7 Scientific Reasons You’re Waking Up in the Middle of the Night

Sleep is very important because it directly affects your mental and physical health. So today, we’re going to talk about the seven reasons why you are up through the night. If you have a problem with sleeping then this is a very important article.

1. High blood sugar

If you’re diabetic and you have high blood sugars. What happens is that water follows this sugar. So you’re gonna end up peeing more, especially at night. By fixing the blood sugar issue you’ll be able to hold the urine a lot longer.

2. High insulin

High insulin is related to high blood sugar but it has some difference. Insulin stimulates something called the sympathetic nervous system. The system that’s called the “futter fight” like part of the nervous system that controls the stress signals.

When you have too much of this system, you will not be able to hold your bladder. So you have to go to the bathroom more often. By controlling your high blood sugar levels will also fix your insulin levels. They both had the same solution.

3. High cortisol

This is a stress hormone. Normally, when you go to bed, you go through four waves of sleep. These are called “circadian waves” from a superficial wave to the deep delta-wave sleep. 

With higher levels of cortisol not only are you not able to get into the deeper sleep cycles but usually, you’re going to end up waking up about 2:00 a.m. in the morning. Which is exactly when you should have the deepest sleep. Personally, I used to have this problem as well because I had high cortisol. I used to have this problem as well because I had high cortisol.

But when you wake up at 2:00 a.m. in the morning, you are more active in the middle of the night than you are during the day. And then you wake up tired in the morning. This situation usually occurs when you have years of stress.

You have to fix your stress or another thing you can do as a temporary solution is to take higher amounts of vitamin D3. It can really help restore your cortisol levels.

4. Coffee/Tea

Too much coffee and tea because of the caffeine. It’s a stimulant and it takes a certain amount for your liver to get rid of that caffeine. Personally I consume one small cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t have any tea or anything else.

It’s just something you need to be aware of because if you’re doing everything else right and you’re just doing a little too much of coffee or tea. That could be the reason why you’re just not sleeping through the night.

5. Artificial light

For example, you have a computer job or you’re behind your computer all day long and you have this LED screen in your eyes. This is definitely not good for the activation of certain hormones that help you sleep at night.

So you want to get a full spectrum light around your desk and your computer. You should go for a walk to offset the sitting and from the computer all day long. And also get some vitamin D or in sunlight on your face. When you are out in the sun just avoid wearing sunglasses and allow the natural sunlight to penetrate the eyes. So you can have somewhat of a recharging effect.

6. Sleep apnea

This problem is very common and has a very simple solution. Vitamin B1 is a temporary solution because it helps a certain area in the brainstem that’s involved with breathing. If you’re deficient you’re gonna have a big problem with this at night. So it’s just a matter of taking some b1 and also getting rid of the reason why you’re depleted in b1. The most common one is you’re consuming too many carbohydrates. You need to lower the carbohydrates in your diet and you also need to take nutritional yeast which has the natural B1 versus a synthetic vitamin. Also, it helps to reduce excessive thinking, anxiety, worriness, nervousness. And if you have these problems then it will keep you away from sleeping.

There’s one more condition called “lactic acidosis” is a byproduct of having too much carbohydrate in your diet and that can build up. And this can actually increase your pH levels.

7. Altered pH

There are two situations. One is that your body is too alkaline and the other is your body’s too acid.

If you’re too alkaline you’re gonna have a lot of cramping. Your muscles are gonna be tense and tight. and this will wake you in the middle of the night. Vitamin D3 will also help this but in reality, you may want to take some apple cider vinegar because the alkaline minerals especially like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium, need a certain pH for those minerals to be activated. If your pH is too alkaline, these minerals just don’t work and you’re gonna have a lot of cramping muscles. So it’s just a matter of adding the apple cider vinegar.

Vitamin D3 would help in calcium absorption. Because if you’re low in calcium you won’t be able to relax too. So you might be exhausted but your head won’t turn off. Vitamin D will also help you with the high cortisol but also it can act as an off switch.

If your body is too acid, you will be really restless, the nervous system will be on edge, higher pulse rate, and air hunger. So what you need to do for this one is alkalize the body.