5 best Body-weight Exercises for Strength

Today, we will be talking about 5 best bodyweight exercises for strength

Crab reaches

So what we’re looking for here is our hands to be facing the wall behind us be flat on the ground in front of us and we’re going to be raising our hips upward towards the sky. You want to keep the arm we’re reaching with tight to the body and tight to the ear looking down at the pinky on the ground behind us.

Beast crawl

We’re going to get into our beasts crawl now we’re gonna be on four points of contact here hands are going to be under the shoulders and then our knees are going to come about an inch off the ground recently under the hips and you should be going to be moving forward and backward.

Bird dogs

We’re going to go into our bird dogs. So we’re going to be on all fours here our hands are going to be under our shoulders our knees are going to be aligned under our hips our toes are going to be tucked under as so extend out and hold the tension going in either direction.

Side Lunges

You want to make sure that the outside of the plant foot is always in contact with the ground where we don’t want that coming up. Make sure that the foot we’re landing with weight is back in the heel and our chest is up the entire time. Go ready be stealing that and that inner thigh. Make sure to get those hips back a little bit.

Transverse Lunges

So we want to remember here is a nice proud chest, we’re going to go alternating back and forth. You really feel this the outside of your glutes that your plant foot is on feel. This in your hamstrings as well.