How Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Immunity

There are a lot of herbs that seem to be beneficial in fighting cancer. Well, we will talk about medicinal mushrooms and their role specifically in breast cancer.

Preventing breast cancer 

Medicinal mushrooms are very powerful health-promoting agents. You know in the Western world now we are more accustomed to different medicinal mushrooms maitake, shiitake. some isolates from the mushrooms etc but really just like there is botanical medicine, there’s also medicinal mushroom medicine. Where you can make formulas for medicinal mushrooms either exclusively or combined with botanicals or combined with nutrients. There are probably thousands of papers showing the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in cancer and a lot of them in breast cancer and it works in multiple mechanisms.

Medicinal mushrooms can prevent damage from the pests from exposure to toxins from drug therapy from surgery et cetera. Medicinal mushrooms can also help the immediate response to different therapies it can attack cancer on its own in some of the isolates of medicinal mushrooms for example PSP from Coriolis in PSK are very popular chemotherapeutic agents in Japan or they can use in combination with chemotherapy to enhance the chemotherapy.

The future is that medicinal mushrooms can train the immune system. So the immune system functions better through its effect on the population of T lymphocytes population of immune cells and different cytokines and lymphokines. So, of course, this is a very important application in breast cancer and touch more on the immune system.

How the immune system is important to cancer

The immune system is very important in cancer and some cancers it’s critical melanoma is an example and some cancer there are other factors like prostate cancer and hormonal issues in decline issues etc but a strong immune system a strong surveillance system that can detect an issue and respond appropriately will prevent the formation of cancer but once we have cancer we know that patients who whose underlying immune system are strong will respond better to conventional therapy and will have better survival. It’s not an easy job to get a an immune system at fault and under a functioning immune system to start functioning well during cancer and during therapy, takes a lot of work.

We have this we really want to get to a place where we there’s a problem and we want to fix it. You can’t fix the immune system just by fixing the immune system we have to see what are the issue that can degrade the immune system. So you need to have proper circulation so the information can get everywhere. You need to reduce inflammation so everything is functioning properly but you don’t want to suppress inflammation because the inflammatory process is part of the way that the body fights. You want to develop the selectivity so the body knows to attack when it’s right autoimmune system is the body attacking itself and not attacking at the right time and all of this can be helped by sophisticated therapies.

You know when you look at different herbs for example you look at the echinacea can enter the very famous herb for coils it’s good for acute cold but we know when you use people who use the canary all the time get more cones why because the overuse of echinacea not only you develop tolerance but it’s like you over stimulating something and it starts to degrade that’s why akinesia is a very good herb for acute use not for ongoing use.

There is something about the mushroom which improves our baseline. So of course going back to breast cancer it’s very important because it will help in the enhancement of conventional treatment for breast cancer and in recovery and also mushrooms are very good in preparation for surgery they will speed the healing and specifically when you talk about breast cancer very important mushroom the Coriolis Finlay knows reishi Ganoderma lucidum is the other name these are three classical one maitake is well and cordyceps but the first three are probably the most important ones.