Healing Arts: 10 Exercises to Heal Your Inner Peace

Healing Arts:

Art therapy is the ability to express yourself creatively. This will relax you and give you peace of mind when it comes to the emotional state. Art therapy comes in all different forms. There is a limitless amount to the different forms of therapy that you can get into.

In this post, I will tell you about different Healing Arts exercises that going to help you emotionally.

1. Gifting

I am a strong believer that one it comes to our emotions, you have the good, the bad but you also have gratefulness.

So for this exercise, I want you to practice gratitude by creating an art piece for someone special. Take a pen, pencil or coloring box and make something like drawings or whatever you like. And gift that drawing to someone that means a lot to you. So go ahead and create a gratitude gift for that someone special.

2. Meditative Mind

Meditative Mind is simply pattern after pattern, shape after shape. So all I want you to do is draw or write down you 5 favorite shapes and patterns. Once you made them, fill your piece of paper with your meditative drawing. Then concentrate your mind towards that geometric patterns, that you have made. These exercises will make you confused and lost.

3. My Favorite Time

For this exercise, you need to grab a couple of magazines. And from those magazines cut your favorite images and create a collage.

4. Unnatural Color

Now the majority of people have a favorite animal. And if you don’t have a favorite animal, then you must have a bunch of different animals you like because they are cute, size, or for whatever reason.

For this exercise, draw your favorite animal and make it in natural color. For example, your favorite animal is a koala bear, then it should not be in grey and white color, it should be completely different. And color can relate to your favorite color. So go ahead and try this out.

5. Musical Art

Grab your headphones and turn on your favorite music. Then grab the least favorite thing for creating a sketch. For me, watercolors and oil pastels, which I don’t use on a regular basis. You have to draw or sketch with the least favorite thing, while you are listing to your music.

6. Pitch Black Darkness

What I want to do is to draw in the dark or at night. The reason is that I want you to draw where you can’t see your paper, just movement on your paper is all you can feel.

If you want to do this exercise right now, then cover our eyes with a scarf and start drawing. But I recommend at night because at night we sometimes start talking to ourself and going into the emotional state, that can keep us up. So instead, try this exercise at night which will help you in better sleep.

7. Coloring

For this exercise, we are simply gonna focus on colors. Just download and print the image of your choice and fill the colors in it. You have to color that image with your choices of colors.

8. Looking Inside Yourself

Now we are going to draw a big heart anywhere on a piece of paper. It can be right in the center, left, right, or where ever you want. And I want you to color it in with “how do you feel?”, “what does your heart look right now?”, “How does your heart express your moments at this moment?”, “Is there anything surrounding your heart?”, “Is there anything that helping your heart?”. So, you can draw everything inside your heart, outside your heart, or inside and outside both. It is completely up to you.

9. Catching Negativity

For this exercise, how many of you have made a dream catcher reform. A dream catcher is supposed to hang usually above your bed, next to your bed and it catches those bad dreams. So they don’t continuously wake you up or reoccur. What should you do for.this exercise? Because sometimes we have trouble falling asleep. A dream catcher is there to hold any negative dreams, thoughts, and help you get a better night sleep. So go ahead, and make your own DIY dream catcher or you can buy online.

10. Positivity Rocks

So let’s talk about positivity and you. For this exercise, go outside and pick a rock of your choice. And then decorate this rock in any way with any type of markers, paint, paper, or whatever you love. And the only thing is to focus on that is positivity that comes to you.

“What are your positive attributes?” – I just mean to say is to focus on positive attributes that make up who you are as a person. Fill this rock with your creativity and once you are done you can keep this in your hose anywhere you like. But this rock is gonna focus on you and the awesome positive characteristics that make up you.