Silica Supplement Benefits

in this post, we will talking about the benefits of Silica Supplement.

Strengthens skin, hair, nails, and bone

Silica is the second most abundant element on the earth and horsetail is a plant that naturally concentrates silica from the soil. We need silica because it strengthens skin hair nails and bones and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.

Have you notify your nail to become brittle and weak? what about your hair have you noticed it breaks easily or it’s pinning? Supplementing with silica can really help. Silica strengthens hair nails and many people find that using silica products really work.

It also supports younger looking skin and can even be applied topically as a treatment to reduce wrinkles. Silica is important for strengthening growing bones and for the prevention of osteoporosis. Animal studies have shown that silica can protect against the accumulation of aluminum in the body and scientists have theorized that silica can protect against Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the accumulation of aluminum in the brain.

How does it work?

It is a trace mineral our bodies need and we have to get it through diet or supplementation. Silica form structural components of bone in connective tissue in particular silica plays a role in the formation of collagen which is the main building block of connective tissue in our hair skin and nails. So it has part of the structure of our bones and is most important for growing bones the optimum voltage of silicon 15 milligrams of elemental silicon daily. The dosage for some products may be different based on the force of silica in the supplement. So be sure to follow the manufacturers directions.

Supplementing with it

It naturally occurs in many foods and plant-based foods contain more silica than animal-based foods the richest sources are unrefined like barley rice and wheat bran interestingly beer is a good source of bioavailable silicon. When you are not eating these foods regularly or if you need more silica then supplementation is a great option. Silica supplements are available in liquids or capsules many encapsulated silica supplements are made from pork tails because it is a rich source of bioavailable silica.

Doctors practicing complementary medicine often recommend silica to strengthen weak and brittle hair and nails. Take silica with other minerals like boron calcium and magnesium to support bone and connective tissue health. So your takeaway of silica is that it strengthens bones and connective tissue it’s particularly good for strengthening skin hair and nails. It keeps you looking younger and keeps your bones strong it also may protect against aluminum accumulation which may be the underlying cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Take 50 milligrams of elemental silicon daily or follow the manufacturers directions.