Is It Really Possible to Regrow Lost Hair? (With Treatment)

There are tons of misconceptions in the world of hair care. Every guy is at risk of losing his hair. In Today’s article, we will reveal the true facts. And answer the most frequently asked question: Is it Possible to regrow Lost Hair?

Well, To understand the situation, you need to know some basics like How your hair grows from your hair follicle or hair root and also Temporary hair loss and permanent hair loss.

Understanding the structure of hair follicle

structure of hair follicle

You can imagine the hair follicle as a vase and the hair as the stem of a flower.

The hair follicle is underneath the skin and has its own blood supply which supplies nutrients and minerals for hair growth.

The hair that grows above the skin surface is a dead structure made of a collagen tissue called keratin.

Hair loss can be either Temporary or Permanent.

  • Temporary: Temporary hair loss can be due to many factors like Stress, Nutritional deficiencies, certain medications like anti-cancer drugs and stuff like that.
  • Permanent: Permanent hair loss is the Male Pattern Baldness or Andro-genetic Alopecia.

Is it possible to regrow lost hair?

Is it possible to regrow lost hair

Temporary baldness:

YES, you can regrow hair in Temporary baldness.

Temporary baldness is due to stress and nutritional factors. Once the cause of hair loss is withdrawn or rectified, your hair grows back to normal most of the time.

Permanent Baldness (Male pattern hair loss):

You must know the process of the Miniaturization of Hair follicle. Miniaturization simply means shrinking of the hair follicle.

This is due to the action of a male hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is formed from testosterone by the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase.

This DHT hormone acts on the hair follicles and persistent action of this DHT on hair follicles causes a gradual shrinking or weakening of the hair follicle.

Family history of baldness:

If your hair loss is recent with a family history of baldness, then probably your hair follicle is still in the miniaturized state and not completely dead.

The sooner you start the treatment, chances are more likely that you can convert the miniaturized follicle back to a healthy follicle.


The only way to treat this baldness is to block or reduce the DHT levels in the blood and increase blood circulation for proper nutrient supply to bring back the miniaturized or shrunken hair follicles back to normal.

Is It Really Possible to Regrow Lost Hair