9 Various Types of Diet That Can Help You in Weight Loss

in this post, we will share various types of diet for weight loss.

The raw food diet

This type of diet believes that heat especially when cooking destroys essential nutrients in food, hence, eating everything raw is the way to go. Though it may sound extreme and might also limit one’s food choices. The biggest trouble this imposes, especially to busy people is the amount of time it needs to be done. To be able to adhere to a completely raw food diet, a lot of juicing, germinating, hydrating and sprouting needs to be done.

With regards to it being effective, yes, one can say that raw food may be more nutritious than its counterparts, but cooking food doesn’t also mean no nutrients at all. So the key is a balance. A good example is to have raw food during day offs and holidays and sticking to cooked food for the rest of the week. This way, weight loss may be more effective and less stressful.

The Master Cleanse of the lemonade diet

This diet plan involves replacing all meals with a mixture of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice and water for 10 days. The goal is to cleanse the body from toxins and reset the bodily functions. Although this type of diet has been around for decades, not consulting a health expert before doing it may expose you to a lot of dangers. Those who have already tried this cleanse claim to have experienced hallucinations, severe hunger, and dehydration among other stuff.

This is also seen as a type of diuretic since you are only to consume liquid. As a result, you will also shed water and once you finish the cleanse and start eating solid food again, there is a greater chance that you will binge-eat and gain weight faster than before.

The Sleeping Beauty diet

You may think that this is something funny, but sad to say, it has taken the internet by storm. Celebrities even promote this extreme form of dieting. The philosophy is that, when you are asleep, then you are not eating and as a result, you are to get thin. As lame as it sounds, many who are desperate to see their pounds shed off have already tried this fad.

The practice of this diet involves ingesting sleeping pills that of course, will make you sleep for hours to prevent you from eating anything. The fallback, of course, is when you wake up and couldn’t control yourself to eat. Chances are, you might eat more than what you usually have. And a riskier chance is that overdosing on sleeping pills might make you not wake up at all. Ever.

The tapeworm diet

You read it right. This diet involves a tapeworm. One is to ingest tapeworm eggs and wait until it grows into a real. Adult tapeworm and be able to eat all the food being eaten by its host. As queer and as extreme as it may sound, this fad has followers.

Medically speaking, it is unhealthy to have a tapeworm inside one’s body moreover rely on it for one’s weight loss goals. Parasites absorb nutrients and not fats, although it may cause weight loss, the reason for such is because you are depriving yourself of essential nutrients and feeding it all to a tapeworm inside your body. Keep in mind that there are a lot of healthier alternatives to weight loss that doesn’t involve a parasite.

The cookie diet

This may sound enticing to most readers… who wouldn’t want to eat cookies and get thin in the process? The fallback is, most probably, the type of cookie that is in your mind is one that is loaded with sugar, chocolate, and milk. But in this diet plan, the kind of cookie that you will be chewing on for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the hard, unsweetened, high-fiber, high-protein type.

The goal is to control your calorie intake. This type of diet may seem effective at first but, most practitioners find themselves binge-eating at nighttime. Still, it is better to eat real food and just be wary of portioning and calories.

The cabbage soup diet

They say that this is the mother of all fad diets that are circulating all around the internet. This diet plan involves replacing meals with fat-free cabbage soup with bananas or skim milk as snacks. Though many practitioners claim that they, indeed experienced weight loss, the longevity of it is in question. This diet plan works because you are ingesting a low-calorie diet that is full of water and fiber which gives the feeling of fullness. But still, it is considered an instant fix.

Aside from that, the long term effect of adhering to this diet plan. This may cause chronic bloating and loss of lean body mass. Hence, a diet plan such as this should still be balanced out with other food like lean protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

The HCG diet

This type of diet plan involves taking the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). A hormone that is supposed to suppress appetite. This is considered an extreme weight loss scheme as it promotes severe starvation in order to achieve weight loss. The main purpose of injecting this hormone is to treat fertility issues in women. Its role in weight loss is not medically recognized.

The cotton ball diet

A fad diet bore in social media channels, chat rooms, and fake news websites. The idea of the initiators is to soak cotton balls bought in supermarkets or anywhere else ordinary cotton balls are available and ingest it. This diet plan is literally asking its followers to eat “flavored” cotton balls. To some, it may sound absurd, but a number of people have already tried it and claim that they have indeed experienced weight loss.

Though it is possible to actually lose weight, it is no denying that there are also disadvantages. First and foremost, a cotton ball is not under any food group so it is simply not considered food. Second, it is unsafe for human consumption due to the simple reason that commercial cotton balls are not made up of cotton but of synthetic fibers, not to mention that some are even bleached. All these chemicals added to cotton balls poses a lot of dangers to the human body. Medically speaking, replacing regular meals with cotton balls deprives the body of essential nutrients. That can only come from real food (fruits whole grains and vegetables). In essence, this fad diet can create chaos inside and outside of one’s body. Try your very best to stay away from it.

The Five-bite diet

Another fad, this diet asks you to follow a rule: you may eat everything you want or desire…but you can have just five bites of it. It sounds more psychological than logical. You may not feel deprived as you can eat whatever you want. It takes a great discipline on your part to make sure that you are to have only five bites. Whether or not this diet is effective, short term or long term is not yet defined. But, surprisingly, it already has gained quite a number of followers. If you are serious about getting fit and losing weight, this is definitely not worth your time.