What Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Apple Cider Vinegar?

In this post, we’re talking about when to drink apple cider vinegar. This is a very common question that we get in the comments section because many people know the benefits that apple cider vinegar really offers to them. Some of them include balancing your PH, lowering your blood sugar, supporting weight loss supporting digestion, the whole deal. So, when we look at apple cider vinegar many people want to get the absolute maximum benefit out of it.

And so, what we are going to teach you is a couple of strategies around when to consume apple cider vinegar for maximum benefit and then, we will also teach you one thing that you need to watch out for when consuming apple cider vinegar.

Consume it in morning

When people consume apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning they really feel energized from it. They consume it before coffee, consume it before breakfast and then as a result of that they feel energized because it balances their PH, it also helps balance their electrolytes if you add a little sea salt to your apple cider vinegar, it also can even support some detox if you add some lemon with sea salt as well.

So, first thing in the morning is a really great strategy and many people like that as it helps them feel energized and ready for their day.

While Fasting

This is one that we recommend to people and the reason for it is because apple cider vinegar is very satiating. It’s going to help increase satiety and what that means is while you’re fasting you get those hunger pains that pop up and are really, really strong. What’s it’s going to do is just help you really decrease those hunger pains, feel that you know, you can go much longer without a meal and give you that support that you need. It’s also going support balancing your blood sugar.

So, if you drink apple cider vinegar during fasting it’ll have that blood sugar balancing effect and offer you some support in that way.

Before Meals

This one’s actually really great and it’s for a couple of reasons because apple cider vinegar for one, is going to help decrease your blood sugar. So, if you consume apple cider vinegar before your meal, post-meal you’ll typically have lower blood sugar as a result of doing so.

Now, the other thing that apple cider vinegar here is, it helps the body become more sensitive to insulin which means that your body’s going to more efficiently shuttle insulin into the cell

Now, last here and the last thing we want to mention about drinking apple cider vinegar before meals and that is that it’s going to support the digestive process. So, if you’re eating some starchy carbs, if you’re eating meat then it’s going to help break down that food and support your digestion.

Before bed

Now, the reason apple cider vinegar is really great before bed is because when you drink apple cider vinegar at the end of the day after you’re done eating after you’ve had your last meal of the day, what it’s going to do is just help create balance throughout the body.

People who consume apple cider vinegar at night before bed, what they find is that they’re able to sleep better, they’re not getting that stomach acid that can sometimes come up and burn your throat, and the other thing is when they look at their blood sugar in the morning, their blood sugar is typically lower as a result of consuming apple cider vinegar before bed. So, that’s a powerful strategy to help just create balance at the end of the day in your body.


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