Hot Dog Ingredients: What’s Actually in a Hot Dog?

I’ll be talking about what’s in the hot dog. It will probably scare you and blow your mind but also be I’ll be sharing with you what are some natural alternatives to today’s hot dogs.

Corn syrup

We know that corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup and you may not realize that when you’re tasting a hotdog, did you know they’re adding all of this extra sugar to it? Well, this is the main staple of what’s in a hot dog and it’s genetically modified corn that’s then processed into sugar.

We know genetically modified foods have the DNA of different viruses and pesticides wired into them. A lot of people are doing that on a daily basis with their food but what’s even worse is when it’s actually wired into the food, into its DNA as is corn syrup one of the main ingredients in hot dogs.


So again people don’t think of hot dogs as being sweet but if you taste a hot dog, it has a subtle sweetness to it because of all of the sugar and corn syrup that’s added.

We know the side effects of sugar increase your risk of diabetes, increases your risk of cancer, increases your risk of heart disease, increases your risk of pretty much any disease known to man because it causes inflammation and it imbalances insulin levels. When insulin gets thrown off, it can cause other hormonal issues, cortisol to increase, human growth hormone to lower, and on and on and on.

Factory-farmed meat

Now what you get is conventional pork and we know that pigs themselves are scavengers. They love to eat worms and parasites. In fact, traditionally with certain types of farms, they would have the hogs go around and clean up rotted fruit that had parasites and worms growing out of it and that’s what they really ate. Really they will eat pretty much anything out there today. I’m not even going to mention some of the stuff they roll around in, in their own stuff.

All of the parasites that pigs carry and what happens to us when we actually eat the food. They’re the most toxic meat and toxic animal on the planet and that’s the main farm meat. And that’s just them if they’re eating naturally. Now in a conventional state, they are fed garbage and they’re also injected with steroids and antibiotics and growth hormones.

So when you’re eating conventional farm meat, especially pork, which is the worst of the worst by far, you’re getting steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, and estrogen-mimicking hormones. You’re getting all of this bad type of omega-6 fats, which cause inflammation, unhealthy types of saturated fat and a number of other chemicals all from getting this factory farm meat not to mention parasites actually in the food you’re eating.


When you’re eating something like pork bacon, it’s full of these chemicals that cause histamine reactions, it actually damages the health of your heart and your cardiovascular system, and increase your risk of gut damage, increasing your risk of autoimmune disease all from nitrates and nitrites.

Phosphoric acid

Now, this is a chemical family that is used in the treatment of several conditions but it’s been linked to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and a number of other digestive disturbances there as well.


Again, one of the things that are added into hot dogs a lot of times even is cornflour and other fillers, more genetically modified material and that’s what gives it sort more fluffy texture.

Alternative Option

What I would recommend is going and looking for several options here.

Always buy organic. Look for beef hot dogs that are made with 100% beef. So organic beef hot dogs or kosher hot dogs. That’s what you want to buy. Those are much better options.

There are also turkey and chicken hot dogs or bratwurst or things like that, but again, you want to look for kosher or organic. Made with 100% meat like beef or bison or chicken if you’re buying hot dogs.

I’m not telling you never to consume a hot dog. I’m saying never consume a conventional hot dog. Instead go for organic, good kosher, all-natural types of meat ideally grass-fed like beef, and again, you’re going to be much healthier for it.

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