8 Things That You Should Avoid for a Healthy Gut

In this post, we will tell which foods are not healthy for your gut. Gut Health should be good; though it will help you fight many diseases.

NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications)

You want to stay completely away from these. The good news is, there are completely natural things that can reduce inflammation or help with chronic pain like Bromalin, different types of proteolytic enzymes, fish oil, turmeric, curcumin, and frankincense. NSAIDs have actually been shown to cause intestinal bleeding and are one of the top 20 killers in America today.

Did you know that again, medications are one of the top killers in the entire world today, in fact, it kills as many people as cancer and heart disease on a regular basis. So NSAIDs have been linked to kidney failure, liver failure, and GI bleeding. Stay away. Those will absolutely wreck your gut.


Now antibiotics, not only kill the bad bacteria, they kill the good bacteria in your gut which is a massive part of your immune system. This is why this will shock you that when somebody takes a round of antibiotics it actually increases the risk of cancer.

We might say how could an antibiotic increase your risk in cancer? Seventy percent of your immune system is in your gut. When you kill off probiotics and good bacteria in your gut it weakens your immune system. When your immune system gets weakened it makes you more susceptible to cancer, to fungal infections, candida, and a number of other chronic health issues.

Antibacterial soaps

Antibacterial soaps contain a compound called triclosan which has been linked to liver failure. It actually damages your liver and causes toxicity. Instead, use essential oils, use natural soaps instead. But again, even these things that you get on your hands and skin, did you know your skin is your largest organ? When you put certain things on your skin it can actually get into your bloodstream? So again, stay away from those antibacterial soaps.


Having one or two glasses of red wine a week, totally and completely fine, you’re getting some good resveratrol, some antioxidants. In fact, even a little bit of alcohol like one glass of wine once a week, can support circulation, can be okay for digestion.

But if you consume more than one glass of alcohol at a sitting or more than one glass of wine, it starts to increase the overall toxicity in your body. Your liver has to deal with it and so it’s going to start causing inflammation, overburdening the liver. So there is a number of side effects of overconsuming alcohol.

I will say of all types of alcohol, hands down red wine is the best or a low sugar red wine is the absolute best you can do.

One of the side effects of beer is that it is so high in yeast, it causes a lot of dampness in the body which can cause yeast candida to overgrow in your body causing you to have yeast and then hard alcohol is again very hard on the liver.

I’m not telling you never have alcohol, I’m just saying when you go more than one single glass, especially of wine, that’s when it starts to build up and become very hard on your body and can even wreck your gut health.

Food additives

If you’re adding a lot of foods to your diet that are additives, things when you read like yellow number 5 and blue number 40 and red 32, these dyes and additives are super toxic to the body.

A lot of other food additives as well, even things that say certain types of flavorings, these will absolutely wreck and kill off microbes in your gut, destroying your digestive health.

Chronic stress

If you worry it can really affect your overall stomach and if you grieve and have a lot of sadness or depression it actually will affect your colon and your intestine.

So again, chronic stress, worry, anxiety, fear, these things will destroy your health. One of the things that happen is, think about this, if you have a bear running after you it puts you in a sympathetic state. You can’t really digest. Your body is using its sympathetic. You want to be using your parasympathetic nervous system which if you ever really relaxed or laughed and your body is able to secrete and digest better. So again, emotional stress is one of the biggest things that will kill beneficial probiotics in your gut.

Here is the exercise to lower stress. Get out a sheet of paper, do this on a computer, write down or type out the top ten things that are causing stress in your life. And then figure out ways to deal with those or get them out of your life and then write down the top ten things you would love to do that bring you joy. Maybe it’s lunch with a best friend, hiking trails, going and shopping somewhere or going to see a certain seeing movie. Whatever it is, go and then implement these things that help take your mind off things, things that reduce stress, add those into your weekly routine.


These Roundup-ready plants as well genetically modified organisms you don’t want to consume GMO foods. But these pesticides found in our food supply have been proven and shown to kill off probiotics in your gut and damage what’s termed the microbiome of your digestive health. So again, always buying certified organic is the way to go here.

Lack of sleep

Not sleeping enough, so if you’re getting less than eight hours especially less than seven hours a night, that will absolutely destroy gut health and increase cortisol levels at the same time. Ideally, you’re going to be going to bed before 11 and waking up of course, by about 7. So listen if you go to bed at 10:30 and wake of at 6:30 or 6:00 that’s totally fine.

But you never really want to get less than seven hours of sleep on a consistent basis because it will absolutely destroy and wreck your gut health. In an ideal world, you’re getting more than eight hours of sleep every single night and going to bed the earlier the better.

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