Turmeric Oil: Uses, Benefits, and More!

Turmeric oil has some of the most incredible benefits for fighting cancer, reducing arthritis, improving digestive health, and a whole lot more.

What is turmeric oil?

Well, turmeric, actually, is a root that’s actually part of the ginger family. And turmeric root is known to have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties.

Now, one incredible thing about it is it’s a perennial herb which means, If you plant it and grow it, it will continue to naturally grow year after year. That’s one of the best benefits of it even from a farming standpoint.

What they do in order to create it is they’ll take the turmeric plant. They’ll allow steam to rise through it. And through steam distillation, it’ll separate the water compounds and the oil compounds. Those oil compounds are what makeup turmeric essential oil. Oftentimes as well they’ll make turmeric CO2 extract.

Turmeric is also, again, part of the rhizome family. Again, CO2 distillation as you can see here. And here are the beneficial compounds you’ve got to know about when it comes to turmeric and turmeric oil. The most prevalent compound in turmeric oil is called turmerone or alpha-turmerone.

But in general, using turmeric CO2 extract or turmeric essential oil. This can help regenerate and create new healthy tissue. One of its biggest benefits, and also contains a few other compounds here as well, curlone as well as curcumin. And curcumin, specifically, has anti-inflammatory benefits and has been shown to fight cancer.

Health Benefits of turmeric oil

Helps fight colon cancer

If you’re doing a high-quality organic brand, let’s say a CO2 extract of turmeric oil, doing one to two drops internally daily has great benefits. You can also diffuse it.

Brain disease protection

You want to be using fat-soluble compounds because you know what? Your brain is made up of mostly fat-based compounds and cholesterol-based compounds. So, you need to get more healthy fat in your diet and use fat-soluble antioxidants like the compounds found in turmeric essential oil.

You know, it can fight brain disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and have many other benefits on the brain.

We know one of the very unique properties of most essential oils is they’re very small in their molecular structure. So, they tend to be able to pass through the blood-brain barrier and affect the brain directly by reducing inflammation.

Potentially eases epilepsy

Now, if a patient has epilepsy, you know, this is one of those things that can really sort of calm the body as well. Turmeric is shown to be calming by, again, reducing inflammation. So, there’s research showing that it improves those issues.

Reduces arthritis

We know because of the compound curcumin as well as turmerone, those are both anti-inflammatory compounds. They can ease joint pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, and arthritic pain, especially when taken internally or rubbed topically directly on the area.

Now, if you’re going to rub it on topically, I’d recommend doing a blend of turmeric oil along with wintergreen oil as a combo and putting it directly on the area.

Liver aid

We know turmeric really supports the liver in detoxification and also protects the liver against damage.

You know, turmeric has a bright orange color. Many of those anti-oxidants that give you that yellow and orange tint really protect the body. But, specifically, curcumin and turmerone both protect the liver, support liver regeneration.

If you have liver issues or want to support the liver, I’d recommend a one-two punch of turmeric along with milk thistle. Those two together are incredibly powerful at supporting the body.

Breast cancer promise

It shows promising benefits of fighting breast cancer. What I would recommend is taking turmeric oil along with other beneficial oils that have anti-cancer properties such as myrrh, frankincense, lavender, black pepper oil. Rubbing it directly on that breast tissue area can actually help you.

Depression and anxiety reliever

We know that emotional stress, when those cortisol levels raise, it causes you to age faster. It can cause depression and anxiety.

If you have any of those issues, what I would recommend is using turmeric oil through inhalation. Get a diffuser or just open up the bottle, take 10 deep breaths in your nostrils with turmeric oil. And also, this is great to do in combination with, if you struggle with depression and anxiety, doing a blend of turmeric oil, lavender oil, ylang-ylang oil, and citrus oils like wild orange or orange. Doing blends like that together are incredible for your mood in fighting depression and anxiety.

Improves the common cold

If you’ve come down with a common cold, respiratory issues, turmeric has an ability to nourish and help heal the digestive tract. It may help fight the condition leaky gut, but just in generally improving your immune system.

If you have a common cold, I’d recommend mixing the essential oils of turmeric oil and ginger oil, and also consider other oils like clove and thyme. Doing a blend there together can have tremendous benefits for the body. And don’t forget drinking real bone broth chicken soup. You know, bone broth, also great for the immune system.

How to use turmeric oil?

Don’t be deceived by the size of the bottle. A little bit of turmeric essential oil can go a long way. You know, one way you could use it is by making your own at-home DIY aromatherapy products.

Also, they’re great for stress relief with aromatherapy. You can mix them with massage oils. Massage them on your body. They’re good for external use.

For internal use, here’s the thing, you want to make sure you’re buying a brand that is either certified organic or wildcrafted, so you know that it’s never been exposed to chemical or pesticides. And when doing it, remember, this is plant-based medicine. But, oftentimes, if you do already have a healthy liver and a healthy digestive track, doing a couple of drops internally with food can be recommended. But especially, if you’re going to do it internally with food, I’d recommend internal use, turmeric CO2 extract. So, that type of oil, it’s a turmeric essential oil, but it’s done as a CO2 extract. It’s the best for internal use.

You want to store it in a cool, dry place. Now, typically, essential oils are so high in antioxidants. It’s not completely necessary, but you can do that.