Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a Dallas-located firm dealing primarily with oil and gas exploration and acquisitions. The avant-garde technique is the main method used by this firm to develop and explore oil and gas opportunities from 1970, with many of these opportunities are in the United States, Gulf Coast region. The firm is operational in the following regions: Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Colorado, and Louisiana, to name a few. This firm’s primary goal is to use its network and strategic partnerships to help explore and utilize the gas and oil reserves, which would help improve production and the return potential. The innovation approach used by Gulf Coast Western entail seismic survey and horizontal drilling. Through Gulf Coast Western Reviews, you will learn about the innovative techniques, partnership and acquisitions, and some advice about business transparency.

Innovation Techniques

Horizontal drilling is one of the techniques used in oil and gas exploration. Horizontal drilling is the most preferred process of extracting the oil because it is efficient and cost-effective. Through this process, natural gas extraction through sandstone is made more accessible. Horizontal drilling is environmentally friendly and leads to the extraction of plenty of natural gas. The process of drilling the earth layers to explore and extract gas is not simple, and therefore, it causes some damage to the earth. Through horizontal drilling, drillers will be able to overcome challenging geographical features. This process is much used because it is environmentally friendly and does not negatively impact water tables, especially those around drilling sites.

A seismic survey is another technique of exploring and extracting oil and gas. It involves seismic trucks that emit waves to explore potential areas for gas and oil exploration and extraction. The seismic survey is environmentally friendly and comes with fewer risks and harm. Gulf Coast Western explores this technique fully because it is beneficial to investors because there is minimal guesswork related to gas and oil exploration and extraction.

Acquisitions and Partnership

It is more than 50 years since Gulf Coast Western was established. Since its founding, it has acquired several acres of land which are good for gas and oil exploration. The company also helps those firms merge with programs of strategic drilling. The programs should be very innovative and have the potential to make more profit and yield. The company’s focus and vision are to expand and improve its portfolio and create more opportunities. Orbit Energy Inc and Orbit Gulf Exploration are some of the company’s major acquisitions. Through this partnership, Gulf Coast Western acquired most assets of Orbit Energy. Through acquiring Orbit, Gulf Coast Western managed to access state-of-the-art-3D seismic data. This was of benefit because it covered some of the best zones for gas and oil zones in Louisiana. Other acquisitions and firms Gulf Coast Western have partnered with include Northcote Energy Ltd, Warhorse Oil and Gas, LLOX, Zachry Exploration, and Neumic Production, to name a few.

The Advice of Matt Fleeger about Business Transparency

Matt Fleeger is the president and chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. Fleeger took over the company from his father, who established it in 1970. Mr. Fleeger has vast experience in oil and gas exploration and extraction. Since taking over as Gulf Coast Western’s CEO, he has spearheaded this company’s growth and success, rising to greater heights. According to Fleeger, transparency is vital for any business to grow. He also talks about the importance of using capital from your companies to support community growth. Gulf Coast Western has supported various organizations, including North Texas Food Bank, Shriners Hospital, Smile Train, and Children’s Medical Center, to name a few.