Top 3 Mods for Suzuki Hayabusa

Your Suzuki Hayabusa was built to soar. You already enjoy the pure power and carefree spirit of this unbeatable sportbike, so why not take it to the next level? Grab your motorcycle protective riding gear and hang onto your seat as you check out these three killer mods for your Hayabusa. Make the most of your state-of-the-art bike and personalize your ride today.

BMC Race Air Filter

Your bike needs a good set of lungs to cruise confidently down the open road. Whether you’re taking your time or flying down the highway, a BMC Race motorcycle air filter will give you improved airflow. This mod is all about performance. With 25% more airflow than your typical BMC filter, you’ll keep your air intake cleaner and your engine breathing easier.

Remember to periodically check your air filter. Even the best air filter on the planet isn’t going to do much if it’s clogged with crud. Knock it, blow it or replace it if you see your engine struggling to get the air it needs. Check your service manual to be sure you replace it frequently enough for your driving style, climate and driving conditions.

Yoshimura R-77 Full Exhaust System

Perhaps one of the best aftermarket parts for Suzuki Hayabusa is a new exhaust system, specifically the Yoshimura R-77. This full exhaust kit is incredibly light, allowing you to shed up to five pounds off your Hayabusa. Replacing your exhaust is a go-to mod, since it performs so many functions at once. First, a new exhaust is a great way to increase your horsepower and torque. Second, it lightens the load to help with fuel economy and handling. Finally, you can alter that signature roar with a deep, reverberating sound that is sure to turn heads.

Check out the color and material options available for your full exhaust system. You can purchase the Yoshimura R-77 in a variety of colors to match your Hayabusa. They also come in either titanium, stainless steel or carbon fiber for even more weight-reducing options to get the most out of your mod.

EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads

While most Suzuki Hayabusa mods focus on horsepower and looks, it’s important to remember stopping power. Few mods improve your safety like upgraded brake pads. Select EBC Sintered Double-H brake pads for long-lasting quality and professional stopping power.

These brakes have an H-rating, which means they pass the tests with flying colors and have the highest friction rating available, whether cold braking or hot braking. Thanks to the stainless steel perforated radiator places, they quickly cool down for perfect control. While you may not be entering the next big race, your Hayabusa needs professional stopping power for those sudden turns and red lights.

Shop for your favorite gear today. Whether you need motocross riding gear or one more awesome upgrade for your Hayabusa, you’ll find the parts you need at great prices online. Once you find the perfect mods for your Hayabusa, roll it into your garage and prepare for a killer upgrade that makes your legendary Busa the king of sportbikes.