7 Incredible Benefits of Prolonged Fasting

Today, we’re gonna talk about the eight major benefits from prolonged fasting. Now prolonged fasting is where you’d go 48-72 hours or sometimes even longer.

There are some interesting benefits that occur when you do this. The body goes into this survival mode. It’s kind of like a physiological vacation for your organs, especially for your digestive system because every time you eat you kind of like shut down that system.

1. Regrow brain cells

It will regrow specific parts of the brain including the hippocampus and other parts as well. The part of the hippocampus that’s regenerated has to do with memory. There’s like a relay switch in there that helps you get access to your database of memories. So you’re able to regrow that structure of the brain to improve memory.

2. Increase Mitochondria

The mitochondria are the energy factories of the body. So you’re gonna find that your energy goes straight to the roof. Incredible amounts of energy when you don’t eat. Well remember you’re burning your fat so you’re just not eating dietary calories.

3. Autophagy

This is a condition in your body, whereby it recycles old damaged proteins and other things like microbes in damaged mitochondria. So it’s kind of a good self-cleaning action going on and you recycle these proteins into new proteins to build new tissue. This is the epitome of anti-aging but in order to get in this you want to do prolong fasting.

4. Enhance Stem Cell Production

The stem cell is the cell without a purpose. It’s not differentiated into a specific cell yet. It just sits there and until the body says “I need a new cell because this is damaged or it needs to be replaced” and you actually get new cells.

As you age stem cells go down. The more stress you have, the more sugar you eat or the more frequently you eat the more it goes down. So when you do prolong fasting, you actually enhance your stem cell reserve. And this is another reason why you would get younger and you would feel more youthful because you have more replacement.

5. Decrease Tumor Growth

So whether you have a polyp, assist, a boil, a fibroid, you need to do prolonged fasting to improve that situation. When you get into fasting you run your body in ketones and tumors cannot survive with ketones.

Cancer lives on sugar and when we do fasting we deplete the sugar reserves and we were running on ketones and fatty acids. Well, tumors can’t live on that, so we started them off and also cancer lives on glucose. So by doing prolonged fasting you get the starve cancer.

6. Increase Antioxidants

Your body has an antioxidant Network, so you have vitamin C, E, zinc connect as an antioxidant, glutathione, lipoic acid, there’s a whole bunch of them. When you go into fasting, your antioxidant levels go way up, why? Because this is where the body repairs and it defends itself against microbes and things like that. But zinc actually goes up when you do prolonged fasting and zinc is involved in a lot of enzymes that are antioxidant.

Your acid also goes up now, you might think that’s a bad thing but uric acid is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body that your body uses when it’s fasting. So it goes up but then it will come back down. It’s not a long-term thing, it’s just a thing that will spike up because the body means that to clean up some of the stuff that it’s dealing with.

7. Cell Resistance to Stress

There’s been this idea that when you prolong fasting it’s very stressful to the adrenals. Well, actually it’s helpful to the adrenals because it increases your stress tolerance. You’re no longer running on the ups and downs of sugar. You’re basically going into this interesting repair mode, where the body starts to increase the resistance to all sorts of stresses and part of that is the antioxidant level. It’s just kind of a survival mechanism that’s established from genetically because of years of adaptation in the past.