A Guide to Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Over the past few years, Brooklyn has transformed from an area filled with industrial warehouses to a town that is well-known for its vibe, landmarks and tour buses. Brooklyn is New York’s most populated district which has now transformed into some of the most coveted real estate and is filled with professionals, families, celebrities and artists. NYC is a family friendly destination and is ideal for raising families, provided you find the right neighbourhood. It is thus important to do as much research on the various areas before deciding on which is best for you. Here are some neighbourhoods you may want to consider, if you plan on relocating to or visiting Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s best neighbourhoods

  1. Bedford-Stuyvesant – the area is diverse and features coffee shops and bars with streets lined with trees and stunning buildings.
  2. Brooklyn Heights – Brooklyn Heights is close to Manhattan, boasts stunning views of the NY harbour and picturesque Victorian style buildings. Many famous people have identified this place as their home.
  3. Bushwick – since rentals have gone sky high in Williamsburg, many people have relocated to Bushwick, which has now become a tourist destination.
    Carroll Gardens – this place is laid back and easy to walk around. It is also home to some of the best pizza and Italian baked goods in NYC.
  4. Crown Heights – This area has undergone a major transformation and is now overflowing with incredible restaurants and shopping hotspots.
  5. Fort Greene – Fort Greene is one of the ideal spots in NYC as it is home to some of the most popular art centres and cafes in the world.
    Prospect Heights – this place is known as one of the tiniest neighbourhoods in
  6. Brooklyn. It is about 40 square blocks between Fort Greene, Park Slope, Crown Heights and Prospect Park.
  7. Red hook – It may take some effort to get to Red Hook, but it is totally worth it. It is a place that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.
  8. Greenwood Heights/ South Slope – This is a vibrant residential community best known for the landmarked cemetery and offers many cool bars and food.

Things to do if you’re in:

  1. Greenpoint – cheap grocery stores, Polish diners and New Age crystal shops. Greenpoint has many Polish residents. They have many Indie boutiques, candlelit bars, and cafes. You should visit the McCarren Park and visiting Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop which has been in business for over 60 years.
  2. Fort Greene – Artists have found this place to be rather intriguing over the years. The neighbourhood has many cultural institutions and diverse entertainment. You can have breakfast at the Maison May or take a stroll through Fort Greene’s famous Park. Take a break and admire the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument and head down to BAM Brooklyn Academy of Music.
  3. Brooklyn Heights – If you are in Brooklyn Heights you can take a walk through the streets to get a glimpse of the historic buildings that were once owned by Brooklyn’s rich and powerful.
  4. DUMBO – many people have heard of DUMBO and often seen pictures on social media with the Empire State Building. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and is a popular spot for visitors. It currently boasts numerous restaurants, bars and shops in its waterfront.
  5. Williamsburg – Williamsburg’s vibe has transformed over the years into a trendy and hipster culture. They are flanked by fancy cocktail bars, and boutiques. Tourists often visit Shelter for pizzas and empanadas together with a Wild West theme.
  6. Gowanus – This area is well-known for its population of artists who operate from warehouses. You will find many unique developments like throwing axes at targets while drinking.
  7. Bed-Stuy – The area has a real community spirit that may be hard to find in the rest of NYC. They have beautiful Victorian architecture, outdoor activities, parties and church services in the neighbourhood. Peaches HotHouse is a well-known chicken fast food outlet that is visited by many tourists. At night you can visit Doris where you will enjoy a DJ by candlelight or some evening entertainment at C’mon Everybody.

Visit the website offering the most comprehensive guide to NYC so that you take advantage of all the city has to offer. When planning your trip, you should decide what you want to see and experience before deciding which neighbourhoods you want to tour. Try and find a tour guide so that you can experience the most out of the areas that you choose.