Papules Acne: The Insider’s Guide to Treat It Naturally

Nowadays, acne is the most common problem and this article is about how can you treat your Papules Acne naturally.

What is papules acne?

There are a lot of different types of acne. Acne mechanica, acne fulminans, pyoderma faciale, acne conglobata, consort acne, pomade acne, acne rosacea. But the most common form of acne the one that we generally get is acne vulgaris. These acne vulgaris are in form of blackheads, whiteheads, and the bright red pimples that occur in our teenage years. And these sometimes turn into papules, pustules, nodules, cysts.

All you really need to know is that your skin is constantly shedding dead cells. It’s a natural way that our skin breathes and rejuvenates itself. Some of those dead skin cells get out through your body through tiny little holes called pores.


Papule Acne

These pores are connected to the oil glands through a canal called a follicle.

Papule Acne

These oil glands produce a greasy substance called sebum which is your body’s own natural moisturizer that lubricates your skin.

Papule Acne

Trouble begins when the process slows down and the oil and the skin cells clump together and clog the pore blocking the pathway out.

Papule Acne

Clogged or not your body doesn’t just stop creating more oil or skin cells. So what happens is that instead of going out all that oil builds up underneath which pushes out skin creating the bump or pimple.

What causes papules acne? (with solutions)

The main culprits of acne are usually hormones and genetics. However, there are a few things that you could be doing that is triggering your breakouts and you don’t even know about it.

1. Not washing your pillow sheet

Your pill sheets are a nest for bacteria, dirt, oils, and sweat. So I recommend you wash your pillows at least once a week. You’re placing your face every night which could be causing some breakouts.

2. Constant touching your face

We do this without even noticing it but keep in mind your hands are really dirty. They have a lot of bacteria, germs, dirt from constantly touching things around you. And then all of a sudden we rest our faces on our hands. This could be transferring all that bacteria and causing some breakouts.

3. Not showering immediately after a workout

When you workout, your body increases oil production as you’re sweating. So the mixture of oiliness and the germs and bacteria found in the gym could be causing your breakout. So a tip is to immediately shower after the gym and use some sort of antibacterial soap to prevent that.

4. Over-washing

When you get a breakout, you start constantly washing your face and Hoping that you’ll clear faster. But what happens is that could be damaging and drying out your skin which then your skin will start producing more oil and then you see it’s a cyclical effect. So it only stick to three times a day and don’t increase your washing on the face just as you have a breakout.

5. Friction acne

Some people get severe acne breakouts on their back and butts. Usually it’s from friction from very tight clothing and the sweat production that occurs because of it. Usually this is gym clothing like leggings and stuff like that since it’s compressed against the skin and on top of that your sweating. So don’t make a habit of lounging around in your sweaty gym clothes, make sure that as soon as you’re done you take them off and throw on some fresh rags.

6. Treating your acne with the wrong product

If you’re tired of constantly using the product and it seems like nothing is working, it could be that you’re not using the right one for your skin. There are six different types of skin. So make sure that the products that you buy address your specific skin type. This will increase your chances of it being effective.

The Right Way To Pop Your Papules Acne

Do you want to get rid of the papules acne by popping it? You’re probably doing it wrong and potentially making the infection worse.