The Start of the Race: A Runner’s Guide on What to Prepare for Big Competitions

Preparation is the most important thing to do before taking on any major sports competition. The desire to race always draws the thrill and challenge for runners each time a running event comes close. 

Whether running for a simple five-kilometer race or a ten-kilometer marathon, every runner should always have the proper preparation time before the race. Of course, most runners would also take an extra leap of inspiration by joining a marathon, but a race as excruciating as a marathon may require runners to prepare heavily.

This article will recommend some tips and advice on what runners should prepare before big racing competitions. Then, read through the entire article to learn more about the importance of a proper mindset and tools before running towards the finish line.

1. Take a Good Night’s Sleep

The number of hours for an individual to get a night of proper sleep at night takes about eight to ten hours, especially when training for a major running event. Some people are required to sleep more than the hours given, while some less.

It’s always essential to listen to the body’s needs, as there has been clinical research that not meeting enough care and sleep for the body can hinder performance. For example, for athletes, sleep loss can result in less energy and poor athletic performance.

A well-rested athlete before the racing day exudes focus and energy. It’s always better to be in great shape during the race day. If you’re planning to run on Australia’s toughest trails, then you should really come prepared. With the services that iMove Physiotherapy Coogee offers, you’ll always know more about how your body can perform in such extremes.

2. Practice and Plan Well

Veteran or a rookie, it doesn’t matter how many kilometers your big racing competition will have; the key to conquering against distance is proper preparation. Beginners of the running sport would need to have planning and training as well.

It is recommended for rookies of the sport to run at least several times in a week to condition your body. Determine how many days in a week you should run for training, especially when planning your schedule.

Research is also a crucial factor. Talk with your training coach or look through your training routine about the conditions of the racing location. Moreover, it’s also recommended to keep track of your training runs.

Moreover, you can also prepare by choosing the right fuel for the right boost of energy before the race. Most athletes would take energy gels, and others would go with energy drinks high in electrolytes. But the most important drink of all is water, just enough to keep you hydrated.

Another excellent planning recommendation is shopping for various sports clothes. You can go for the branded running clothes, although expensive it’s assured that the type of material it has is the best. Some fabrics can be irritable with some skin types, so make sure to prepare your best outfit that won’t cause any discomfort while running.

3. Set the Main Goal and a Backup 

Having a set time goal in mind is always a priority to accomplish on the competition racing day. However, there are always unavoidable situations out of our control that are bound to happen on race day. For example, there can be tons of unfortunate events such as a downpour, or your body just isn’t up for it.

A downpour can degrade everyone’s running performance, which could result in getting a record that isn’t really what your mind was set on in the first place. Having a backup goal can always come in handy to help you prepare against the worst-case scenario on the big day. 

4. Always Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated should be a priority, especially for runners. Always keep a bottle of water in hand to refuel yourself up. Energy drinks can help, but there’s nothing like good plain water to keep you energized and well-hydrated for the race.

Furthermore, for long races such as marathons, you can also pack extra energy gels and eat the right amount of food before the race. 

5. Keep A Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive mindset before the racing competition is one of the best ways to motivate oneself. Even in your days of training before the big event, having a positive attitude can help in leading you to successfully crossing the finish line. 

Having a positive outlook in training to the day of the competition helps boost your determination and experience. Always remember that sports are made fun of by the end of the day, and everyone’s a winner.


Veteran or beginner, it’s essential for everyone to make proper preparations before the day of the racing competition. Always listen to what your body needs to have enough energy and focus on race day. Another note to keep in mind that races may be quite a challenge, but it’s always the fun and experience that every runner should take to heart.