll be able to find customizable lanyards that encourage company affinity and promote your brand whenever they’re worn! Your employees wearing their lanyards out and about during lunch, on the streets or when they’re using public transport will give you cheap marketing and more of a name out in your local area!

These are just a few reasons to invest in plastic ID card holders for your company today! Safety is one of your biggest assets, so you should absolutely be putting thought and money into making your professional environment as secure as possible.