Hair Loss Main Cause And How To Stopping It

In this post, we’re going to talk about the two main causes of hair-loss.

Nutritional deficiency

The vitamin deficiencies that occur with hair and it could be multiple but you can have a vitamin C deficiency, vitamin C is in all the leafy greens vitamin C helps collagen. Hair is a collagen. It’s a type of collagen is called keratin. It’s like a fibrous real tough collagen so you also need trace minerals this one is really really important in the manufacturing of protein in the body if you want hair skin nails arteries bone. So we need the trace minerals for that especially your muscles so trace minerals are those minerals needed in very small amounts unfortunately they’re not in our foods because they’re not in our soil anymore. So unless you’re consuming like sea kelp or some type of trace mineral blend. You’re not going to have it in your diet and that is a big reason for hair loss.

So the type of collagen that someone needs to regrow their hair is is a type 1 and type 3 So that would be the type of collagen that you would need to support that and then silica is an interesting element and you don’t want to get it you want to get this in a like a food base or an herb like a plant base. Silica is kind of like the probably most abundant elements in the body. It helps in the manufacturing of collagen hair nails skin it makes it very very shiny and tough and very healthy and prevents wrinkles, makes your nails really strong makes the hair from protected against splitting and then you have the B vitamins. It’s interesting with B vitamins and the trace minerals work with a lot of skin problems a lot of hair problems because if you’re deficient with the vitamins your hair is going to fall out.

The best way to get to B vitamins is through nutritional yeast. Get them from nutritional yeast. So that we all the vitamin deficiencies that you could have hair loss.

Hormone problem

That could create hair loss all right. Now you also have alopecia with this autoimmune problem and you also have male pattern baldness or receding hair that is high levels of DHT. DHT is a very powerful testosterone and what happens there’s an enzyme in your body that converts testosterone into this powerful DHT through an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Just in case you wanted to know that and if you get a an enzyme inhibitor like stinging nettle root which is one of the top ones that we recommend that will reduce DHT that helps or Monali like to get your hair back.

It’s also good for prostate it’s also good for a facial hair. So it’s and it’s also good for acne. All right so now we actually have a product that has every single one of these ingredients in it and you can get more information below if you’re interested but the trace minerals are a plant base the collagen is wild-caught fish skin guys type 1 and type 3.

The silica is from horsetail which is a plant base and the biotin is not excessively high like a lot of times people buy up the biotin in like 10,000 IU’s and then they start getting other side effects like acne that’s because they’re not getting divided the B vitamins in the natural complex. So we actually have biotin and the B vitamins in the natural complex so you won’t get other side effects. It has a food based vitamin C. It’s real simple if you just plug in nutrition if that’s what it is or if you have alopecia or male pattern baldness you would want to add the stinging other roots.