6 Best Natural Gym Supplements to Gain Muscle

Supplement means something added to complete a thing supply a deficiency or reinforce or extend a whole.


This is a tried-and-true supplement proven to work. This supplement is going to be good for strength in size. Creatine actually helps the formation of ATP. Well, health adenosine triphosphate is the basis of any kind of muscle contraction. So you take creatine that’s gonna help contract. The muscles dosage well five grams before any workout. 30 minutes before on an empty stomach and 5 grams after that should do it. So how long should you stay on creatine? We would recommend 10 grams a day four weeks on and then take four weeks off. Seeing’s how creatine is actually naturally produced in the kidneys and liver you don’t want to wear them out too much by overdosing on your creatine intake.


The muscles make it and the muscles need it. So as you work out the body is actually losing glutamine so what you need to do is actually bring a dose about 5 grams about 30 minutes before your workout on an empty stomach to help make sure you have enough glutamine in the body and 5 grams immediately after your workout to help replenish the glutamine intake. Now some of the benefits of glutamine are boosts immune system, maintains muscle mass, prevents muscle catabolism or breakdown enhances glycogen storage aids recovery from exercise promotes healing increases hormone levels.


Consisting of valine leucine and isoleucine. Now, these little buggers consist of about 35% of the amino acids found in muscles and are mainly used in muscle contraction through heavy lifts and long intense bouts of exercise. So These are going to be very important to supplement on when you’re lifting heavy and lifting intensely. Some of the benefits include increase endurance prevents fatigue improves mental performance increases energy levels. We would recommend getting a BCAA mix putting it in some water lightly sipping it before your workout drinking it throughout finishing up at the end and then having your protein after. We got to remember too is a lot of whey protein actually consists of BCAAs as well so if you’re hitting around the 30-gram mark per day at BCAAs you’re gonna be safe and you’re gonna be preventing muscle breakdown.


What’s he made good for well it’s more of a recovery supplement taking it 30 minutes right before you go to sleep on an empty stomach. Some of the benefits of ZMA which is zinc magnesium and vitamin b6 are helped improve the immune system helping you sleep better at night helping promote hormone regulation.

Conjugated linoleic acid ( CLA )

This is going to actually help you get leaner by reducing body fat and increasing lean body mass. Usually taking with meals three times a day breakfast lunch dinner it’s going to help your metabolic rate. It’s going to enhance muscle growth. It’s going to lower cholesterol triglycerides. So there’s a lot of benefits to take in CLA as you can see so definitely include this in your supplement regimen.


Usually taken with meals seems how there’s water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins. Its ingested into the body that much better when you take it with food. The reason you’re taking it is that usually when you’re doing any kind of high intensity or high volume training. The body is going to have gaps in either the minerals or the micronutrients. So a multivitamin is there to fill the gaps that way the body has everything it needs to push forward repair or have consistent energy you need either throughout the day or in the gym.

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