The Best Hybrid Bike Models 2021

Shopping for your next bike can be fun. But it can also feel a little overwhelming due to the sheer number of options. Rest assured, you actually have a good problem – plenty of styles and features to choose from. Maybe you’ve heard about hybrid bikes and you’re wondering what all the fuss about. This quick guide can help you learn about hybrids, what they can offer and how to select one that best meets your needs.

A Basic Overview of Hybrid Bikes

Hybrids combine the best of mountain and road bikes – hence the term “hybrid.” They can go off-road like mountain bikes, mostly on light unpaved and dirt paths. And they offer the comfort, riding position and stability of road bicycles. This versatility comes from several key characteristics:

  • Generously padded seats
  • Upright handlebars
  • Medium-thick tires

Depending on the bike, it may also include a vertical riding and pedaling position. Both of these features offer added comfort over longer distances – for instance, if you use your hybrid to commute to work.

Top Hybrid Bike Models

Hybrid bikes come with a wide range of features. The important thing is choosing a bike with options that match your riding style. If you ride for both commute and recreation, you may want to consider sixthreezero’s EVRYJourney bike. Like classic hybrid models, this womens hybrid bike sports wider tires that handle both paved and unpaid trails with ease. And like many hybrids, the EVRYJourney comes with a soft foam padded seat – extra-wide for even better comfort and support. Ergonomic riding and forward pedaling positions let you set a leisurely or moderate pace while avoiding knee and back pain.

For riders with a greater need for speed, sixthreezero’s Reach Your Destination may be an optimal choice. Like the EVRYJourney, it can handle commuting and recreational use plus riding for daily exercise. While it performs best on paved trails, the Reach Your Destination supports a moderate to fast riding pace thanks to its vertical peddling position and padded tapered saddle.

A Quick Guide to Gears

As you shop for your next bike, you’ll probably see models with three, seven and even 21 gears. Not sure how many you need? You’re not alone. But making this choice can be easier than you think. What different gears on a bike allow you to do is change your gearing ratio, which in turn lets you change your pedaling cadence. Why is this important? Because you may need additional gears for hills, high winds, challenging weather conditions or tricky terrain. Considering your typical riding conditions can help you choose a model with the right number of gears. This guide on how to shift gears on a hybrid bike offers more helpful information about gears and riding.

One last thing to consider is making sure that your new bike supports your body and its needs. While browsing bike models, pay attention to rider fit and specs. Look at each model’s recommended height and weight range, plus any notes about back or knee pain. Sixthreezero offers a useful BodyFit feature to help match you up with bikes ideal for your body type.